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§ 32 StVZO (dimensions of vehicles and vehicle combinations)

The regulations on permissible dimensions of motor vehicles in Germany

In Germany, the width of the lane usually varies between 2.75 m and 3.75 m. Accordingly, the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) also specify guidelines that regulate the maximum width and other vehicle dimensions. The height - particularly important for bridges and tunnels - and length of motor vehicles are also regulated. All provisions and regulations for the individual vehicle groups can be found in Section 32 StVZO.

FAQ: § 32 StVZO

What sanctions do I have to expect if my vehicle exceeds the permitted dimensions?

In this case there is a risk of a fine of 60 euros and one point in Flensburg.

How wide can vehicles be?

The maximum permissible vehicle widths can be found in this table.

How long can vehicles be?

You can find the maximum permissible vehicle lengths here.

Fines according to § 32 StVZO

TBNROffensePenalty (€)Points
332600You put the motor vehicle / trailer / vehicle combination into operation even though the permissible dimensions were exceeded.601

The width of the lanes is fixed in Germany. Accordingly, a vehicle may only have a permissible total width of 2.55 m exceed. For Passenger cars a maximum permissible width of 2.5 m.

At agricultural and forestry vehicles A permissible width of up to three meters applies, as road use is only intended in exceptional cases and under strict conditions.

The width of the lane can vary widely within construction sites on motorways. The left lane is then often only 2.5 m wide, so that only vehicles with a width of up to two meters are allowed to use it.

Trucks must always be on the right lane drive that with a width between 3 m and 3.25 m can also be driven on by wider vehicles.

The maximum permissible vehicle width according to § 32 StVZO

Vehicle classmaximum permissible
Width in meters
in passenger cars2,50
for fixed / removable bodies of air-conditioned vehicles
(Refrigerated truck with thermal insulation)
for agricultural and forestry machines and attachments
Vehicles with attachments for road maintenance (e.g. road sweepers)
for trailers behind motorcycles1,00

Exceptions apply according to § 32 StVZO only for Snow removal equipment and winter service vehicles, as these usually drive in front of the flowing traffic and should not be overtaken.

Width of the car trailer: The width corresponds to the generally permissible total width of 2.55 m. There is no separate regulation on permissible dimensions in the EU.

The maximum vehicle height is based on § 32 StVZO four meters set. It should be noted, however, that special information on the maximum clearance height may be given, especially for bridges and tunnels. These can also be below the four-meter limit. On the appropriate signage must be taken into account.

Also the permissible length of motor vehicles is stipulated by § 32 StVZO These apply in particular to trucks, buses and articulated vehicles. The reason for the maximum length can be that vehicles of a certain length are very difficult to control - especially when cornering. Vehicles and teams on German roads with a length over 18.75 m are not allowed.

The maximum permissible vehicle length according to § 32 StVZO

Vehicle classmaximum permissible
Length in meters
Motor vehicles (e.g. trucks) and trailers
(except buses and semitrailers)
two-axle buses13,50
Buses with more than two axles15,00
Articulated vehicles (tractors with trailers) or
Vehicle combinations in the manner of articulated lorries
Motor vehicles other than tractors with trailers18,00
Articulated bus
Buses with trailers (singular)
Tractor with trailers (Mehrzal)
Truck with trailers for transporting goods

Would you like to use your car e.g. B. to attach a boat trailer or a caravan, the maximum permitted length of the trailer must be 12 m Get attention.

For Motorcycles and small automobiles Separate regulations apply. Motorcycles, three- and four-wheeled vehicles (e.g. quads) are allowed one permissible width of two meters do not exceed. Mopeds and mopeds may not be more than one meter wide. A maximum height of two and a half meters and a maximum length of four meters are given.

Vehicles that do not meet the statutory vehicle dimensions are not permitted to operate on Germany's roads.

In the event of a violation of Section 32 StVZO, a fine of 60 euros and one point in Flensburg be collected.

Devices on the vehicle that are not taken into account in the measurement according to Section 32 StVZO are, for example:


  • mirror
  • Visual aids
  • License plates
  • Connecting devices
  • lighting equipment
  • flexible parts of splash guard system
  • Extendable / fold-out steps in driving position
  • Devices for securing or protecting the tarpaulin
  • Tail lifts, loading bridges and similar devices in the driving position
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§ 32 StVZO (dimensions of vehicles and vehicle combinations)
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