What is the list of spiritual symbols

Spiritual Tattoos: 11 Symbols and Meanings

For many people, spirituality is a great support in life to draw positive energy for everyday life. You are also a spiritual person and are looking for a motive, but are overwhelmed by the multitude of possibilities? We give you an overview of the most popular, spiritual motifs and their meaning.

9 spiritual tattoo designs

# 1 sun

The sun is considered to be the greatest source of energy in our universe. It gives warmth, ensures fertility and life. In ancient Egypt, the sun itself was a god and was worshiped. For many, as a figure of light, she is also a symbol against fears and danger. With a sun tattoo you show your love for life and light. Here you can see two beautiful tattoos that show the appearance of the sun (sunrise and sunset) in a particularly beautiful way:

You can find even more sunny motifs in our gallery:

# 2 moon

The moon is the closest and largest celestial body that we can see from Earth. It influences our tides (ebb and flow) and, according to ancient medicine, it should also have an impact on our periods, our health and habits. The moon also stands for night, gentleness and protection. There are various moon motifs. Here you can see it as a filigree motif in different phases of the moon:

#3 stars

They are so far away from us, but their nocturnal glow has fascinated us since the beginning of human history. As a state symbol, they adorn the flags of many nations. The star can also have many other meanings. The nautical star as you can see it here is a popular motif for rockers:

# 4 animals

Many animals have different meanings in different cultures, religions and philosophies. On the one hand, we feel connected to them and yet often cannot fully understand them. Whether it's your favorite animal, a patron saint or the mystical meaning behind it, you can't go wrong with an animal tattoo. Here is an example of a realistic style wolf tattoo on the back:

# 5 Indian motifs

The Native Americans, mistakenly named Indians by Christopher Columbus, are known to us for their culture, which was in harmony with nature and valued all life. Various motifs such as feathers as jewelry, dream catchers and tools are therefore particularly popular.

# 6 Om tattoo

"Om" comes from the Vedic language, a preform of Sanskrit. The sound of the syllable is considered sacred in Buddhism and Hinduism. If you do yoga, meditate or see this symbol as a sign of complete relaxation and deceleration, the Om tattoo may be an interesting motif for you. Here you can see it embedded in a flower:

# 7 boho

Boho tattoos are much more about the style in which the tattoos are engraved. Mandala, arrow and peace - these are the most famous symbols in the boho style. If you can identify with the hippie look and the lifestyle of the 60s and 70s, the casual peace motifs are definitely something for you. There are many options and symbols to choose from, as this boho lover did:

# 8 trees

The strong roots, a mighty trunk and elegant foliage: trees are the mighty kings in the world of plants. They embody eternity, strength, calm and down to earth. There are so many ways you can design your tree tattoo. With us you will find motifs and meanings of tree tattoos.

Here you can see how the motif can look very charming and discreet:

# 9 compass

"Compass?" - "He'll show you the right way if you're lost." This quote from “Disney's Pocahontas” may be one of the reasons why many people have this nautical instrument pricked. But otherwise this symbol is also very popular with seafarers. A compass shows the cardinal points and helps you to find your way in a foreign country. Our inner compass should guide us to the right decisions. Here you can see a motif with the typical leaves from the Disney movie in comic style:

# 10 Buddha

Siddhartha Gautama was the man whose teaching established Buddhism. Buddha is his honorary title, but in Buddhism people are also referred to as Buddha who have experienced awakening or enlightenment according to this teaching. This person has achieved the purity and perfection of his mind on his own and thus achieved a limitless development of all potentials present in him. The image of the first Buddha is therefore a symbol for the search for one's own enlightenment and is therefore also popular as a tattoo motif:

# 11 mandala

A mandala is a geometric diagram that has a religious meaning in Hinduism and Buddhism. It is usually square or circular and oriented towards a center point. It can also embody the entire universe with heaven, earth and underworld. Sand mandalas in particular have a meaning in Buddhism: They stand for the transience of life and the renunciation of the material world:

With so many options, all paths are open to you to choose a tattoo motif that is right for you and that reflects your spirituality. Do you know any other spiritual motifs or have you perhaps already had one of them engraved for you? Then tell us about it in the comments.

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