What are the multiplayer games for school

Competitive multiplayer games in school

The use of a learning game platform in foreign language lessons.

The focus of the dissertation - which I am working on with Prof. Dr. Hermann Rüppell at the Institute for Educational Psychology in the field of general school didactics at the University of Cologne wrote - is on the use of new media in foreign language teaching.

Specifically, I am investigating the use of competitive multiplayer games in Spanish classes. The central research question of the thesis is: Are competitive multi-player learning games a useful learning tool in schools?

The theoretical part of the study presents the current findings of the relevant theories, and includes topics such as learning theories, memory theories, neurosciences, emotional-motivational aspects of learning and other work-related concepts and theories (e.g. flow, somatic markers ...) that make scientific Form the basis for the use of digital learning games in learning contexts.

In the practical part it is empirically proven that the central research question is to be answered in the affirmative, whereby sub-aspects of this are dealt with in a dedicated manner.

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Maglic, Marko (2011). Competitive multiplayer games in school - The use of a learning game platform in foreign language lessons.
Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt am Main and others European University Papers - Volume 1008.
[XVI, 292 p., 27 fig., 12 tab., 18 graph.]

About the book:

Computer games have developed from a marginal phenomenon into a mass phenomenon that has shaped society in recent years. New forms of games and operating options have led to games being played with and against each other over the Internet or with console games: Cooperation and competition are what make gaming so appealing.
In this work, the functional mechanisms of digital games are analyzed from a learning psychological point of view, before the presentation of the practical use of a learning game platform in school lessons leads to the answer to the question of whether competitive multiplayer learning games are a useful learning tool in schools.


Education and society in transition: School and new media, the computer game debate - Theoretical foundations: learning, motivation, cooperation and competition, brain research, memory, learning vs. games? - The investigation: Presentation of the learning platform, conception of the learning games, use in the classroom - Summary consideration and outlook.

Author information:

Dr. After studying English and Romance studies as a teacher, Marko Maglic spent a few years as an IT consultant in the private sector and completed his MSc ICT management training before becoming a teacher at the upper school level.
Against this background, his personal and academic interest is in the use of new media in schools and training.

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Competitive multiplayer games in school.

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