Which country has the fastest growing economy

The top 5 in the world economy


by Matthias Janson,
China continues to expand its status as an economic superpower. As the Statista chart based on the International Monetary Fund's autumn forecast shows, China already has the largest share of global gross domestic product - and the trend is rising. The share of the United States, Japan and Germany, on the other hand, is decreasing.

The US under President Trump is trying to slow down development through a protectionist economic policy. In Japan, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is pursuing a loose monetary policy and tight reform policy ("Abenomics"), which has led to growth. However, the country suffers from high national debt and an aging population.

India's share of global gross domestic product is also increasing. The country is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Domestic demand in particular is driving growth. However, India faces major challenges in poverty reduction and in education and infrastructure development. The German economy is heavily dependent on industry and exports. The most important branch is the auto industry. It is under pressure, among other things, because new manufacturers of electric vehicles are attacking traditional suppliers head-on. Germany's dependence on exports could slow the country's economy if trade wars intensify.