What is the most popular food in Singapore

The cuisine of Singapore

The cuisine of Singapore - actually it should be called kitchens - is known and famous among foodies all over the world. The Singaporean loves nothing as much as food and even the simplest cookshop conjures up incredible delicacies out of the hat. And that is the particularly positive thing about this travel destination: Nobody has to go to grossly overpriced star restaurants and then get annoyed about homeopathic portions: In the many hawker centers of the island state, there are delicious dishes at low prices and in the best cookshops long queues every day.

The many influences on local cuisine

When countless immigrants flocked to Singapore in the 19th and 20th centuries, they brought their own cuisine with them from different regions of China, from South India, Malaya and Indonesia. The traders from distant Europe and from Arabia also played their part. Over time, chefs experimented with the different ingredients and created their very own cuisine, which today has found its way out into the world, for example in the form of the laksa soup, which is made from rice noodles and coconut milk (as used in curries will) exist. Katong Laksa from the Katong neighborhood in east Singapore is one of the national dishes of Singapore.

A similar fusion dish is “Mee Goreng”, in which Chinese mee noodles (egg noodles) are mixed with Indian ghee (clarified butter) and a number of other ingredients to form a typical Malay noodle dish (goreng).

Fish heads as a national dish

Much fuss is made in Singapore about the “fish head curry”, which has made it the national dish. This dish originally came from the Bengal cuisine, where it is called "Muri Ghanto", and consists of the head of a fish called "Rohu" as well as rice and vegetables. Since fish heads are also considered a delicacy among the Chinese, South Indian cooks in Singapore came up with the idea of ​​adapting Muri Ghanto to the Chinese taste. Today the Fish Head Curry is mostly served with red snapper, coconut milk, okra pods, eggplant and rice. The question of the best fish head curry heats up Singaporeans as much as the Germans a discussion about the speed limit on the autobahn.

Delicacies for everyone

In addition to these innovative mixed dishes, the countless food stalls naturally also cook their own ethnic delicacies, including a number of Chinese, Malay and Indian delicacies. If you spend a week here, you can try a dish from a different country every evening as if you were a guest there.

The offer is complemented by cookshops and small restaurants from other Asian countries such as Japan and Korea - and of course also by European offers such as the inevitable pizza or the burger roasters from the USA. Dishes like “fish and chips” and “sausage rolls” also point to the British colonial heritage.

Nobody can answer the question about the best hawker center in the country, because everyone has their own favorites. A good place to go for newbies is the Lau Pa Sat Market on Raffles Quay in the city center, a hawker center with over 200 different food stalls in a historic British market building. The Maxwell Food Center in Chinatown is similarly large and popular, and those who need a break while shopping on Orchard Road are not far from the Newton Food Center. The East Coast Lagoon Food Center at East Coast Park offers relaxation from the hustle and bustle of the big city, where you can eat in the green with a view of the sea.

Finally, a hot tip: The most important thing is to find a free seat in the Hawker Center, no matter where. The place is then "marked" as occupied with a pack of tissues. Only then is the order placed - an employee brings the finished dish to the seat (note the table number!). This also means that if there is a pack of handkerchiefs somewhere, it has not been forgotten - the space is reserved and whoever blocks it is guilty of a serious offense.


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