Why do jaguars eat anacondas

The Jaguar

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I would also be in favor of protecting jaguars and other animals because they are important for the climate and the rainforest is their home

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Also helped me a lot, I love jaguars

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Actually top page but I didn't find some information here, e.g. why they are endangered or such general things. But otherwise really top also Kindgerrecht from the design of the site.

Adventure rainforest replied on 13.09.2017

Especially with the Jaguar, some interesting information is actually missing. It is one of the first species that we wrote for the animal section. Over the years we have expanded and refined the animal portraits and will be revising the older ones soon. The jaguar is endangered because its habitat is shrinking due to deforestation in the rainforests (e.g. in the Amazon basin) and because its fur is still being poached.

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I also think it's bad when jaguars are killed and that's just because of their fur and teeth. (It's pointless if you have such fur)

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Fascinating animals and yet there are people who are only interested in money

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i think this page is great for my lecture ... but i would still like to know where the jaguars are on this list, like the african elephants ...
please answer :) thanks, donna

Adventure rainforest replied on April 19, 2016

We'll add that, thank you, Donna!

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Jaguars are really beautiful big cats.
Too bad they are threatened.

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The page is nice but it doesn't say what characteristics a jaguar has

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Adventure rainforest replied on 05/28/2015

Hello Jacob,
what qualities are you missing?

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Big cats are so beautiful, it's a shame that they are hunted, but they could kill people, not just people.

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The jaguar is very endangered. Mainly through illegal shooting.

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The page is nice but it doesn't say what characteristics a jaguar has

I need this urgently

Rainforest adventure answered on 01/28/2014

Hello Meli, what kind of characteristics do you mean?

Pink puffy girl 08.01.2014

I wanted to look for "enemies of the jaguar" but found nothing I think that's stupid because I really need it!

Rainforest adventure answered on January 8th, 2014

Jaguars are at the top of the food chain, which means they have no enemies in that sense - except humans.

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I'm a big animal lover. I hope you do too, because my friends all agree with me too. If I notice that someone is torturing animals, he'll get one around the ears

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Do you have a food chain for me? ;)
So where does the jaguar end up as a consumer?
Many Thanks

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I really like this article because it's informative, just why do jaguars get older in captivity? : -o :-D

Adventure rainforest answered on October 2nd, 2013

Dear Lisa,
Animals in captivity live on average older than their wild relatives because they always have enough to eat there, a veterinarian takes care of them in the event of illness and they have no enemies. And if an animal in the wild is so old that it is too weak to hunt for itself, it is still fed in captivity.