How can I unlock myself in WhatsApp

WhatsApp: How to block contacts and see who is blocking you


Will I be blocked on WhatsApp? We'll tell you how to find out if someone has blocked you. We also show you how you can block WhatsApp contacts yourself.

  1. This is how you can see who has blocked you on WhatsApp
  2. So you block a number in WhatsApp
  3. Unblock WhatsApp

Are you annoyed by a person or are you being harassed by an unknown number in WhatsApp? Then you can easily block them by blocking the number. Conversely, people can also block you and thus no longer receive any messages you have sent. In the event of a dispute, contact quickly disappeared from the scene. Signs that you have been blocked are:

  • Message is not delivered (just one check mark).
  • Your contact's profile picture has disappeared.
  • You no longer see the "last online" status.
  • WhatsApp calls fail.

However, none of these are clear signs. They can also occur due to internet problems or certain privacy settings. In the following, we will show you a simple trick that you can use to check your suspicions and find out whether a person has blocked you.

In addition, we explain to you how you can block a person from whom you no longer want to receive messages. Even if you want to know how to unblock a contact, you've come to the right place. You can find more tips and tricks for managing your WhatsApp contacts on our overview page.

This is how you can see who has blocked you on WhatsApp

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    To check whether you have been blocked by a WhatsApp contact, you must first open a new WhatsApp group.

  2. 2

    If you have created a WhatsApp group, you now have to add the person to be checked to it. But if this does not appear in the group afterwards, you have certainty. You have been blocked by the person.

If you want to block a contact yourself, then you have to proceed as follows.

Unblock WhatsApp

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