What is your happiest day

The happiest day in your life?

One evening, for no apparent reason, I asked myself about the happiest day in my life so far.

Every mother won't have to think about it at this point. "The birth of the first child", it will easily come from her lips. For happily married couples without children, the wedding day is definitely very popular. You feel loved and experience emotionally moving hours. But without these experiences, what could lead to a day being called the happiest in life? A colleague replies to the question like “the ascent of Kilimanjaro”. Exceeding his physical limits triggered an indescribable feeling of happiness in him after conquering the summit.

The recommendation to me is very clear that I should look for a sporting challenge. I feel inside myself and don't feel any resonance. Kilimanjaro - sorry, we won't get to know each other.

Top sporting performances are not what bring me great happiness. I don't have to prove anything to myself or anyone else. In 2009 I swam across the Attersee. The intention behind the project was different beforehand. Once implemented, it was only my ego that was satisfied.

My soul does not ask about the number of meters of altitude, nor does it compare my performance with that of other people. She enjoys what feeds her.

And it is nourished by every hike in nature. Enjoyment of movement without any pressure to perform. Enjoy the silence. Let life carry you. I can find a long walk on the beach more fulfilling than conquering countless vertical meters in the shortest possible time.

A good book, nice music and conversations with loved ones also contribute to my well-being. Touch and be touched with words. Feeling understood and at the same time understanding someone on a deeper level, empathizing. These moments make my soul vibrate.

And every minute with my dog ​​Bob. This irrepressible joy that animals show is often in vain in humans. The whole dog shakes when you come back from the basement after 5 minutes. And my soul hops with delight in the rhythm of the wiggling dog. Bob made me realize that I don't have to be everywhere to make my life feel fulfilled. The little nourishing moments have become more important to me than immediately adding a new one to every adventure.

It's also not about being able to name the happiest day in life. This is a mind game. There should be as many happy nourishing moments as possible in order to be able to honestly say at the end of the life of my body: My soul had a fulfilled life in this body.

© Sabine Almhofer 2020-09-26