Does regression therapy work in previous life

Repatriation in Frankfurt -
Regression (in past lives)

With a repatriation in Frankfurt you are on your way to yourself. You are looking inward, so to speak, which you will probably never forget and which can lead to new insights.

Reincarnation therapy or regression can open up an access to your soul that is very intense. The therapist like Dr. Birgit Zottmann in Frankfurt is the “travel guide” by your side.

You are daring a new beginning with regression therapy. You will free yourself from the burden of the past and you will live!

A repatriation in Frankfurt can help

  • answer open questions
  • to learn from the past
  • to understand and accept each other better.

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Perhaps you have had the experience that there are always repetitive patterns and situations in your life. For example: you are always with people who are not good for you and / or you always find yourself in situations that your mind rejects. In psychology one speaks of a repetition compulsion.

The repatriation in Frankfurt promises to dissolve this compulsion so that you can rediscover yourself, get to know your patterns and deep healing becomes possible. But some people are just curious and want to have new experiences. In any case, repatriation is always an interesting and exciting experience.

Regression or regression is often a part of hypnosis therapy. Regression is the return to an earlier episode in life.

However, regression in Frankfurt is not only possible with hypnosis. Different meditation and breathing techniques are sometimes used.

It is about tracking down a traumatic experience, for example. This access is usually hidden from the consciousness, since this stressful event has been repressed into the unconscious for reasons of self-protection. In many cases, the causes are traumatic experiences in childhood. At this level, they often act as disruptive factors in adulthood. It is not uncommon for these disruptive factors to reveal themselves as blockages or fears that make everyday life uncomfortable or even unbearable.

Access to these buried memories can be opened via the regression in Frankfurt. In this way an attempt is made to draw the trauma into consciousness and thus to dissolve it.

They go one step further Reincarnation therapists in Frankfurt (Past life regression) who use regression to move the client back into past lives or the lives between lives beyond birth.

There are many reasons why people want to experience repatriation in Frankfurt. The areas of application are accordingly diverse

  • Self-discovery
  • The desire for something To discover new things, that goes beyond the boundaries of what is known so far
  • Body symptoms of any kind
  • unprocessed Blows of fate (Death, sadness, separation ...)
  • Trauma
  • mental suffering like depression, fears, phobias
  • Marriage / partnership problems, sexual problems, family stress
  • Cure the Inner child
  • professional worries (Burn-out, pressure to perform, fear of change ...)
  • Blockages inside and outside
  • Personal and philosophical debates with the Dying and death
  • Search for the Life work
  • Search of the Soul mate
  • Looking for helpers
  • search for special talents, abilities and inclinations, that could be valuable for this life
  • clarification certain inclinations, such as a great fascination for a certain topic or unusual relationships with other people

If you like to get some information about Hypnosis, Past life Regression and Spiritual regression hypnotherapy take a look here

The subject of “repatriation” is not without controversy. Many people are of the opinion that the so-called memories of previous lives are pure fantasies. On the other hand, there are credible return protocols that report astonishing phenomena.

You can find a very good summary of the history of reincarnation and the position of the various religions on Wikipedia.

There is no evidence of reincarnation and rebirth. However, there are experience reports that show that, for example, traumatic experiences from a previous life have had an impact on the current life. With the therapeutic work on trauma, successes can be achieved that are clearly noticeable in the here and now.

The psychiatrist and doctor Brian Weiss and the family therapist Ann Barham report on it in their books, among other things.

Whether rebirth, reincarnation or a life between lives can now be proven or not - working with regression therapy and regression into previous lives in Frankfurt often allows access to problems and blockages and to heal them.

In advance it is uncertain where the journey is going. The likelihood of ending up in trauma is relatively high. Repatriation providers often have an exclusively esoteric background. Please find an experienced therapist who can deal with trauma.

If you like to get some information about Hypnosis, Past life Regression and Spiritual regression hypnotherapy take a look here.