Is polygamy still legal

Reader's contribution to polygamy : Polygamy - a debate about envy?

Why does plural marriage arouse such rejection? Is it the fear of family reunification or that this example could set a precedent in Germany? In the end, is it based on a feeling, on envy?

In all honesty, polygamy in the Arab world brings an image to mind: that of an almost toothless old man, surrounded by his very young playmates, obliged to obey him absolutely. Resistance and counter-words are pointless. There is a touch of harem in the air, a little thousand and one nights.

The German has to be content with a wife, the connoisseur of polygamy, on the other hand, indulges in luxury. While wife one takes care of the children, wife two does the housework and wife three blows the wind on him, wife four takes care of the physical needs of the husband. No matter how much multitasking, many women get children and household under one roof. Perhaps a few can even do it with one hand while they are fanning diligently. But at the latest when the husband demands one hundred percent commitment at the same time, the single wife is overwhelmed.

The marriage contract - a blessing or a curse?

The old husband then booked another advantage when it came to choosing the wrong partner. In Germany the Middle Ages have passed, the question of guilt has been eaten and off the table. Shortly after the marriage, the lovely wife can disobey her husband, give contradictions, and put horns on him that make every stag jealous. All of this has little effect on various claims. It was precisely this circumstance that led to the invention of the marriage contract, to the delight of the lawyers. What a marriage contract is may need to be explained to the head of the household of a small oriental harem. He will listen and then smile at the other person. One of the kind that otherwise only applies to the village idiot.

Why did men once write the Sharia, with its so well-established regulations for divorce? There are some deadlines to be observed and a total of three times to shout “I am violating you” - and the case is already settled. The woman gets some more money on the way and then that was it. Nothing to get for lawyers, no standing orders, reminders, seizures. And so, freshly divorced, you can go back on free feet again. The Orient has many beautiful daughters!

Polygamy is also on the decline

But the disadvantages of polygamy should not be concealed either: there are men who either cannot or will not separate from their wives or wives. So this marriage can be a journey of suffering, a torture. The one-woman marriage offers these men at least a short break from time to time: when the wife is away or asleep. Many women’s husbands do not receive this blessing. Two women can take turns lighting a fire in the marriage hell. Almost a normal working day can be organized for three women, and four women can even plan 30 days of vacation.

Polygamy is a dying branch. This is due to the rising costs and the inventions of the devil's grandmother: education, emancipation and the Internet. Today it is much more difficult to lure women into the harem. Also - and Mr Martenstein has forgotten that - polygamy makes demands on the husband. The financial and even emotional equality of treatment for all women must be guaranteed. You have to get that done first! And while we're on the subject of finances: Anyone who cannot support a second wife and still marries is committing a sin. The Prophet was very clear about that.

Polygamy as a form of supply marriage

In some countries there is a practice of examining precisely this question of financing one's livelihood. In Syria, for example, a court can prohibit polygamy if it would lead women into poverty. Ultimately, and this is a common reason in this day and age, polygamy is also a form of provident marriage. Widow's pension is something that many countries do not know, and the social and legal status of young widows in particular is vulnerable.

It is often also a question of securing inheritance and property when this widow marries into the household of a brother-in-law. Otherwise their property would completely pass to a husband who does not belong to the family and most widows get married again. Such care marriages are usually not of a sexual nature or are oriented towards the marital community.

The same applies to girls who become orphans. Adoption is largely unknown in the Arab world, and an independent life is more or less impossible for underage girls. “Living under one roof” in someone else's household can also be difficult when there are young, unmarried men in the house. So marriages are concluded, usually only for a limited time, without this marriage being consummated.

There is no question that polygamy will not catch on in Germany anytime soon. It will have to go as long, if at all, as marriage is for all. Churches, parties and organizations will take a stand. Society will discuss it, perhaps more intensely than marriage for all. In the end, what matters is who is married to whom and why. More importantly, everyone in this marriage is happy and in love. If that were the basis of all marriages, the world would be a better place. Also for the children of these marriages.

My thanks to community user mogberlin for their Sunday work, critical proofreading and suggestions!

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