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[Discussion] The battery thread for the Galaxy Note 9: battery life, problems and more

Last night, after I wrote with you about the topic, I switched off the 4G call and WLAN call and set my network to 2G only.
Then, as always, just left it overnight.

Otherwise I lost my 5/6% overnight.
This time I only lost 2%. From 10 p.m. to (yes, I overslept ^^) to 10 a.m.

In 12 hours 2% is a top number.

But don't know exactly why, because I switch to airplane mode at night anyway.
So basically it wouldn't have mattered what I set there, because airplane mode is airplane mode.

Although, according to GSAM, I had a bunch of "active times" and Doze was continuously active. Even during the times when he probably woke my phone from deep sleep.

329 wakelocks from Android system and and 422 wakelocks from Google Play services.
However, this time it didn't necessarily damage my battery, because I don't think that I will return to 100% after 12 hours. would have woken up.

I dug my old Iphone 4 out of the drawer again, charged it and left it for just as long.
Going to bed with 100% and waking up with 100% and again held the 100% for 4/5 minutes at Screen ON.

It's a shame that I can't do that with the N9. But then I digress. I'm talking about 2 different ecosystems. Still, I have to look over with envy

I will continue to watch the whole time with GSAM.

"Proxy controller" doesn't mean anything to me either. Sounds like mobile data / WLAN or VPN.
"Search for nearby devices" is turned off? @siikay