Why is Jordan Peterson viewed as misogynist

Peterson: the fighter against political correctness. In the fall of 2016, he became a star when he declared his protest against the "C-16" law, which required the use of gender-neutral pronouns in Canadian universities, via video. His right to "freedom of expression" is violated and he will go to prison rather than subordinate himself. Protests and appearances followed Fox News, where he was celebrated for the fight against excessive minority protection. He took a vacation from college, wrote his book, and went on a promotional tour.

This was followed by an interview on the British broadcaster in January 2018 Channel 4 about salary differences between men and women. Peterson stressed that "patriarchal structures" were only one factor. It is simply the case that women prefer social professions and only want to work a few hundred hours a week. The moderator was poorly prepared, interrupted her guest and put twisted quotes in his mouth. Peterson, however, never lets himself be provoked and, if necessary, overwhelms the other person with a wealth of information that hardly anyone can counter. Insulting him as a "smart guy for stupid people", as some media do, does not expose him, but rather helps him to present himself as a taboo breaker.

A VIP pass costs $ 200, a fair price, according to its followers in Saskatoon

In Saskatoon, it only takes minutes for Peterson fans to hear that Channel 4- Address the video as evidence of the laziness of the left, parroting the slogans and disregarding Peterson's demand: to take responsibility as an individual.

It is "intellectually inspiring" to follow Peterson, say Dustin and Jason. Both are in their mid-twenties and have spent hours in the car shaking hands with him. A VIP pass costs $ 200, a fair price to thank the man who opened their eyes, they think.

Others are alarmed, such as Bernard Schiff, who previously headed the University of Toronto's Department of Psychology. "I was Jordan Peterson's greatest sponsor. Now I consider him dangerous," read the headline of an article he wrote in the Toronto Star. In it, the 79-year-old accuses Peterson of twisting studies, especially on evolution. What does not fit - such as how important cooperation is for the continued existence of living beings - is left out. He prefers to use the example of lobsters to explain the mechanism of the male dominance hierarchy that has existed for billions of years. They shape men to this day, so Peterson, so it would be scandalous if they were insulted as "tyrants" because of their "normal" behavior. Worse in Schiff's eyes: Peterson abuses the title of professor, even though he acts like a preacher. And: He defames every critic as "evil".

He defended Peterson for a long time. When he applied in Toronto in 1998, Schiff gave him a job, although colleagues thought he was "eccentric". At that time, Peterson's first book "Map of Meaning" appeared, which received little attention. The two became friends. The break occurred when Peterson launched his campaign against the C-16 law.

Since then, the 79-year-old has followed with a mixture of horror and amusement as the internet fills up with new texts, tweets and videos about Jordan Peterson every day. He now receives almost $ 100,000 from fans every month via the Patreon donation platform. Peterson's daughter Mikhaila is equally enterprising. She suffered from chronic pain for a long time, but since she, like her father, only eats meat, she is said to be doing great.

In Saskatoon, Peterson doesn't hide how comfortable he feels on stage. "These appearances are better than any interviews," he says. Here he can "test ideas" and see what captivates the audience. The accusation of escalation comes to nothing: Peterson acts like a professional entertainer.

In the second part, when it comes to questions from the public, he becomes more aggressive: the universities are "rotten" from the inside, and students are being "brainwashed". This is where we have to start in order to save Western civilization. The applause is huge.

An anarchist, an engineer and a bicycle courier discuss his ideas in debate circles

Bernard Schiff reminds Peterson's admission of "testing ideas" of methods used by demagogues like Stalin and Hitler, the very demagogues against which Peterson's books warn verbally. His followers, on the other hand, are fascinated by how he develops his theses and see this as evidence of his honesty. Meetup groups of 15 to 20 participants debate Peterson's work. In Toronto, an engineer and a former anarchist sit next to a curator who was bullied for her belief at the academy, plus a bicycle courier who always tells the truth: "Peterson showed me how accepted lies are in society." The résumés are different, they all formulate the same message: "We don't follow him blindly, of course he says strange things, but he challenges us." And everyone in the group is convinced: "Anyone who deals with him realizes that the man does not want to divide society."

The restless Peterson is currently touring the USA before visiting Great Britain and Scandinavia in October and traveling to Australia in 2019. He recently announced that he would soon sign a new book deal. The work with the working title: "12 more rules. Beyond mere order" should appear in 2020. He also raises money for an online university that teaches all those things that the "radical left" wants to hide.

There is nothing to suggest that Peterson is fed up with fame. He flirts with going into politics at some point. In the spring he called the then Prime Minister of the Province of Ontario "the most dangerous woman in the country", and most recently attacked Canada's prime minister, the proud feminist and ex-teacher Justin Trudeau, for its energy policy. He tweeted "Make Trudeau a Drama Teacher again" to his 850,000 followers.

Younger conservative thinkers in Washington in particular hear such statements with horror: They know that Jordan Peterson as a politician could achieve much less than the culture fighter with his own media empire.