Can I sell on Amazon from Nigeria

Pending order?

Good Morning,

I attach myself to the threat and ask another question in this context.
It's about a cell phone that I want to sell as new, a gift that I don't need!

So with me this message was also sent that I have to be patient.

In the meantime, while I have to wait, the same devices have been sold several times.
As a retailer, you can definitely wait for payment issues to be clarified. But as a private seller, that's rather disproportionate.
On the contrary, to me it looks more like there is a system. By buying devices to push the supposedly more expensive ones up the ranking.
I am waiting for the verification for the 2nd time. When observing yesterday evening, freshly set 4 devices were sold by a dealer within 10 minutes. I know that because the inventory is at 4, because Amazon cannot deliver the devices at the moment!

I have no problem waiting for a clarification, but 10 days !?
If I buy a lightning offer as a buyer on Amazon, I can be sure that the reduced price will not be reserved for me for 10 days !!!
How can it be that customers can buy something and are unable to pay?

As a private seller, I am completely alone here, although I pay the fees to Amazon and not the buyer.
If I do not send the goods immediately, I will get a negative scoring, also from Amazon.
Since there is no way to rate a customer, this rating system is questionable at best, at least for private sellers.

As is well known, the price decline for cell phones and computers is very high. Which means, if I get a cancellation after 10 days, the price of the cell phone may already have fallen so far that I have to accept considerable “losses”.
But not much will change in terms of the fees, and I will not receive any “loss compensation”!

how do you see it?
Thank you for your constructive answers.