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2 Introduction Here are the sticks of the Rpgs Crystal Loon - the beasts Link to the Rpg: Page 2

3 Chapter 1 Table of Contents 1. Table of Contents 2. Lux Shone Snow Leopard ????? 3. Zero ... Wolf ??????? 4. Florian Defelter Human ????? 5. Louis Defelter Lion ?????? 6. Nolen Vermond Snow Hermelin ???? 7. Kuraiko Sanada Red Fox ???????? 8. Emilia Almond Tree Cat ???????? 9. Kayla Blade Human ??????? 10. Jack ... golden eagle ????? 11. Clarete el Praedera Dionyseus Ferécia human ???????? 12. Fionùir Ni? Ceallaigh Jay ??????? 13. Mikaela Serak American Wolfhound ???? 14. Forwin Leofwin Alexander Constantin van Flintshire Carrion Crow ??????? 15. Saker? Falcon? Human????? 16. Linda Nowak Snowy Owl ????????? 17. Robert Rasuc Siberian Tiger ??????? 18. Jakob Dorkan black panther ???? 19. William Robinse human ????? 20. Dinah Merlin black jaguar ???????? 21. Adam Jo Hendrickson Human ????? 22. Sumi Park Arctic Fox ???????? 23. Ezreal Valentine Spitting Cobra ?????? 24. Catherine Salvatore Cheetah ???????? 25. Aurora Last Desert Fox ???????? 26. Luca Faint Squirrel ???? 27. Suko Itami Lynx ????? 28. Kaito Hebi Black Mamber ???? 29. Beatrice Dufour human ???????? 30. Jenner Basel Hungarian Mundi / Dog ???????? 31. Eris Melas Human ??????? 32. Toby Sky human ???? 33. Azrael Lucifer Rahman human ???? 34. Laura ... human ??????? 35. Aliya Sol Human ??????? Page 3

4 37. Maximillian Nowak Eagle Owl ????? 38. Angel Chase Panda ??????? 39. Clea Müller Havanese ????????? 40. Lisa Volk Human ??????? 41. Rosetta Bloggs Human ???????? Legend ?? = boy ????? = girl ?? = hetero? = Bi? = Homo? = Other? = Not yet aligned? = Animal? = Human? = Prisoner / slave page 4

5 Chapter 2 My first Stecki ^^ Name: Lux * Last name: Shone * Nicknames: Lu call him good friends Age: 15 Gender: male Species: Snow leopard Appearance (as a human): He has white, slightly disheveled hair and a few strands are hanging in his head Face. He has brown, almost yellow eyes. He likes to paint, which is why he paints himself now and then (see the black cross xd). He has a rather pale skin and he is 1.72 m tall. If you look at him, it is easy to think that he is anorexic because he actually looks quite thin and powerless. Appearance (as an animal): His fur is beautifully white on the back, but it runs into a rather dirty white up to the paws, his whole body is covered by the black leopard print. He has blue and yellow eyes that don't run into each other (so they're not green or anything). He has strong hind legs with which he can brace himself well to jump higher or run well. If you look closely you can easily see a few ribs on his stomach because he is very thin page 5

6 Clothing: Lux wears a white and black T-shirt and over it a completely white jacket hanging on the couple. His jeans are light blue and are slightly torn at the knees. He wears a gold and brown necklace around his neck and his shoes are white and black Character: Lux is a rather thoughtful and withdrawn type. He doesn't like to speak openly about others, nor does he like to express his feelings in words. In general, he hides his feelings behind a wall of ice and snow. Now and then there are moments when he laughs and shows others when he is angry, sad or happy. Good friends who have known him for a long time also recognize when his mood changes * Characteristic: That he hides his feelings and that he likes to draw and paint * Ability: He can run at a good pace for a very long time Strengths: his stamina, drawing and his feelings hide weaknesses: He is very afraid of water, as well as when it is too narrow and even if it doesn't look like it would help and protect every friend of his, regardless of whether it puts him in danger * Likes: drawing, painting, walking long distances and Snow * Dislike: When it's too hot, small and narrow rooms, stuffy air, too many people in one heap and in general people scent: cold air * Family: He doesn't remember his parents because he was in the orphanage, he knows only that he has or had a little sister * Past: He has lived in an orphanage for as long as he can remember, and you noticed early on that he was different from the others. One day he heard the director of the orphanage say to an employee that he would soon be sent to the slave house to be sold as a slave there. He fled that day. At first he lived alone but was soon discovered and taken in by the group of animals. Since then he has lived with them * Origin: He doesn't know exactly but was told from America Occupation: Works as a salesman in a supermarket Owner: // Orientation: Straight relationship: Single :) Other: Is a loner Page 6

7 Chapter 3 EDME? S first character: 3 Name: Zero * Last name: She doesn't actually call him * Nickname: - Age: 18 years Gender: Female Animal species: Wolf Appearance (as a human): Zero has long, black, strong hair, which you say reaches to the waist. Due to a genetic defect, your eyes are pitch black and slightly frightening. It is small and thin and tends to be very weak, which is why it should not be underestimated. Your skin is pale. Appearance (as an animal): Snow-white, long but dense fur. Well-trained but still small physique. Ice-blue eyes Clothing: black hoodies and white tight pants, gray to black sneakers. Character: Your character is fluctuating and always depends on the situation. She is mostly dismissive and cold, shows no emotions and is very suspicious. In general, she is unlikely to trust anyone that easily. She doesn't speak much, seems thoughtful and calm. Page 7

8 Sometimes you might think Zero is ignoring you, but she's listening to every single word. can see through and assess people well. Zero knows to whom she should show herself and how and maintains this role in every situation. She is very resentful and shouldn't be underestimated. * Feature: Always has a leather chain (either around the neck or around the arm) with a wolf's tooth on it. It bears many scars and is inhuman. Skills: Can assess other people well and see through them, can pretend perfectly. Strengths: Different assessments, others see through, keep their thoughts and feelings to yourself. Weaknesses: Show empathy, be nice, make friends, have claustrophobia and fear of certain things or noises. * Likes: being alone, photography, thinking, music * Dislikes: people, clinging nuisances, tightness Scent: of rain * Family: Doesn't know their parents and doesn't know what happened: -Mother: Linda -Father: Chester (death) -Siblings: 6 * Past: She doesn't talk about it and doesn't know a lot herself. * Origin: Lived with a pack of wolves and dogs near the Betronic Park. Comes from a family in America. Profession: In the animal shelter Owner: Had one, ran away and the owner is now looking for her. Alignment: Has not committed to anything in particular Relationship: None Other: You shouldn't trust her, she always stays a little apart from the others and she is a loner Page 8

9 Chapter 4 EDMe? S second character ^^ Name: Florian * Last name: Defelter * Nicknames: Profesor / Doktor Flo Age: 20 Gender: Man Appearance: dark red hair, blood red eyes, muscular and tall Clothes (everyday): Different clothes ( Work): Black blouse, white tie and brown patent leather shoes Character: Flo is ignorant and selfish but can also be nice and courteous. He is smart and self-confident, likes to wrap other people around their fingers and then let them sit ice cold. Flo is disturbed and does not stop at anything, which may be due to the fact that he can lie perfectly and does not feel guilty so easily. * Characteristic: His kind and a scar on his right cheek Strengths: lying, running, fighting Weaknesses: Is afraid of fire, has no friends, has many enemies * Likes: Taking advantage of reckless people, tormenting people and animals Page 9

10 * Family: His father runs a large company, his mother started a new life after he was born. He has a twin brother * Past: His mother left him and his father a few weeks after his birth, took his twin brother with her and then disappeared from the ground while his twin brother came back and became Florian's slave * Origin: Spain Occupation: Scientist, drug dealer Owner : - If you had an animal what would you do with him / her ?: Torture and exploit it. Orientation: Straight Relationship: Has several Other: Has his brother Page 10

11 Chapter 5 EDME? S Third Chara o.o Name: Louis * Last Name: Defelter * Nicknames: Lou Age: 20 Gender: Man Species: Lion Appearance (as a human): Red to brown hair, slim and small built. Amber-colored eyes. Appearance (as an animal): brown to yellowish, thick fur, a large mane around the neck, powerful paws and muscular, but still small. Clothing: Different, but almost always wears dark rock coats Character: shy, dreamy, respectful, friendly, open, believes in the good in everyone, careless, takes a lot to heart, thoughtful * Characteristic: Often wounds and bruises Ability: sometimes has great ideas that mostly work Strengths: forging plans, listening Weaknesses: asserting oneself, often leads to awkward situations page 11

12 * Dislikes: fire, his brother, pain Scent: ashes * Family: see Florian * Past: see Florian * Origin: Spain Occupation: Takes care of other people's pets Owner: Florian Orientation: Straight relationship: Must not Other: Nothing on page 12

13 Chapter 6 Rainy? S first character ^^ Name: Nolen * Last name: Vermond * Nicknames: - Age: 17 Gender: Male Species: Snow Hermelin Appearance (as a human): Short white hair, blue eyes, tattoo on the neck Appearance (as an animal ): Snow-white fur, button-black eyes Clothing: Rather casual black shirts and pants Character: Don't trust strangers so easily and get angry quickly when people hurt other people * Characteristic: Seldom uses his skills as he was always hit when he was hit it did Ability: has a good sense of smell Strengths: hiding, drawing Weaknesses: forgets everything when he romps in the snow, breaks into a sweat with fear when he sees his parents page 13

14 * Dislike: if it is rated by its appearance Scent: cinnamon * Family: Father: Dead Mother: Married to 3rd man in Switzerland * Past: Was beaten by his father because he was different, ran away at 15 * Origin : Greenland Occupation: Naturalist Owner: - Orientation: Bi Relationship: Tends to be alone because of his work Other: Flies into the wilderness in order not to have to accept that he is different Page 14

15 Chapter 7 Ciri / Lou's first character: 3 Name: Kuraiko * Last name: Sanada * Nicknames: Kura Age: 20 Gender: female Species: Red fox Appearance (as a human): She is 180cm tall and weighs 45kg. She has gray hair and, in her human form, fox ears and a tail. The figure is sporty but still feminine. Her skin is light and pure, the eye color is a deep brown appearance (as an animal): Her fur is copper-red and turns white towards the belly, her eyes are the same, and she has strong legs for high jumps or running fast. Clothing: She only has a white dress and black knee socks and gauntlets and open shoes Character: Basically she is a nice and friendly person but is also very reserved and withdrawn and quite shy but can also be combative but often adapts to them Situation on * Feature: She has multiple wounds / syringes punctures on the body from experiments or page 15

16 Ability: She can run long and persistently Strengths: Persistence, endure pain and forge plans Weaknesses: Water, fire and narrow spaces, * Likes: books, rain, snow and loves cherry blossom tea above all * Dislikes: Annoying people and clinging people Scent: cherry blossoms * Family: She doesn't know her family or, better said, she has forgotten that she has one because she has lived in the laboratory for so long * Past: She was carried off to the laboratory by scientists when she was very young * Origin : Japan Occupation: Test subject Owner: Has no direct owner Orientation: Bi Relationship: Single Other: Suffers from some phobias Page 16

17 Chapter 8 Ismeldaa? S first character :) Name: Emilia * Last name: Almond tree (But she forgot) * Nicknames: Emmi / Mimi Age: 13 Gender: W Animal species: Cat Appearance (as a human): ~ Very tall for her age (about 1.89m) ~ very skinny (about 47kg) ~ hip-length, wavy brown hair ~ brown eyes ~ cat ears and tail ~ long, claw-like ~ pronounced female curves (which she hates) appearance (as an animal): ~ too quite large as a cat page 17

18 ~ thick, well-groomed, slightly longer brown fur ~ gray-silver stripes on the stomach, neck and tail ~ also brown eyes Clothing: ~ short, gray dress (without neckline) ~ no shoes Character: She is a "messy man". When you get to know her, she is usually withdrawn, calm, polite, helpful and doesn't speak a lot. Should you get to know her better, however, she shows a thoroughly humorous, energetic, crazy and sarcastic manner. You don't actually recognize her high assertiveness behind the "nerd", but it does exist. In addition, however, she also has an independent, proud, direct, unbending and self-confident streak, which she usually keeps in the background. She is very grown up, but changes to her "other side" among friends. But behind all these characteristics, she is actually a wreck emotionally. She is depressed and blames herself for everything. Their behavior is quite cat-like. It also likes to hiss, growl and scratch, and it is more of a nocturnal activity.

19 Chapter 9 My second character: 3 Name: Kayla * Last name: Blade * Nicknames: Has none. Age: 16 Gender: Female Appearance: Kayla has long brown hair that shimmers slightly red in the sun. She has brown-yellow eyes that look at you friendly and normal skin. She is 1.65m tall and her cheeks are slightly red. She has slightly curved clothes (everyday life): Kayla usually wears a purple shirt with a pink hoodie over it. She wears dark blue trousers and gray-black shoes. In addition, she has a turquoise bow in her hair. Clothes (work): She ties her hair in a ponytail, she wears make-up lightly. She wears a white blouse over a black top. Her skirt is black and she also wears tights and black open shoes Character: Kayla is a friendly and open girl who likes to smile. However, she is slightly shy of strangers. In general, she is slightly anxious, but this is compensated for by her stubbornness and independence page 19

20 Strengths: make new friends, self-control and singing. Weaknesses: Can't swim, is afraid of spiders and doesn't dare to do much * Likes: friends, singing, sun and warmth * Don't like: noise, stink, cold, fights and arguments * Family : Her parents live elsewhere and she was an only child * Past: She was born in England but not in London, she moved away from her parents at an early age because her parents only argued. Then she moved here * Origin: England Occupation: part-time job as a waitress Owner: // If you had an animal, what would you do with him / her ?: Make friends with him / her Orientation: Bi Relationship: Single Other: // Page 20

21 Chapter 10 Ciri / Lou? S second character;) Name: Jack * Last name: - * Nicknames: Age: 20 Gender: Male Species: Golden eagle Appearance (as a human): He has short brown hair with a white strand above the left eye , these are in a dark yellow. His facial features are cut more sharply and is almost 2 meters tall and weighs 70kg. In addition, his fingernails are always a bit longer and razor sharp and very robust. On the sides of his legs are feathers in a dark brown color. Appearance (as an animal): He then has brown, medium-length feathers, on some feathers the tips are black. A few places are white, its claws and beak are yellow. The beak is slightly curved. He has brown eyes and long wing clothes: He wears black jumping boots and wide, comfortable black trousers, his shirt is dark brown and over it he usually has a coat that goes down to his knees. Character: he is often quiet and doesn't talk much, he is from friendly and nice to mean and page 21

22 sneaky everything you could say he has many different characters and is looking for the right one every occasion * Characteristic: That would be his eyes and? Claws? Ability: His particularly good range of vision as a bird of prey where he can also use it as a human. Strengths: His eyesight, fighting, can keep something to himself, so is silent like a grave. Weaknesses: Large crowds, annoying people, if you don't even leave him alone * Likes: Summer, reading, also doing something with others, his self-control * Dislike: Cold, lots of people Scent: Poppies * Family: Has no contact with them * Past: The animal people group freed him and helped him as a small child absorbed each other and noticed that he was a good spy and so he was trained as one * Origin: Finland Occupation: Spy at Tiermenschen - Group Owner: - Orientation: Straight Relationship: Single Other: - Page 22

23 Chapter 11 Asyra? S first character * - * Name: Clarete el Praedera * Last name: Dionyseus Ferècia (with Spaniards the middle names of the parents are often the last names of the children) * Nicknames: Clary, Sierra Age: 26 Gender: female Appearance: She is quite tall, about 1.75 m and in the lower range of normal weight, tends to be underweight. She has long, slim legs and a strong waist. Feminine curves in the right places. Still, she's more slim and thin than athletic. She has chest-length, brown curls and a narrow, noble face with high cheekbones and fine features. Her eyes are storm gray clothes (everyday life): Always elegant, sometimes daring low-cut dresses that always emphasize your figure. Clothes (work): A gray skirt and an elegant top. Since she does not work in the laboratory, she does not need a gown or character: she is uncompromising, energetic and decisive. Hides their coldness and fanaticism page 23

24 behind friendliness and a radiant smile. Can be very seductive at times and also has fun. it clearly separates hissing people. Who obeys her and does everything she wants has nothing to fear and is treated by her with mildness and loving strands. Anyone who resists it or is viewed as an object of research can expect ice-cold, merciless treatment. Strengths: She is very intelligent, smart and has learned a lot. Weaknesses: She is afraid of tight spaces and is not really experienced in combat or physically strong. Has haemophilia * Likes: seducing men, proving their power, ordering others around * Likes: betrayal, disobedience, loss of control * Family: Her parents are diplomats * Past: As the daughter of two diplomats, she had a not loving childhood, but she has it never lacking for anything. She learned several languages ​​and a lot of scientific knowledge at an early age. When her parents were murdered, it is said, by beastmen, she decided to take action against them. Since she had studied medicine and biology, she was able to apply to be a scientist. Her strictness and the merciless approach earned her sympathy and admiration until she was even promoted to vice * Origin: Spain Occupation: Vice head of the scientists Owner: She is more of an owner If you had an animal, what would you do with him / her ?: Have everything worth exploring about him explored, then kill painlessly but mercilessly Orientation: Straight Relationship: Single, several one-night stands Other: / page 24

25 Chapter 12 Asyra? S second character ^ - ^ Name: Fionùir * Last name: Ni? Ceallaigh * Nicknames: Fio Age: 17 Gender: female Species: Jay Appearance (as a human): She has very long, well-groomed rust-red hair that is curl slightly towards the end. Her eyes are storm gray with a hint of blue. A narrow, heart-shaped face with soft, feminine features and high cheekbones. She is very petite and boyish in stature, so she has hardly any feminine curves, if you disregard the strong waist, which is rather bony. Looks like 15 in total and as if a breeze could knock them over, is only 1.59 m tall. But she has a light pen and ink drawing on the skin on the shoulders and temples, which look like tattoos, but in reality show the same pattern as the feathers of her animal form. Appearance (as an animal): Small, delicate jay with bright blue plumage. Clothing: White linen dress. Corset-like and tight-fitting at the top, falling far from the hips to side 25

26 Character: Naive, childlike. Fearful, Loving, Chaotic, Indecisive Skill: Not a real one. Strengths: dealing with animals, helping others. Weaknesses: Panic fear of deep water, thunderstorms and lizards. Is a sun allergy sufferer, has many food intolerances, has haemophilia (blood disease), lung problems, circulatory weakness and a few other hereditary diseases Fragrance: Lavender * Family: Parents live in Ireland, still has a brother * Past: Is free and unbound with her family in the Irish Highlands grew up. Her parents hid her to protect her. so she had a happy childhood. I really wanted to find the end of the rainbow and always thought it was in London because the city was so famous ^^. So she ran away from home at some point and flew to London as a bird. When she arrived there, she realized that the world was very different here than expected * Origin: Ireland Occupation: Works illegally for an old woman and takes care of her animals. Owner: So far she has escaped any pursuer, has not been captured Orientation: Bi Relationship: / Other: Is Mit? of the animal group on page 26

27 Chapter 13 Potato Girl? S first character: p Name: Mikaela * Last name: Serak. Formerly Smith, but changed his last name out of anger and hatred. * Nicknames: Mika, "cattle" from the scientists of the time. Age: 16. Gender: Male. Species: American Wolfhound Appearance (as a human): He has tousled, light blonde, soft hair with light curls that almost reach his shoulders. His eyes have a deep blue that always appears warm and are quite large. His skin is very light and pale and is flawless except for the scars. He is 1.72 tall and very, very thin and weakly built, white rice teeth, long legs. Appearance (as an animal): Black American Wolfhound with a white tip of its tail. He is very thin and weak under his thick, soft fur. If you slowly walk over the fur with your hand, you can feel the ribs and the backbone. It is quite large for a wolfhound and has long, slender legs. Long tail, large ears and a pointed muzzle. Black, long claws. As a fox he has the same eye color and appearance as a human. Often viewed as a real wolf. Page 27

28 Clothing: He usually wears a dirty white T-shirt, but it is already a bit worn and looks old. On top of that he wears a wide, dark blue hoodie that perfectly hides his lean stature. His pants are torn just like the T-shirt and old only in the color black. The left pant leg is torn off to the knee and small threads are hanging down. Well-worn, dark gray shoes that he rarely wears. He has a snow-white scarf around his neck with black, Japanese and other characters. Character: He never feels comfortable with people, often he is afraid or appears anxious when you talk to him, mostly speaks softly. But when you have won his trust, he is very protective and affectionate, which many find annoying and annoying and therefore he is not friends with anyone, so to speak. In reality he is very brave and brave and would sacrifice himself for his friends, he also has a strong instinct to fight, where he can often quickly become aggressive and dangerous. He's easy to provoke if you really, really know his weaknesses. He suffers from depression. * Characteristic: He has innumerable, funny and different sized scars on the body. You can always see two fangs on him, but he hides them with the scarf. His eyes turn red when he's angry, and sometimes he bites someone uncontrollably. Ability: Despite his weak appearance, he has an incredibly strong force, just like a human and a wolfhound, especially his bite force is very interesting and powerful. Strengths: steal, trick, fight, protect, fast, nimble and have a good knack for weapons. Weaknesses: trust, people, fire, can not swim, control himself, lose friends and his aggressions. * Likes: The night, the moon, cold, trust, the people who are on the side of the beasts. * Dislikes: fire, water, crowds, talking to people, heat, confined spaces, scientists, (hates) his parents, experiments. Scent: Metallic, similar to fresh blood. Formerly the scent of roses. * Family: Mother: Lara Smith (living) Father: Harry Smith (living) Siblings: None. * Past: He was born in England, where exactly he doesn't know. When he was 2 years old, his parents discovered that he was an animal and that is why they brought him to the scientists in Crystal Loon out of contempt and hatred. Of course, innumerable experiments were carried out on him, funny remedies were given, etc. This is where his scars, injuries and his scent changed, and that with his eyes. After 7 years of imprisonment, i.e. when he was about 9 years old, he broke out and disappeared. Many of the scientists he would have died, starved or something, but there were still those who believed that he was not alive. He hates his parents more than anything and he often asks himself what he is doing in this world. * Origin: England, but also has Japanese roots. Profession: Collects things and tries to sell them in order to earn at least something. Owner: formerly Clarete (If that's OK: 3) Orientation: Bi. Page 28

29 Other: --- page 29

30 Chapter 14 Lupa?

31 Scent: Summer thunderstorm * Family: Influential family, has two normal, younger sisters and an identical twin brother, who is also normal, had a relatively normal childhood because he was repeatedly passed off as his brother. * Origin: from outside the city Occupation: / Owner: / Orientation: not quite sure yet, more likely bi Relationship: not yet Other: Is hardly wanted because he was never officially reported, is a paramedic, so help the medics in the group 31

32 Chapter 15 Lupa? S second character;) Name: Saker * Last name: got lost, mostly indicates "falcon" Age: 28 Gender: male Appearance: black eyes, hairless head, coffee-colored skin, very tall and muscular, but still slim and graceful clothing (everyday life): black shirts and pants, dark gray coat clothing (work): black laboratory clothing, black gloves Character: mostly cold, restrained and unemotional, but balanced. However, it can turn into absolute cruelty as well as grief. Only very rarely knows moments of happiness. * Characteristic: has a strange headdress: a net set halfway into the scalp, which seems to consist of gold threads and extends from the forehead to the nape of the neck. Strengths: Rationality, medical knowledge, grace. Weaknesses: Admit emotions, tolerance, weakness. * Family: he never knew * Past: Was a skave himself until he came of age, has since experienced a lot that he never talks about. How he came to be a medic at Crystal Loom, nobody knows. * Origin: a city beyond the mountains Occupation: scientist / doctor Owner: / If you had an animal, what would you do with him / her ?: Investigate in order to gain progress for humanity. If something happens to him in the process - every significant discovery is made in blood. Orientation: heterosexual to asexual Relationship: single Other: medical professionals with scientists page 32

33 Chapter 16 Owl girl? S first character; 3 Name: Linda * Last name: Nowak * Nicknames: - Age: 12 Gender: female Species: Snowy Owl Appearance (as a human): blond-white long hair, small thin Appearance (as an animal): Speckled white, big yellow eyes Clothing: sometimes like this Character: fearful, quiet, closed, distraught, suspicious, depressed * Characteristic: many scars Ability: can fly quickly Strengths: flying, singing, fighting (as an owl) Weaknesses: too shy , quite depressed, struggling (as a person) * Likes: Little * Dislikes: Much

34 * Family: Don't know * Past: Was discovered by the scientist * Origin: Austria Occupation: captive animal Owner: The scientist Orientation: Straight relationship: No ^^ 'Other: Will leave the laboratory Page 34

35 Chapter 17 Mesel? S first character Name: Robert * Last name: Rasuc * Nicknames: Robb Age: 23 Gender: male Species: Siberian tiger Appearance (as a human): about 1.85 m tall, weighs 75 kg, walks upright, light brown skin, hair dark brown, slightly curled, brown eyes with a warm impression, broad lips with a scar, warm smile, three scars on the face, above the lips, below the eye and above the nose Appearance (as an animal): large, with a thick Fur and white belly clothes: brown combat boots, black work trousers, his shirt was once white, but is now so dirty that it could also be used as a camouflage color, over it a leather jacket Character: Robb is a clever person and likes to look like she does to others feel good. Outwardly, he plays the clichéd, quiet, closed hero who doesn't want to be a hero, loyal, helpful and fair. But all of this is a mask. Robb is always anxious to get his own advantage and walks over corpses for it. He feels no pity when it comes to page 35

36 about harming others for one's own good. He is cunning, power-hungry and likes to play on him. If he's in the scientist's laboratory, he likes to brag, commands others and doesn't mince his words because he knows that he will not be harmed for fear of losing him. If it looks like it, Robb is neither behind the animals nor behind the scientists. He is only concerned with bringing himself to safety and does not pay attention to who he is harming at all. He secretly plans to build a group of humans and animals and bring them to power. Since he is a strong leader, he plans as a leader with one or two selected people at his side to shape the world he knows according to his ideas. Ability: very strong Strengths: always pulls off his business, is a good liar Weaknesses: cannot swim (uncharacteristically for a tiger), does not distinguish between friend and foe and can seriously injure or eliminate important allies even with small differences of opinion Scent: smoke * Family: dead (see past) * Past: If you ask him he will tell you some kind of lie about bad parents, dying siblings and the usual. So here's the truth: Robb comes from a good family. He grew up with his parents and older brothers on a country estate in Bolivia. Always standing in the shadow of his brothers, who were not only athletic but also gifted pianists, Robb quickly developed an interest in psychological acting and knowledge of human nature. This developed so far that at some point he himself imagined voices in his head that he had invented years earlier. Voice 1 is objective, competent and always tries to clarify everything in the most plausible way. Voice 2 is very aggressive and hasty, voice 3, on the other hand, is more passive and fearful. These voices were always in conflict with one another. With voice 2, Robb learned over time to suppress the voices if he wanted to. Robb, who was so lost in his head by now that he himself believed in the existence of these voices, was so grateful that from then on he suppressed voices 1 and 3 and only listened to voice 2. This ultimately led him to kill his parents and one of his brothers. When the police came to the scene and found Robb with the gun in hand, he immediately confessed to the murder. But he behaved so skillfully disturbed that he was admitted to a mental institution. During this time he learned to change his shape. After a few years his eldest brother managed to break into the asylum disguised as a guard. He was on vacation with his girlfriend at the time of the murder and hardly noticed anything. That's why he was convinced of Robb's innocence and wanted to help him escape. When the guards came to Robb's cell a few minutes later, a tiger came leaping towards them, the cell door was open, and there was a headless corpse in the cell. When you saw an open front door and missing gatekeepers shortly afterwards, the trap was over. The investigative commission wanted to save itself unnecessary work, so the simplest answer was used: a tiger had entered the open building, looking for food. Robb was unceremoniously pronounced dead. Profession: / page 36

37 Orientation: Pansexual Relationship: / Other: But there is a traitor among the beasts

38 Chapter 18 Mesel? S second character ^^ Name: Jakob * Last name: Dorkan * Nicknames: Jake Age: 18 Gender: male Species: Black panther Appearance (as a human): He is relatively tall for his age, often looks even taller due to his persistent upright posture, his skin has a slightly light brown tone, but is generally still light, here and there a few scars and scratches can be found on it, his black hair is held back with a small ponytail Poison green eyes often make a piercing impression, especially in the dark, but on closer inspection they appear a little less unnatural (as an animal) due to the light blue speckles: muscular, with pale eyes and light spots Clothing: black hiking boots, short brown trousers, black, partially torn shirt Character: clever, astute, suspicious, irritable Ability: very quick Page 38

39 Weaknesses: acts too hastily when irritated, has a certain tendency to get into trouble Scent: grass * Past: asks him (should mean I still have to think of something) * Origin: Australia Occupation: / Owner: / Orientation : Bisexual Relationship: / Other: Animal Group Spy Page 39

40 Chapter 19 Mesel? S third character 0.0 Name: William * Last name: Robinson * Nicknames: Will Age: 28 Gender: male Appearance: He is six feet tall, thin, has short blonde hair and sky blue eyes, he wears black glasses and high cheekbones that almost hollow his cheeks Clothing (everyday life): red and blue sneakers, jeans, mostly gray T-shirts and a black jacket Clothing (work): flawless, white sports shoes, white pants and one Kittel Character: reserved, follows orders exactly, loyal to his people Strengths: Perfectionist, works quickly Weaknesses: Often very cautious, women * Family: alive * Origin: Canada Occupation: Scientist Owner: / If you had an animal, what would you take with you do him / her ?: Deliver to the laboratory Orientation: Heterosexual Relationship: / Other: / Page 40

41 Chapter 20 Starshine? S first character: 3 Name: Dinah * Last name: Merlin * Nicknames: // Age: 15 years Gender: female Species: black jaguar Appearance (as a human): She has black hair. Her eyes are a rich green and usually show Dinah's feelings very well. She is rather small in stature, almost thin, which makes her look very weak. Appearance (as an animal): She has short, smooth, deep black fur. Even in animal form, she is rather small, but her sinewy, slim figure makes her a fast runner Clothing: She loves hoodies and wears them very often. She doesn't think much of fashion trends, and only attracts what she likes. Character: She is always anxious to help others and not be a burden on them. She is actually always friendly to everyone and avoids arguments by all means. But even if she sometimes comes across as a bit of a loner, she longs for attention and confirmation from others. She is often unsure of what she is doing and would rather have instructions to follow than take responsibility herself. * Characteristic: as already described above, she is often very insecure and needs praise and confirmation from other skills: She is a very fast runner both as a person and in her animal form. Is very difficult to beat in sprint as well as in endurance. Strengths: She has a good power of observation and she notices a lot. Both in terms of their environment, as well as, for example. Changes in other people, very good memory, is actually very smart, can have weaknesses: very insecure, often doubts about yourself, is emotionally very close to the water, and the worst thing you can do to her is actually to ignore or reject her . * Likes: books, praise, trees (likes to climb) * Dislikes: being ignored, show-off Scent: peppermint * Family: She has no siblings. Your father has rejected you, your mother is more or less suppressed by her father and has nothing to say * Past: Your father originally comes from Spain, where you lived until you were 4 years old before moving to the city because her father couldn't find a job in Spain. lived with her family until her 12th birthday. When her father noticed that she was different, he saw her on page 41

42 kicked out. She then joined the group and learned to control herself * Origin: Spain Occupation: // Owner: // Orientation: hetero Relationship: // Other: Is in the animal group on page 42

43 Chapter 21 Rainy? S second character * - * Name: Adam Jo * Last name: Hendrickson * Nicknames: Jo Age: 24 Gender: Male Appearance: Long brown hair, brown eyes, tall Clothes (everyday): Blue shirt, white vest, black trousers and shoes Clothing (work): black trousers, white shirt, white lab coat Character: strict, suspicious, cool * characteristic: obeys commands regardless of what it is Strengths: strong, gifted Weaknesses: children (he cannot "treat"), own decisions * likes: violence, purity * dislikes: chaos * family: is adopted: father + mother: living in australia * past: grew up until 12 in an orphanage in australia and was adopted by a couple from france * origin: Australia -> France Occupation: Scientist in the laboratory Owner: - If you had an animal, what would you do with him / her ?: Give the bare essentials in terms of food and drink and experiment a lot with him Orientation: Straight Relationship: Single Other: Spends the Most of the time in the laboratory page 43

44 Chapter 22 MiyuJiguko? S first character: 3 Name: Sumi * Last name: Park * Nicknames: / Age: 16 Gender: female Species: Arctic fox Appearance (as a human): Sumi has long, brown hair that goes down to her waist. Mostly she wears these in a high ponytail. Her eyes are actually dark brown, but appear slightly red in the light. She is about 1.68 m, pale and slim. Appearance (as an animal): White arctic fox with ice-blue eyes Clothing: wears a black top and a black hoodie over it, has a silver cross chain that she never takes off, wears tight, holey jeans, white, dirty chucks Character: brave, cool, spirited, slightly arrogant * Characteristic: The tattoo of a Chinese dragon on the right upper arm Skill: Has very high endurance Strengths: Martial arts, climbing, drawing Page 44

45 * Likes: night, cold, drawing, martial arts * Dislikes: heat, stress, annoying people Scent: fire * Family: Lives in Korea, Seoul * Past: Sumi left Korea to go to Crystal Loon and live there. But she noticed the animal being caught and went into hiding so as not to attract attention. She tries to live as inconspicuously and normally as possible * Origin: Originally from Korea Occupation: works in a restaurant as a waitress Owner: // Orientation: Straight Relationship: Single XD Other: loner Page 45

46 Chapter 23 Lucario?

47 Scent: Basil Family: Has long since forgotten who they were Past: He was once a friendly, loyal and reliable friend until scientists came, fetched him and Clarete made him her slave and examined him every day Origin: Australia Profession: Slave owner : Clarete Orientation: Straight Relationship: Has developed a kind of "friendship" with Kayla Other: / Page 47

48 Chapter 24 FireFairy / Nachtfell? S Stecki Name: Catherine * Last name: Salvatore * Nicknames: Cathy Age: 17 Gender: female Species: Cheetah Appearance (as a human): brown wavy hair, brown slightly narrow eyes, slim, petite, rather small Appearance (as an animal): golden brown fur, dark brown almost black dots, brown slightly narrow eyes, well built, graceful Clothing: jeans, sweatshirt, sneakers, black fingerless gloves Character: Nice, rebellious, polite, sometimes aggressive, often suspicious Ability: Can do so run fast like no other, is as fast as a cheetah Strengths: Assert your opinion, run fast Weaknesses: Doesn't laugh often, suspicious page 48

49 * Dislikes: Hungry Scent: Sour (not disgusting) * Family: Big sister, parents * Past: Was bullied a lot in school * Origin: Los Angeles Occupation: Writer Owner: / Orientation: Straight Relationship: Gladly ^^ Other : Has already finished school page 49

50 Chapter 25 May Aurora? S first character: 3 Name: Aurora * Last name: Last * Nicknames: Auri Age: 12 Gender: female Species: Feenec (desert fox) Appearance (as a human): Brown-blonde hair that is mostly tied in a plait , is thin, slim, about 1.30 m tall, pale skin, pointed ears, blue eyes Appearance (as an animal): quite large ears, gold-brown fur Clothes: black coat, T-shirt, jeans Character: nice, fearful, shy, helpful * characteristic: big ears ability: can hear very well, tolerate heat strengths: endure heat, heal, hide weaknesses: cold, illness, fight * likes: sand, heat, flowers * dislikes: cold, adults scent: Sand * Family: Lives normally * Past: - * Origin: Crystal Loon Occupation: - Owner: - Orientation: hetero Relationship: single Other: not yet in group page 50

51 Chapter 26 Music? S first chara ^ - ^ Name: Luca * Last name: Faist * Nicknames: / Age: 20 Gender: male Species: Squirrel Appearance (as a human): He has dark brown hair and eyes and a slight beard appearance (as Animal): A dark red-brown squirrel with hazel brown eyes and extremely bushy tail Clothing: A simple sweater and jeans Character: He is rather calm, listens attentively, helpful, friendly, humorous, childish, reckless; optimistic, cheeky, determined, stubborn * Characteristic: He has a scar behind his left ear Ability: He can jump very far and with little to no run-up Strengths: He is very nimble and skillful (also as a person), jumping, climbing Weaknesses: He is afraid of the sea and fire, his recklessness page 51

52 * Dislikes: experiments, spraying Scent: The smell of a pine forest after it has rained * Family: Kristin and Marco Faist, his older sister Beth Faist * Past: His scar comes from the fact that his parents initially wanted to cut off his ears (it were those of a squirrel) where Luca's sister stopped them because he was born at home (driving to the hospital was too late) his family was able to cover it up, but at some point it got tricky and he went into hiding by joining the group * Origin: Italy , South Tyrol Occupation: / Owner: / Orientation: Bise..xual Relationship: No Other: He is in the group on page 52

53 Chapter 27 My third character;) Name: Suko * Last name: Itami * Nicknames: // Age: 18 Gender: male Species: Lynx Appearance (as a human): Suko has black hair, but it shimmers red. He has dark brown-red eyes and he is 1.79 m tall. He is a bit slim and his skin color is normal. It has punctures and injuries all over its body (as an animal): Unlike other lynxes, it has predominantly black fur, which is interrupted by brown spots. From time to time there are small white spots between the brown spots. His eyes are brown-yellowish clothes: Suko wears a white shirt with a light collar. Over it he wears a black jacket. The jeans are dark blue, while his shoes are black with white stripes. He wears a bracelet on his left wrist. Character: He is a cool and cold person who is never afraid to speak up. He is holding page 53

54 never turn back, but avoid unpleasant situations. He likes to ignore others and also likes to neglect. But inside he is actually nice * Characteristic: His character + eye color Ability: He does not feel any pain (explanation below) Strengths: Is completely free of pain, ignores others and weakens his bounce: Does not always notice when he is injured because he does not feel any pain , he mostly does his own thing and he can easily see no blood (I'm not bad but dizzy) * Likes: To be alone, nature, flowers and darkness * Likes: Annoying people and dogs Scent: of flowers (mostly after roses and snowdrops) * Family: He doesn't know exactly, probably still alive * Past: He hasn't felt any pain since he was born, nobody even knew why, not even the doctors. His parents fear him and have scared him away. Lived then alone was discovered and caught late * Origin: Japan Occupation: Slave / Captive Owner: All scientists Orientation: Bi Relationship: Single Other: // Page 54

55 Chapter 28 Kaito? S first character; 3 Name: Kaito Last name: Hebi Age: 17 Gender: male Species: Snake / Black Mamba Appearance (as a human): Deep black, stringy hair that falls a little in his face and is shoulder length. Eye-catching bright green eyes that almost stick out from behind his hair. A light, pale skin, which adorns two scars on the upper body. It is relatively small, around 1.65 meters, and has a sporty build. He has noticeably pointed canine teeth. Appearance (as an animal): A large snake nearly 3 meters long, its body covered with pitch-black scales. The eyes are black and look empty. Two scars can be seen on the underside. Clothing: Mostly he wears a simple black hoodie with no print, which is a bit too big for him. Also a pair of black jeans that are a bit torn. He wears black and white sports shoes and always has a silver pocket watch with him. He also wears two silver rings on his right hand. Page 55

56 Character: rather reserved and shy. He can quickly become aggressive when strangers approach him, which is more instinct than intended. In itself a very nice guy once you get to know him properly. Characteristic: It often hisses unintentionally on "S" sounds. Ability: His bite can be fatal, because with every bite, intentional or not, he injects a so-called neurotoxin, which leads to cardiac arrhythmias leading to respiratory arrest within 20 minutes. Strengths: He is very fast and agile and has good stamina. He is also immune to most poisons. Weaknesses: He is immune to many drugs, which means that a serious illness can quickly lead to death. He only trusts a few and it takes a while for him to become a little more open. Scent: A kind of ammonia smell Occupation: Not available Owner: - Orientation: Bisexual Relationship: - Other: Knows about the animal group, but is not part of it. Page 56

57 Chapter 29 Ismeldaa? S second character; P Name: Beatrice * Last name: Dufour * Nicknames: Bea Age: 19 Gender: W Appearance: She is quite a small (approx. 1.64 m), petite and normal-weight person with large, blue jeans eyes framed by thick eyelashes. Her hair is quite noticeable as it falls down to the middle of her back and is colored blue. Clothing (everyday life): different, mostly short and "trendy" Clothing (work): blue jeans, white blouse, white lab coat Character: She is an unusual girl. She is actually quite calm and shy, which she usually hides behind a self-confident facade. She is very compassionate and can't stand seeing others suffer. It is very difficult to provoke and shows a cool demeanor as soon as it annoys someone. Sometimes she is very naive and always looks for the positive in people. As soon as she doesn't like someone, however, they subconsciously feel it. She can cover up actual feelings very well and can be broken inside while the other person doesn't even notice it. She is a very loving person and appears to most people to be very personable, easy-going and open. She loves to help as long as it is within her own limits and would also sacrifice herself for loved ones. * Trait: Their hair and their affection for animals page 57

58 Strengths: very good at parkouring, is good at deceiving, has a good connection to many people in offices Weaknesses: People who mock you because of their appearance talk very quickly and sometimes very incomprehensibly, sometimes put themselves in danger through parkouring * Likes: parkouring, animals, their freedom, swimming * Dislike: narrow, dark spaces, loneliness * Family: Father: dead, mother: submerged * Past: She is the daughter of two animal beings. Her father was quickly captured, where he died, while her mother managed to keep going into hiding with Beatrice. When Beatrice turned 18, her mother left her alone and went into hiding. Beatrice was a quick learner, graduated in record time, and then was hired as a scientist. * Origin: France-Paris Occupation: Scientist Owner: // If you had an animal, what would you do with him / her ?: Treat it well and "release" it if it wants to! Orientation: Straight Relationship: // Other: Help trapped animals as best you can page 58

59 Chapter 30 Firefairy? S second character Name: Jenner * Last name: Basel * Nicknames: / Age: 18 Gender: female Species: Hungarian Mudi (dog) Appearance (as a human): blonde long hair, blue / gray / green eyes, full Lips, full eyelashes, cute, slim, normal size Look (as an animal): Fluffy blue-gray / black / brown piebald fur, pretty eyes Clothes: mocha-colored sweater, jeans, white sneakers, leather bracelet Character: nice, loyal, polite, clumsy , suspicious * Characteristic: scar on the cheek and wrist from a fight with wildcats Ability: Can call / bark very loudly, has extremely good endurance Strengths: fight, run Weaknesses: Very clumsy, naive * Likes: dogs, friends page 59

60 Scent: After a noble perfume * Family: Parents (dead) * Past: Was in an orphanage for a long time because of the death of her parents * Origin: Great Britain Occupation: / Owner: / Orientation: Straight relationship: gladly ^^ Other: // Page 60

61 Chapter 31 Eris? S first character * ~ * Name: Eris * Last name: Melas * Nicknames: if you think of something Age: 16 Gender: female Appearance: She has messy cut short dark brown almost black hair that protrudes from her head and some have blue colored strands. Her eyes are black and look like black holes that suck everything in and are framed by large black glasses. Her face is slightly rounded with a pointed chin and has a snub nose, her lower lip often looks bloody and chewed off. She is quite short for her age, but still has a very athletic figure and slightly tanned skin. Her body is covered with scars and brightly colored plasters. Her arms and hands in particular seem to suffer. Clothing (everyday life): She usually wears too large T-shirts and jeans or dungarees. In addition, royal blue Doc Martins, brightly colored socks that always stand out and a dark blue captain's hat. Clothes (work): Actually the same, only sometimes something darker and easier to move around. Character: She has a very peculiar and strange character. No matter what happens, whether something good or bad, she always keeps her fun, which she doesn't let anyone ruin. She is very wild and crazy, mostly seems very pushy and annoying, because she approaches and speaks to people at any time. She is quite curious and has a very rough and disrespectful sense of humor. When she has friends she protects them with her whole life and would really do anything for them. But she can also look very closed and ghostly into the void, but that disappears quickly and she covers everything with her grin. * Characteristic: Everything about her is a characteristic that one does not know from others. A bandage is wrapped around her neck, which she uses to hide a large scar on her neck. Strengths: She has damn good reflexes and very good stamina. She is always in a good mood and can perfectly hide all her negative feelings. Her immune system is surprisingly good and she is also very robust against pain. Weaknesses: Because of her wild and crazy nature, she very often puts herself in danger, she knows no boundaries and often overdoes it. With her sense of humor, she can now and then appear very cold and rough. In addition, she has an urge to hurt herself and is not particularly good at dealing with strange feelings. She has to take special medication to be able to stand on her feet at all, but they also dope her in combat. She also has dyslexia and can therefore not read well. * Mag: Actually, she likes quite a lot and also takes everything very openly. She loves it page 61

62 to see her own blood flow and cause herself pain. She adores her father and loves kind of fun and danger, she also sees the animal beings as very interesting. * Dislikes: She hates boredom and anyone who is constantly upset about her life and dissolves in self-pity. * Family: only has her father, who is a scientist, followed by her mother, an older brother and a twin brother. * Past: Your mother was killed by her father's madness. After that, he raised her and her brothers alone and conducted experiments on them. As her brothers died one after another from the drugs and experiments, her father seemed to get crazier and crazier and took all his anger out on her. She was treated just as badly by him as the beasts are treated. But Irene was never angry or mad at her father and let everything go on. She was trained to be a hunting dog and given pills developed by her father to make her stronger in combat. Unfortunately, these make her so dependent that she probably couldn't survive without it. Origin: Somewhere in England Occupation: hunting dog Owner: Actually nobody, but you could say that she belongs to her father. If you had an animal, what would you do with him / her ?: Bring it to your father..Probably or question it until you tip over. Alignment: Somehow she loves everything. Relationship: ... Other: Nothing I haven't already said. Page 62

63 Chapter 32 L Lawliet 643? S first character * - * Name: Toby * Last name: Sky * Nicknames: / Age: 19 Gender: male Appearance: He has short, messy, brown hair. It's big and otherwise relatively average built. His left eye is light orange, but his right eye is turquoise. Clothing (everyday life): He wears a white shirt with a light collar. He's also wearing a dark blue tie. The short jacket that he is also wearing is dark blue on the edge, otherwise white. In general, the jacket is similar to that of a police officer. He is wearing black jeans and brown leather shoes. He also has black headphones Clothes (work): Exactly the same character: crazy, free, wild, slightly naive * Characteristic: If you disregard the different eye colors, these are his headphones that he wears almost all the time. Strengths: inventing plans, encouraging people page 63

64 * Likes: Freedom, (almost) all living things * Dislikes: Scientists, oppression * Family: Mother (40 years old) Father (42 years old) twin brother (19 years old) * Past: His parents left him as a child to experiment with animals perform. His twin brother was also one. Toby was told that his brother was accidentally killed in the experiments, but he didn't believe it. He still believes his brother is alive and hopes to see him again one day. * Origin: He was born near the Betronic Park. Profession: He tries to help animals every day, but never too hard because it could be dangerous for him. He proceeds in small steps. Owner: / If you had an animal, what would you do with him / her ?: Help him, but never take it with you because that contradicts his ideal of freedom. Orientation: Asexual Relationship: Single (He prefers to call it "free") Other: Knows a lot about the secrets of the government due to his noble ancestry and uses this to his advantage. Page 64

65 Chapter 33 Evi Cwiertnia-Joseph first character * - * Name: Azrael Lucifer * Last name: Rahman * Nicknames: He is mostly called Az, if you want to annoy him Azi. If he gives someone his second name (which he is actually proud of), he is sometimes called Luci. Age: 18 Gender: M Appearance: He has blond, shaggy hair that he has dyed pink, green and purple. His eyes are a warm brown, but are mostly obscured by his hair. He has an unnaturally light skin tone and is thin in stature. Its nose is straight but a little big. He has large ears that are adorned with piercings. He is also 1.82 meters tall. Clothing (everyday life): He wears sweaters that are too large, regardless of the color. In addition a skinny jeans and black cloth shoes. Clothing (work): The same, just a white smock over it and rubber gloves. Mostly also protective glasses. Character: He is usually cool, silent, very dismissive and mercilessly honest. He doesn't know much about fun, but a lot about sarcasm and satire. He is also rebellious and likes to criticize other people. He is considered by many to be strange and crazy because of his hallucinations. He doesn't understand anything about love - he has never had a relationship or has kissed anyone; Nevertheless, he would be happy if someone would teach him, because secretly he longs for great love. * Characteristic: His hair, his skin and the piercings on his ears. Strengths: He can sing, but also play a little piano. Weaknesses: His fear of silence, being alone, water / drowning and his claustrophobia. * Likes: He loves music, singing, the smell of grass and new paper and being alone. * Dislikes: He hates silence, the dark and crowds. * Family: He grew up in an orphanage. * Past: In the orphanage he was alone every second, which is why he developed the fear of being alone. He never had friends there (except for? Fake friends? Who always let him down.) And passed the time singing, reading, listening to music and sitting. Because of the silence there, he was always afraid that a monster would eat him. But, in his opinion, the orphanage guard saved him from that. * Origin: America, but has Arabic roots. Profession: Scientist. Owner: - page 65

66 If you had an animal, what would you do with him / her ?: Raising it, caring for it, what just knows something that you do with pets. Orientation: bi. Relationship: Single, will probably stay that way for the time being. Other: He is terrified of water, silence and being alone, but still hates large crowds. He can also see imaginary people with whom he can communicate, whom he calls 'guards' (they always appear in the same place. For example, if a guard is in the laboratory, it is the laboratory guard, etc.) Even if he wanted to, he couldn't lie because he was taught that lying is a sin. He's a satanist. Page 66

67 Chapter 34 Owl girl? S second character ^ - ^ Name: Laura * Surname: ... * Nicknames: // Age: 16 Gender: female Appearance: Pale, skinny, small, shoulder-long black hair Clothes (everyday life): T Shirt and jeans Clothing (work): School uniform Character: Quiet, dissatisfied, fair, people-hating, fair, child-loving, * Characteristic: Your type Strengths: Dealing with animals Weaknesses: Dealing with people * Likes: children, animals, animals, music * Mag not: people ... * family: have let them down * past: parents have g ********* and abandoned them * origin: Germany occupation: student and rebel (helps the animals) owner: no If you had an animal what would you do with him / her ?: Help and befriend Orientation: Bisexual Relationship: Single Other: lives in a home. Page 67

68 Chapter 35 Lucario? S second character ^ ~ ^ Name: Aliya Last name: Sol Age: 19 Gender: Female Appearance: White-blonde long hair, which is usually tied in a ponytail and dark pink eyes Clothing (everyday life): Mostly wears then just a jacket over her work clothes Clothes (work) A green crop top, army pants with a camouflage pattern and army boots. She also carries many ammunition pouches, gloves reinforced with steel and a brown scarf. Not to forget the headset, which she only wears on missions with others. Character: She is actually a happy person who is not disturbed by anything. But when it comes to assignments, she is ruthless, shows no compassion and is focused on her goal. Characteristic: The brand Strengths: Parkour, swimming, shooting, climbing, body control and more. Weaknesses: Your outfit, which is a little tight, has a weakness for cats of all kinds page 68