How do you punish your BDSM sub

14 penalties for your sub



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Far too often I read people asked “How can I punish my slave? I can't think of any punishment. ”.

This question is actually only asked by BDSM newbies, because bdsmers who have been living or playing BDSM for a long time know that there is no meaningful answer to this question. In the following, I will explain why this is so and what you can do instead to find ideas for a punishment.

Why is there no answer to this question?

Every sub (read here what sub means if you don't know) is different and therefore there is no action that is a penalty for every sub. There are subs who see it as a punishment if you spank their ass, other subs want it and even see it as a reward.

Still other subs find it neutral, neither particularly bad nor good. There is no such thing as an action that is a punishment for every sub. Whether it is kissing feet, swallowing sperm or enduring pain, it depends on the sub what the punishment and what the reward is.

Great what do i do now

Hence there is no answer to the question "What can I take as punishment for my sub". Small all-clear: There is still something you can do to come up with new ideas for punishments.

First of all, you have to know what your sub is into and what your sub sees as a punishment. A good and successful cathedral knows this, if you don't know, I recommend that you request the free “This is how you will be a better cathedral in 7 days” training. Based on this, you can then take inspiration from various punishments.

In any case, you have to decide for yourself which punishment is suitable for your sub and which is not. You can find lists of punishments for inspiration all over the internet.

Here is a list that I have compiled:

  • Pain - become pain please your sub and as reward serve when she's into pain, so Masochist is. If it isn't, it becomes quite likely work as a punishment. Pass but generally for pain on, because this is the fastest way to cross borders. And every person has limits to what intensity something can be perceived as pleasant, painful and unbearable.
    • Spanking
    • Squeeze breasts
    • Pinch nipples / clamps
    • Labia pull
    • Tickling - I listed it under pain because it is also something physical like the others, nothing psychological like below
    • Overstimulation of the clitoris
  • Humiliations - Humiliating your sub will most of the time just make you hornyBut there are some exceptions in which subs humiliations and humiliations as a punishmentsee. Here you just have to try it out or know what you like and, above all, what you don't.
    • Petplay - the case study of what my sub do not like and a punishment for them is; for others, however, what they like most.
    • Be disappointed - believe it or not, if you are a good Dom, then it is enough if you are disappointed with Sub and show it. She will feel guilty immediately and apologize. However, this only works when Sub really wants to serve you. How you can do that you can here read.
    • Spitting on - some subs find that arousing too, so always try it out, but be careful
    • Kissing feet - this can also be a punishment or a reward, it depends on the sub
    • Write humiliating messages to friends - use carefully, you don't want your sub to write something that she regrets afterwards.
    • When eating (when you are alone) put your plate on the floor and your own plate on the table
    • Cold shower
    • Sleep one night on the floor

General tips

With a little more experience it will be you getting easier devise appropriate punishments for your sub. You could also get mental and physical punishments combineFor example, you can have her wear clamps on her nipples while eating off the floor.

The cathedral always has the right to torment its sub, however, he shouldn't call it punishmentunless Sub really did something wrong. Otherwise not. Furthermore, should be penalties (English punishment) never chosen to be called punishment, but sub please (funishment).

Because that's how Sub links her cheekiness with getting something good for it. If you still want to use punishments that the sub likes, then you should rather do something in the direction of roleplay.