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Am i beautiful What beauty means to us

The long red hair wraps around her body like a delicate scarf, a touch of blush stands out on her light cheeks and the perfect curves of her sexy body can be seen seductively. This description is not about a well-known supermodel of our time. This beautiful woman lived in Italy over 500 years ago and went down in art history as the Venus de Botticelli. But what constitutes its beauty, can attractiveness be measured and what influence does beauty have on our lives, our loved ones and our success? Far more than one might think. Tips from the experts hold the mirror of truth in front of beauty.


  1. What is beauty
  2. For women it is the full lips that count, for men it is the size
  3. What is the biological sense of beauty?
  4. Advantage of beauty in career, friends and in court
  5. Beauty madness - the normal madness
  6. The body mass index
  7. The million dollar business with the beauty mania
  8. No sex because of blemishes
  9. Men don't like the perfect woman
  10. Happier relationship when he's more beautiful
  11. "I feel beautiful!" - with these tips it works guaranteed
  12. Put an end to beauty slavery

What is beauty

True beauty, or the feeling of true beauty, is not easy to define. If you look at pictures by the famous baroque painter Rubens, very few viewers will decline the plump women on them as extremely beautiful. Even thin models like Twiggy from the 1960s are no longer rated as attractive and appealing.

So that means that every time and every epoch has its own ideal of beauty, which people perceived as attractive. Fashion also adapts to the current ideal of beauty. In Twiggy's time, more boyish silhouettes were in vogue; in Rubens' age, women tended to dress in flowing fabrics that gently caressed their bodies. If you want to get an overview of today's fashion, you can look around at sites like Spot-A-Shop, where offers from a wide variety of online shops in Germany are collected. It becomes clear that the fashion phenomenon has mainly social, but sometimes also subjective, backgrounds. In the case of Rubens, for example, experts assume that he had a tendency towards chubby women.

On the other hand, women with a few extra pounds on their ribs were considered attractive at the time, as their curves signaled wealth and fertility. No wonder, since society back then was repeatedly tortured by epidemics, plague and wars. And where people were constantly threatened by starvation, the pound was considered an ideal of beauty.

For women it is the full lips that count, for men it is the size

However, there are more signal points that have always been considered beautiful. For example the skin. The smoother and less wrinkled it is, the more attractive the person appears. Full lips are very attractive to women. The female hormone estrogen makes the lips fuller during puberty and this in turn is a sign of sexual maturity.

On the other hand, women with childlike faces, i.e. large eyes, high foreheads and low jaws, are perceived by men as attractive. For men, height plays a crucial role. The bigger he is, the more admirers he is likely to have. But even a prominent chin, protruding cheekbones and narrow cheeks do not detract from its attractiveness.

In the 1990s, the "Waist-to-Hip-Ratio" was developed, a formula that measures the ratio of waist to hip circumference and was discovered by the US evolutionary psychologist Devendra Singh. The optimal degree of beauty was therefore a ratio of 0.7. Scientists have not clarified whether this formula is actually correct. It is clear, however, that to this day slimmer people with balanced proportions (the golden ratio) are most easily perceived by their fellow men as being beautiful.

What is the biological sense of beauty?

> The answer is as sensible as it is simple: If you are beautiful, you can show your potential sexual partner that he / she has good genes. This “good gene hypothesis” is not only known to humans. The animals also use this trick to appear attractive to potential partners and to be selected as sexual partners more quickly. The best example of this is the peacock. The brightly shimmering peacock's tail with its numerous colors and drawings is not only impressive and beautiful to the human eye.

The female peacock is also impressed by so much proud splendor. The symmetry of the body, also called "developmental stability" by researchers, is crucial. If the peacock were sick or had bad genes, it would not be able to carry its tail so powerfully and impressively. Women’s breasts are comparable to this tail. They are laid out symmetrically. If they are also firm and large, men will consider them attractive. But be careful: Too much of a good thing would be counterproductive. Too much bust size can, for example, lead to the woman suffering from back pain or even having serious posture problems.

In order to compensate for physical disadvantages, little tricks with a big effect were created. Evolutionary researchers suspect that cultural means such as make-up or high heels were invented to compensate for the small natural shortcomings. Because long legs are beautiful, but they can be a hindrance when walking. A corresponding high heel, however, immediately makes the legs look longer and the bottom and hips look more attractive.

By the way: not everything that we perceive to be beautiful is also healthy. On the basis of the physiognomy (the external appearance, the body structure) of the famous David statue by Michelangelo, doctors have attested to severe, pathological deformations. The artist simply wanted too much of a good thing and let his imagination run wild. Nevertheless, the David looks beautiful to its viewer. But it's only carved out of stone ...

Advantage of beauty in career, friends and in court

Anyone who is beautiful can really be grateful for it. Because a beautiful person can not only score points with his fellow human beings through his appearance, he also has immense advantages through his attractiveness. And that starts very early.

The psychologist and attractiveness researcher Dr. Martin Gründl from the University of Regensburg explains why in the article “Ideals of beauty through the ages” on the website www.wissen.de: “Even attractive babies get more attention and attention. In kindergarten, pretty children often have more friends and they get better grades at school! "

On top of that. These benefits increase in adulthood. Those who are beautiful are often invited to job interviews. Numerous studies have shown that attractive people are more successful at work and make a career faster.

And that, although they can by no means have a better professional education. So beauty can be a career buster. And attractiveness also shows itself to be an advantage at other levels of life. If you look good, you have more friends. And it gets even more unjust. Because beautiful people are less likely to be convicted in court. And if they do, the verdicts are often much milder than with people who do not correspond to the ideal.

Of course, beautiful people clearly have advantages when choosing a partner - at least that's what you think. But not always true. Especially people who are particularly attractive sometimes have difficulties in finding love. Because too much beauty can also unsettle the other person. True to the motto: "With so much beauty I don't have a chance, so I don't even try!"

Beauty madness - the normal madness

The beauty craze is not an invention of the present day. In the past, women bathed in donkey milk, deformed their feet into tiny club feet in painful procedures, bleached their skin with life-threatening creams made of lead, or tied their waist to a minimum so that they had to break their ribs or could no longer breathe properly. Famous examples like the Austrian Queen Sissi or the Egyptian ruler Cleopatra are only the tip of the iceberg.

However, the extent of the beauty craze has increased enormously these days. Over half a million cosmetic surgeries were performed last year. And the patients are getting younger and younger. Some girls even get a breast augmentation or something similar from their parents for Christmas or their 16th birthday. And men, too, are increasingly suffering from the obsessive delusion of conforming to the current ideal of beauty.

Implanted six-packs or surgical corrections to the face are no longer uncommon for men either. Programs like “Germany's next top model”, in which superwoman Heidi Klum advises her young candidates to try harder and eat less, are just as conducive to this madness as the reality format “Extremely beautiful”, with people doing it in front of the camera Thanks to surgical interventions, a mirror image of the beauty craze can be made. The fact that four operations in a few months can be life-threatening is not mentioned. At least there is hope. Some of the most important fashion shows in the world, such as Milan, have banned skinny models from the catwalk. Only when the models have a body measurement index (see box) of 18 are they allowed to show off the wonderful clothes of the famous designers on the catwalk.

The body mass index

The body mass index denotes a unit of measure for the body. It is the unit of measurement of a person in relation to their height and weight and was invented by Adolph Quetelet in 1832. However, doctors and nutritionists are rather critical of this formula. Because gender, muscle building or similar factors are not taken into account in this formula.

where m is the body mass (in kilograms) and l2 is the body height (in meters).

The million dollar business with the beauty mania

Full lips, shiny hair, firm bottom, firm breasts and a wasp waist - this is what the perfect woman looks like in advertising. And that's exactly how two thirds of all German women want to look. Because two thirds of all German women are dissatisfied with their appearance. For some years now, this development has also been evident in the men's world.

Shampoos that allegedly gently let gray hair slowly blossom back into its old color, anti-wrinkle creams and face masks that were specially developed for sensitive men's skin are no longer uncommon. In order to improve their appearance, both men and women take measures that are actually classified as abnormal. They swallow diet pills, use anti-wrinkle creams or, in extreme cases, even lie under the knife.

In most cases, however, these measures cannot really help. "Diets primarily only lead to people becoming overweight because they start to eat mechanically instead of paying attention to their natural feeling of hunger and satiety," explained the psychoanalyst Susie Orbach, author of the book "Bodies - Schlachthof der Seele" in an interview for “Focus Online”. She believes that Germans are confronted with images of digitally manipulated bodies 2,000 to 5,000 times a week.

An overwhelming confrontation that is not without consequences. The demands on the body are increasing, the media role models are simply too convincing. It is creamed, starved, anointed and swallowed like never before. According to experts, the companies are said to have earned 2.86 billion euros in profit from anti-aging creams and co. About twice as much as ten years ago. Ascending trend.

The poison botox has been particularly popular for a few years. This, injected under the skin in small amounts, is said to result in wrinkle-free, smooth skin. Unfortunately also to a mimic-free mask, as some cases from the Hollywood ranks have shown graphically. From a logical point of view, these supposed miracle cures cannot be effective. Because if they were, the products would have to lead to the desired success and the buyer would not have to constantly resort to new products for wrinkles or small rolls of bacon. Anti-aging products, diet pills and miracle oils are arguably more of a profitable charlatanry for businesses than an actually effective measure against the natural aging process.

No sex because of blemishes

The graduate psychologist Dr. Rolf Merkle explains on his website psychotipps.com that, in his experience, only about 10 percent of German women are satisfied with their appearance. The rest of them are dissatisfied with the exterior when they look in the mirror. And men, too, are plagued by these self-doubts more and more often. In the long term, these feelings of inferiority can lead to the person suffering from shame, fears, inhibitions or even depression.

And of course that also has an impact on sex life. Nobody finds themselves desirable and attractive if they constantly think about their bacon rolls, their cellulite, the double chin or other blemishes. In this case, there is nothing to be said about open devotion. Every touch of the partner can become torture, every sexual approach a traumatic overcoming.

The result is a sexual block, which in the worst case scenario can lead to the breakup of a relationship. As a result, self-doubts can be increased immensely, self-hatred is increased. This problem is no longer uncommon. It is not for nothing that the Bild Zeitung website, for example, offers tips on which postures and positions are best suited to cover up one's physical flaws. It no longer has anything to do with devotion to and enjoyment of one's physicality and sexuality.

Men don't like the perfect woman

“In a few years' time, having an operation will be as normal as going to the hairdresser's,” explains psychologist Ada Borkenhagen in the article “More beautiful than nature allows” on the “Zeit” website. She believes that in twenty years there will hardly be a woman who has not voluntarily put herself under the knife in order to become more beautiful.

The paradox here: According to a survey by “Bild der Frau”, most men find a natural woman much more attractive than a woman who has been artificially embellished. Inflated rubber boat lips or rock-hard silicone breasts are mega out. And yet the trend towards cosmetic surgery is constantly increasing.

The attractiveness of the opposite sex is no longer decisive for the beauty craze. Rather, nowadays it is about satisfying yourself, also fulfilling the demands placed on yourself. These claims are generated through advertising. 16-year-old underweight girls present the latest look on advertising posters, well-trained top athletes with washboard abs show themselves with skin-tight underpants - where the viewer asks himself whether a pair of socks were used to help fill them.

Being beautiful and slim also means success. Being fat also means being lazy. Anyone who is slim signals that they are disciplined and ambitious. Qualities that are also important in professional life. Ergo: Those who are beautiful also signal that they are successful!

Happier relationship when he's more beautiful

Incredible, but true, according to a study by the University of Liverpool: When the man is more beautiful than the woman, love lasts longer! The reason for this is said to be the man's strong self-confidence. If he feels stronger and more attractive than his partner, he will protect her more.

"I feel nice!" - with these tips it works guaranteed

Looking in the mirror is torture. The display of the scales is a nightmare. When shopping, the most frustration arises and self-confidence is in the basement. Anyone who suffers from the listed problems clearly has a problem with their appearance. It doesn't have to be. With these simple tips you will quickly learn to feel good in your own skin again - despite small blemishes:

Make it clear to yourself: Nobody is born a beauty queen or a dream man. The role models from show biz, fashion or advertising are not a reflection of reality. This was where cheating, retouching and surgery took place. None of this is really real and should definitely not be taken as a role model.

Do not see your body as a holistic form, but see the different parts such as eyes, nose, hair, legs, hands or buttocks. Everyone has something beautiful.Recognize your individual beauty and be proud of it.

Stand in front of the mirror and try to look at your body lovingly and not critically. Verbal support, for example sentences like “I like my body the way it is”, can help you to accept and love your own body over time.

Realize that beauty is no guarantee of happiness and satisfaction. Beauty is always fleeting. The personality, your own talents and strengths remain.

Try to get the positive out of your looks. A big nose can be a trademark as well as a plump bottom. Jennifer Lopez actually has much too short legs and a big butt for the common ideal of beauty. And yet it is precisely these body parts that made her so sexy and famous.

Put an end to beauty slavery

Nobody is perfect! Those who constantly measure themselves against the common ideals of beauty cannot learn to accept either themselves or their bodies. The psychologist and psychotherapist Rolf Merkle has exposed the drama of the beauty craze with a short sentence: He says: "Your charisma makes you attractive, not your appearance!"

Anyone who believes that only ideal dimensions, a straight nose or long, full hair are decisive for their own happiness, will notice that exactly the opposite occurs. The beauty craze makes you unhappy. Those who confidently stand by their appearance quickly notice how attractive they actually appear - including the small mistakes.

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