How bad is bacon for dogs

What dogs are not allowed to eat!

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Prohibited foods for dogs

Some people tend to think of their dog as a waste recycler and mindlessly feed all sorts of things Leftover food to the four-legged friend. But also other foods that many of us like, can be dangerous for our four-legged friends be.

Feeding the wrong thing can have fatal consequences and, in the worst case, lead to the death of the animal.


No matter how lovely the dog looks, never feed him chocolate. Chocolate contains the active ingredient Theobromine. This works very poisonus in the dog's body. Depending on the amount of cocoa in the chocolate, the amount of theobromine also varies. Of course, this also applies to cocoa. It has been quite common Deaths given.

Therefore: NO chocolate for the dog! What for?

Coffee and cola

The theobromine, which is dangerous for dogs, is also produced in these drinks during the breakdown process. This is also the substance that makes chocolate so dangerous for our dogs.

Therefore: NO coffee and NO cola for the dog!


Peanuts are said to promote epileptic seizures in dogs.

Therefore: NO peanuts for the dog!

Last update on May 19, 2021


Many dog ​​owners do not know that onions are strictly forbidden for dogs. The consumption of onions - regardless of the form - results in the destruction of the red blood cells in the dog. Even an amount as small as about 5 grams of onions per 1 kg of dog can be very toxic (fresh, fried, boiled or dried is irrelevant - everything is poisonous for the dog).

Therefore do not feed onions, also do not give anything that contains onions. If the dog has actually eaten onions, then you can Symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea occur. Also Loss of appetitet can be a consequence.

Very pale mucous membranes are an optical signal. In such cases, contact the veterinarian immediately.

Caution: NO onions for the dog!

Crunchy snacks

Almost all of us love the crispy chips, salted peanuts and crispy tacos. However, these nibbles almost always contain a lot a lot of salt. And salt is really bad for dogs. They do not tolerate salt. Salt is beneficial in dogs Kidney and heart problems.

So: NO nibbles for the dog!

milk and milkproducts

Dogs have a problem using milk sugar. The animals' small intestines are not designed to digest lactose at all. Therefore, dogs almost always get milk after they have consumed milk diarrhea. Other dairy products are also unfavorable, especially ice cream.

Therefore: NO milk for the dog!


Grapes are really bad for dogs. They are also prohibited in dried form. Never feed your dog grapes or raisins as this will lead to increased calcium levels in the animal. One consequence of this can be kidney failure.

Therefore: NO grapes and NO raisins for the dog!

Raw potatoes

Most of us don't know that raw potatoes are completely unsuitable for dogs. They contain alkaoids and are therefore bad for Bello.

And: they are also in the potato water. So if he eats potatoes or drinks the potato water, it can quickly lead to irritation of the mucous membranes and vomiting. Impairments to the dog's brain functions are also frequently observed.

Therefore: NO raw potatoes for the dog!


Incidentally, this also applies to eggplants. Like potatoes, eggplants belong to the nightshade family. And here, too, there are poisonous alkaloids.

Therefore: NO eggplants for the dog!


HM delicious! Knofi is a wonderful seasoning, but unfortunately nothing for our Wauzis. As little as 5 grams of garlic (based on 1 kg of dog's body weight) are already toxic. Exactly that means: if your dog weighs 30 kg, then 150 grams of garlic are extremely dangerous (approx. 3 garlic bulbs). Liquid garlic extract is even more critical - here the rule applies: 1.25 ml / kg dog weight is critical.

Make sure that your dog does not get any garlic, neither fresh nor dried or as part of the meal. And certainly no liquid garlic extract.

Always remember: NO garlic for the dog!

Egg white

Raw egg white from chicken eggs has the property of binding biotin. This is ensured by the protein avidin (in egg white). Biotin, on the other hand, is very important for the dog's coat and skin. If the dog eats raw egg white, then his body cannot absorb the important biotin.

So: NO raw egg white for the dog!

pork meat

You should never feed raw pork to the dog, because the so-called Aujeszky virus can lurk. If the dog is infected with it, such an infection is always fatal. Fortunately, this virus is nowadays quite seldom become. Please also consider - do not feed raw sausages (e.g. raw ham, Landjäger, tea sausages (they are far too salty anyway)).

Nevertheless: NO raw pork for the dog!


Short-chain fatty acids are found in butter. These are conceivably unsuitable for the dog's digestive tract. An indication of the consumption of butter can be if the dog vomits.

Therefore: NO butter for the dog!

Fruit kernels

No matter which fruit - the kernels always contain hydrogen cyanide. Bad for the dog if it bites the kernels.

Therefore: NO fruit kernels for the dog!

How can I recognize poisoning or food intolerance?

There are numerous signs that could indicate poisoning:

  • excessive salivation
  • Shortness of breath or respiratory failure
  • Foam at the mouth
  • Balance disorders
  • sudden tremors
  • cramps
  • Signs of paralysis
  • colic
  • Vomit
  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • Change in the pupils
  • Fever / low temperature
  • warm nose
  • Blood leaks from body orifices
  • Cardiac arrhythmias

However, one or more of these symptoms can have completely different causes.

Therefore, if in doubt, contact your veterinarian or veterinary practitioner immediately so that they can make the correct diagnosis.


You should always feed your dog appropriately. This means feeding as much things as possible that the dog would find in its original environment. So natural food, no preservatives, no artificial additives.

They are neither good for us nor for our four-legged friends. And nothing from the list above, of course.