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Life from the Word (PDF) - 2nd quarter 2021


The booklet is available in different versions. The version currently selected by you is “Leben aus der Wort (PDF)”.

The Gnadauer Bible reading “Life from the Word” is very popular. There is a short interpretation of the daily text (“To the text”) and a concrete application (“For me”). The daily section is supplemented by a “word for the day”. The basis is the ecumenical Bible reading plan of the Working Group for Biblical Reading (ÖAB). The ÖAB Bible Reading Plan is aimed at Bible readers who want to systematically get to know the entire Bible in manageable daily reading portions.

The authors of “Leben aus dem Wort (PDF)” come primarily from the area of ​​the Gnadauer associations.

Every week there is an “asterisk text” (*) in the magazine. This means that a day is marked with a *. This indicates that this day's Bible passage is suggested for study in Bible study groups, discussion groups, and home groups. For most of these Bible texts there is a unit with text explanations, interpretations and building blocks for discussion in an edition of the Gnadauer staff booklet “Bible in Conversation” (BIG).

The magazine is also available as a large print version (A4). If you would like a subscription, you can also choose between the standard and large print version. As a subscription customer, you will automatically receive the selected issue by post in good time before the start of the new quarter.

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