What happens when you eat coffee beans

Coffee beans edible or not?

Have you been wondering for a long time whether coffee beans are edible? We'll tell you whether you can eat the little beans with a clear conscience and what else you need to consider!

Buying roasted coffee beans in order to eat them afterwards has not just been the custom since yesterday. Lovers appreciate the high caffeine content of this specialty, which is also enjoying increasing popularity in this country.

And so it is hardly surprising that there are more and more edible coffee beans on offer. Incidentally, these are also ideal as a small present that is given together with the coffee. Especially since they have a very long shelf life thanks to the packaging in an airtight bag.

Eating coffee beans: how much caffeine is in it?

As already mentioned, the coffee beans have a high content of caffeine. Therefore, it is better not to eat too many beans at once, especially at the beginning - especially if you are not used to it.

For comparison: 15 to 25 coffee beans roughly correspond to the caffeine content of a cup of espresso.

Depending on the taste, the "dosage" should of course also be made: if you only like a little caffeine in your favorite drink, you should of course eat less of this specialty.

Eating coffee beans pure: the taste

The taste of coffee beans naturally depends on the variety. Some taste very bitter, others rather mild. Depending on your preference, the coffee bean should therefore be selected to eat straight.

  • What they all have in common, however, is that they taste crispy.
  • At the same time, they have something hearty about them.

Eating coffee beans: harmful or not?

Coffee beans are not poisonous - so they can be consumed without hesitation! However, the same applies here - as with many other foods: You shouldn't eat too many beans at once.

By the way, the caffeine in the coffee bean begins to work about half an hour after consumption.

Sometimes it can be effective for up to 10 hours - but you can usually feel its effects for two to four hours. Incidentally, the effect does not last as long in smokers as in non-smokers.

Eating Coffee Beans: How To Contribute To A Healthy Diet?

Coffee is said to have a wide variety of positive properties: In addition to the encouraging effect, coffee also has a positive influence on the internal organs. Of course, this also applies to coffee beans, so that you can eat healthily with their help.

Specialties with edible coffee beans

There are now a few specialties that are served with edible coffee beans.

Sambuca, one of the strongest schnapps in the world, is particularly well-known. This is traditionally served with a coffee bean - which in turn is based on an old legend.

Another reason for this type of preparation: The bitter taste of the bean perfectly balances the sweet taste of Sambuca. Especially since this drink is offered flambéed in most bars and restaurants, which makes the sambuca all the sweeter.

The coffee bean is a wonderful way to complement the very sweet taste of the Sambuca. Only then does this drink become a specialty that appeals to all taste buds.

Have you tried it before? No? Then let's go!

Now you know that you can safely eat whole coffee beans straight. As this blog post has already clarified, eating coffee beans is non-toxic, rather healthy.

The coffee beans are only ground to allow surface enlargement, which means that the aromas can be much better released from the beans.

Don't nibble too many beans, otherwise you won't be able to fall asleep, but otherwise nothing bad will happen.

Good Appetite!