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Reality Loop: Start the Mental Revolution NOW!

We are all in a reality loop - each in his own. This cycle in which we move can either become a vicious circle or we use it to save our lives to make it more successful at all levels.

Anyone who has understood the Reality Loop and knows how to use it correctly creates higher standards at all levels, even without following the outdated "higher, faster, further" principle.

The reality loop and its effects

Originally developed by Alexander Hartmann, I added another dimension to the reality loop. So I work with 5 levels: Beliefs, Focus, Imagination, Physiology and Experience.

If we turn one of the levels, the others also change. In principle, it doesn't matter which one we start with, because in this cycle one always leads to the next.

For example, let's start with the Beliefs. These are the thought patterns and beliefs that you travel with. They are like glasses that determine what you see in the world and what you don't. If our beliefs are life-affirming, we go through the world with a positive outlook. If they are not, we tend to look negatively.

But they can be changed. Because you determine it yourself and thus also yours focus. It determines your inner and outer perception.

He creates images in you, yours imagination - the imagination or, quite literally, what is in front of you.

This imagination has an impact on that physiology. Because the inner images are predominantly the language of the subconscious. They set biochemical processes in motion - certain messenger substances such as hormones are released in the body that make us feel different. This also changes your physical posture and, in the end, your own behavior.

With that we come to Experience: If I use my body in a certain way, it automatically leads to external feedback. This is called the cause-and-effect principle.

Better life with the Reality Loop

If we want to improve our lives and change the world, ours must Thinking standards and habits get better.

Unfortunately, we care too much about trivialities, think negatively, too much about the past or the future.

This is how you can change that on the different levels:

1. Reprogram beliefs

Most of us are not really aware of the beliefs with which we walk the world. So they drag around with them acquired or learned negative without really noticing it and in the end screw up their lives with it.

So in the first step you have to get your Unmask mental thought patterns in order to initiate change processes in the next step in our internal programming and patterns - mentally, emotionally, but also in behavior.

So we have to have ours Overwrite and reorganize "faulty" software.

2. Your focus matters

You need to know exactly what you are focusing on. Because your Focus has power over what is meaningful to you.

So make the right decisionwhat you are doing, what you are looking at and how you interpret everything. Because what I see, what I deal with, what I focus on, I can give a new meaning.

At this point I would like to quote the famous Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl, who says:

"There is a space between stimulus and reaction."

And this is exactly the space you should use. Because between a stimulus you get from the outside and your reaction, you can take your time to find out what the situation brings with it good.

It doesn't make sense to immediately reflexively respond to every stimulus. With the right focus, you fill the room wisely without playing the judge and judging the situation. You don't have to be able to do anything to judge. It's the easiest way.

If instead you act according to the Indian wisdom "Never judge a person unless you have walked in his moccasins for at least one day", you need a change of focus. And that requires more maturity, more skills and thus a higher standard.

You change your perspective and give things a new meaning.

3. This is how imagination works

You also need higher standards for the imagination level. You mustn't “fool yourself” into so much nonsense and you should instead Gaining control over your inner images.

If I ask 100 people if they believe that visualization works, 100 people say yes. When I ask them at the same time which of them has used ten to 15 minutes a day to visualize over the past few months, very few raise their hands. Strange we know that Things work and yet we don't apply them.

Instead, we focus on what doesn't work. We use our imagination for horror scenarios instead of creating positive images that we produce anyway. This is insane and a real waste of potential.

The most successful companies are not necessarily the ones with the best products, but those that manage to create the most positive images in people's minds. This can also be generalized: The most successful people are those who manage to create the most positive images in their own heads, but also in the minds of others. Because I also transfer my imagination into the heads of others. This makes me a role model - a daunting example or a shining example.

4. Physiology - The art of subtraction

We come from a world of addition always want to add something, always want to create and achieve more. That's how we accumulate things.

We think we have to make more money to have more because we believe that having security means security. But how does the saying go:

“A rich person is not someone who has a lot, but someone who needs little.

That's why you find this Solution in letting go and being very focused on what really needs to be done.

The best thing to do is to use the Pareto principle to identify the 20 percent that make up 80 percent of the result and ask yourself:  What are the few things that you really have to do every day and that really get you going? More intensity and more quality are required here.

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5. Intense and deep experiences

We don't need more, we need more intense and valuable experiences. I'm always surprised that people are now gaining experiences like stamps instead of few to experience intensely, emotionally and warmly.

They keep a huge bucket list of what they saw, heard, must have experienced before they were 40 or 50, retired, or turned in their grave for simply not making it all. What a hustle and bustle!

There In terms of experiences and experiences, quality and intensity beat quantity again. Higher, faster, further are very low standards, which we have followed so far, but which have had their day. Tomorrow's standards are lower, more peaceful, more humane.

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