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The IT job market is booming, and not just since yesterday. From year to year, the number of job offers in this industry increases continuously, as the reports of the industry association BITKOM demonstrate. As a result, there will be 39,000 more jobs in 2020 alone than in the previous year, making a total of 1,230,000 jobs available in Germany. Including numerous positions in sales. Certainly not the first career aspiration for many who are aiming for a career in the IT environment. But why not? IT salespeople are in great demand and companies pay a lot for specialist staff.

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Anyone who wants to get started as a sales employee in the IT sector can do so with technical or commercial training (e.g. as a IT businessman / woman) to do. Depending on the area of ​​activity or area of ​​responsibility, a degree in business administration, for example, may also be a prerequisite. Either way: First experience in sales (by means of internships or part-time jobs) should already be available before applying for a position. Because not everyone is suitable for selling IT products that require explanation.

While the technical know-how should be there, the sales talent sometimes isn't. The job of IT salesman combines complex specialist knowledge with a lot of customer contact, advice and the development of individual solutions. For outgoing IT people a great opportunity with excellent earning potential.

But entry can also work the other way around. In other words, if you already have professional experience in sales, but in a different industry. As long as you have a strong affinity for technology or at least a good understanding, specific knowledge can then be conveyed with the help of product training.


The Field of activity of a sales representative in the IT area usually covers:

  • the acquisition of new customers,
  • taking care of the customer base,
  • the processing of customer inquiries,
  • the implementation of price calculations,
  • the preparation of offers based on the calculations and customer requirements.

Additionally you can Market research and analysis belong to the field of activity. In the back office, the IT sales person mainly works on the phone. He processes customer inquiries, is responsible for preparing offers or maintains databases.

In the field service, the IT salesman looks after a certain area in which he builds up a new customer base or maintains and strengthens existing customer relationships. To this end, he organizes customer appointments on his own responsibility and takes them - usually from the first contact through to the conclusion of the contract. He also takes on further support and advice. Also the Visiting trade fairs and customer events can be part of the day-to-day work of an IT salesperson.

It often happens that the work is split between back office and field service.


IT salespeople are used, for example, at Sales of software, such as communication solutions for companies or security software. But also in the area of ​​hardware for server systems, telephone systems or computers.

In theory, IT salespeople are open to all industries, provided they did not specialize in a certain niche during their training. For example, they could find employment in the medical, fintech or energy sectors.

As an IT salesperson, unlike most of your colleagues in the industry, you sit down not just at the desk behind the computer. You work in the same way in sales rooms or "on the road" in the car, plane and train when you are on the way to the customer.


In terms of salaries, the IT industry has long been one of the rising stars. A salary study by Personnel Market and Computerwoche, which is no longer up-to-date, has shown that executives in particular are high Earning opportunities in IT sales. According to this, a sales manager earns around 139,000 euros a year as the sum of the fixed and the variable portion. On the other hand, an IT salesman receives between 43,000 and 67,000 euros gross in the first few years of his career, according to the information from the salary comparison portal gehalt.de.

Different factors for the salary calculation in sales

As always, the individual height is from several factors dependent. For example, on the size of the company or the region. The data from gehalt.de show that Hesse is the front runner for IT salespeople in terms of remuneration (approx. € 61,000 gross). This is followed by Baden-Württemberg with around € 60,000 and Hamburg and Bavaria with € 59,000 gross annual salary each.


Entering the IT industry as a salesperson needs to be carefully considered. Though here one higher salary attracts thanks to commissions and a shortage of skilled workers, this activity involves more than "just" being a technology expert and contact person for customers. You need perseverance, a flair for negotiations, social skills and an understanding of business administration. In addition, you have to think outside the box and, instead of restricting yourself to solving a specific problem, be able to assess much more how you can convincingly demonstrate your competence to the customer. And even more important: How you can use it in the future to build a sustainable business relationship.

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