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What is a Nerf Gun?

Similar to many other particularly popular or innovative products, Nerf Gun has become a synonym for various toys with foam bullets. The name However, NERF is originally a registered trademark of Hasbro. The toy company from the United States first presented the game system in 1969. To this day, the range has been expanded to include additional categories and different series.

NERF stands as an acronym for Non-expanding recreational foam, in German a foam for play and leisure that keeps its shape. Gun means weapon or pistol, although there are now numerous different models for shooting. The shapes of the storeys also vary. Classic sporting goods such as football, baseball bats and balls or knight toys for fencing are also available under the NERF brand umbrella. A basic idea was to develop soft balls or projectiles that can also be used indoors without hesitation.

How does a nerf gun work?

Even if there are many different variations, that remains the case Principle of the Nerf Gun always the same. The toy fires projectiles made of foam, which, depending on the series and product type, can have slightly different shapes and color codes. One of the most popular designs are the dart blaster. Some models have springs that have to be tensioned and loaded with the projectiles before they can be fired. Other toy weapons have grinding wheels that are electrically operated. The design is mostly based on real weapon typesso that there are classic pistols and revolvers, as well as machine guns or a crossbow. The N-Strike Elite series works with an indirect piston system, which in combination with very light darts is a Range of up to 25 meters can reach. The bullets are also available to buy, which makes reloading much more time-efficient. After the game, the projectiles can be collected and of course used again. The size of the magazine varies depending on the weapon model and can sometimes be expanded. Some pistols have a rapid fire mode, while others have fewer projectiles.

Advantages & areas of application of the Nerf Gun

A basic thought in the development of the popular toy has been that Nerf Gun for indoor use to be able to share. The material makes the bullets more flexible and a little padded, so that both Risk of injury as well as damage is reduced.

Of course, you should not aim at the face, eyes, animals or delicate furniture and objects. With the proper safety precautions, however, the toy can Indoor and outdoor to be used.

This enables good entertainment even on rainy days or when there is no park or playground nearby. In principle, numerous game variations are possible, from classic duels to target exercises to group battles. Unlike paintball, less equipment is required for this, as well as Nerf Guns from the age of 8 years can be used. Many adults also prefer the softer projectiles, as the colored balls can cause bruises and other injuries. In addition, the foam bullets can be used to play almost anywhere without the need to rent special halls, squares or areas. At the same time, the ammunition can be used again and again and can easily be collected. This is very cost effective and at the same time does not leave any paint or other residue on the playing surface. Spontaneous games are possible at any time, be it in the children's room or in the garden. Thanks to lightweight plastic and foam, the toys are also easy to transport and can also be taken to friends or on vacation. Different color variations or self-adhesive projectiles make it easier to count game points and determine the winner. From children's birthday parties to leisure fun for young and old, the Nerf Guns can be used in a variety of ways and for ever new game modes. Even to reduce stress in the office or for a quick game during the break, the toys are fun. They are among the timeless classics of the action game and are not only known to children of the 1990s. In fact, official NERF tournaments with the Dart Tag series have existed in the United States since 2008.

What types of nerf guns are there?

The great Nerf Gun Test presents the ten best models from the current collections. Different series can be distinguished, which differ in terms of projectiles, firing techniques and more. It makes sense to use pistols from the same row for a game team. In this way, ammunition can be divided and the accessories can usually be used in all weapons. At the same time, similar conditions can be created to ensure fairness. N-Strike is the classic among the Nerf Guns. They can be recognized by their yellow color and use Whistler darts. Maverick and Vulcan are two popular models and today there are already inexpensive versions for beginners. N-Strike Elite is the update of the classic series and is in blue. They are very similar to the original, but often superior and better processed. Therefore, they are a bit more expensive to buy. Popular models are the Rampage and Raider. Quite a new series is Rebelaimed at girls. Elaborate design of the arrows and a girlish color theme already distinguish them optically from other models. In addition, an emphasis was placed on bow projectiles and arrows instead of pistols. If you prefer to achieve very long ranges instead of accuracy and speed, you are with us Vortex correct. No arrows, but targets are shot down. Similar to Frisbees, they are ideal for outdoor use.

With Darts day Both duels and target competitions can be held. Thanks to small attachments made of Velcro, the arrows stick to matching vests or targets. It has only existed since 2013 Zombie Strikethat can be used for regular games or the Humans vs. Zombies matches. This game idea is particularly popular at American universities. The idea is to survive a zombie apocalypse. The Nerf Guns can also be used here for the game.

Special models that are brought onto the market for popular film or comic franchises usually only differ in their external design. Depending on the playing field, budget, desired range and number of floors, there is a suitable model for everyone. A later expansion with new weapons, more arrows or other accessories is always possible and easily possible within the respective series. This means that an individual set can be designed for every passionate or hobby player.

This is how we tested the Nerf Guns

In the following we present the most important criteria of the big Nerf Gun test in order to be able to make a fair comparison of the different models.


Minimum age: For safe use of the toy, it is important that it is provided by the manufacturer recommended minimum age to be observed. Generally speaking, this is eight years for most Nerf Guns. Especially when several siblings or children play together, the recommendation should be adhered to in order to keep the risk of injuries or other damage to a minimum. Of course, there is no age limit at the top, so that adults, parents, grandparents and more can have fun with the Nerf Guns.


Range: Depending on the mechanism and design of the Nerf Gun, different ranges can be achieved with the projectiles. These are the maximum achievable values, although the environment, the weather or other factors can of course influence the flight path. The average Flight distance without obstruction is 15 to 30 meters. This can be a decisive purchase criterion, especially for the outdoor area.


series: The popular Hasbro Nerf Guns are divided into series that differ in color coding, construction and ammunition. If you are playing with others, it can be an advantage to ensure compatibility. This also creates a fair starting point for team play. Finally, this criterion is useful for selecting additional accessories.


Operating mode: A big differentiator is the type of launch. There are both mechanical as well as electronic Mechanisms that can all belong to the same product series. Here it is important to select personal preferences or to consider whether batteries should always be bought in the future. Both variants have their advantages.


capacity: In addition to the actual toy gun, there are of course the Ammunition, also called darts, is important. A larger magazine can ensure longer game fun in one piece, as the arrows that have been shot do not have to be collected again so quickly. Very compact models only hold one bullet, while larger versions have a storage space with up to 25 foam arrows. There is a suitable model for both beginners and professionals.


compatibility: For faster reloading and longer playing there is also Replacement darts. In our Nerf Gun Test, the compatible ammunition is therefore also listed if new arrows are to be purchased. If you already own a pistol or want to buy different models, you can choose all that can use the same bullet.


Miscellaneous and special features: Further information relevant to the purchase can be seen here at a glance. Special details such as integrated cameras or the possibility to modify the toy gun according to your own preferences are listed as well as the accuracy, design details, compactness, accessories included in the scope of delivery or the option of a rapid fire mode.

What do I have to look out for when buying a Nerf Gun?

A Nerf Gun is a great gift for your own children or nieces, nephews and friends. Especially when it's warm outside, you can romp in the garden, in the park and more. When buying, however, you should consider the Age recommendationbe respected. This is 8 years for almost all models.

Since the toy bullets are also a lot of fun for adults, it is easy to play the game together or to supervise it well. Further instructions on safe handling, for example when smaller children or pets are also present, are of course also included. Apart from the general safety aspect, you don't need a gun license or similar qualifications for Nerf Guns. Despite extensive further developments and new electronic reloading mechanisms, the bullets usually do not achieve enough power.

It becomes more problematic if the weapons look too much like a real model and are therefore no longer allowed to be wielded outside. To avoid this, original Nerf guns should always be purchased, which differ in design and color from real pistols and rifles. In general, caution is advised with very cheap models or offers with used goods. Not only can it be counterfeit goods that are of inferior quality. Used originals can also show signs of usage and functional errors. Usually the springs of the launch mechanisms are worn out. Avoidable bargains can quickly spread frustration, especially if private sellers do not offer an exchange or return policy.

In the Nerf Gun Test, the number of projectiles and the type of ammunition are immediately listed. Before buying, you can therefore consider whether the arrows are sufficient or how high the costs for replacement and additional floors would be. When choosing the model series, you can also consider which additional purchases would be possible in the future. Often the arrows are compatible with several pistols, so that follow-up costs can be reduced. This is an advantage, especially if there are several children or adults who want to play together. To that equipment Also includes batteries that may be needed to use the Blaster and Co. The models with an electronic mechanism or with accessories such as cameras must be operated with batteries or accumulators. This must be taken into account before buying, as they are not always included in the scope of delivery. So nothing stands in the way of the game.

Brief information on leading manufacturers

The undisputed market leader in Nerf Guns is very clear Hasbro. The American toy company holds the license for the brand name NERF and still produces the original weapons and ammunition to this day. The US company was founded in 1923 and has since received numerous awards for innovative products. Among other things, Monopoly, Play-Doh play dough and licenses for My Little Pony, Transformers and Little Pet Shop are part of the brand profile. In addition to classic toys, Hasbro is also involved in digital games, feature films and other lifestyle licenses. The group has already won various awards for its commitment to sustainability and compliance with ethical guidelines. Hasbro has around 5,000 employees in more than 40 countries around the world. Even after the long history of success, 2017 turned out to be a record year for Hasbro. The very successful Transformers movies, as well as a film adaptation of My Little Pony, have contributed to this. A large number of other projects are also planned for the future.

The NERF Gun with the brand name in capital letters is a registered trademarkand can therefore only be used for Hasbro products.

Other toy manufacturers work on a similar principle for toy guns with foam bullets, but are not allowed to advertise them as NERF Guns. The original idea was presented by the Parker Brothers in the early 1970s. They showed the first Nerf balls, which were modeled on volleyball or basketball and footballs. The family company has undergone a number of structural changes at the top of the group over the years. It has belonged to Hasbro since 1991, which also led to a strong expansion of the range and an expansion to include the Nerf blasters and the Super Soaker water pistols. After the initial success of NERF's first brand launch, the 1990s became the key decade and laid the foundation for the Nerf Guns as they are sold to this day.

Internet vs. specialist retailers: where is the best place to buy my Nerf Gun?

Since the Nerf Gun has been very popular for many decades, there are many places to go to buy the toy or accessories. Especially in the summer season, various larger garden and outdoor shops, cheaper discounters or well-stocked supermarkets have selected models on offer. In department stores, they can be found in the toy department. Of course you have too Toy stores usually have a good selection of Nerf Guns. However, it is particularly easy to buy on the Internet. Even beginners can quickly get a good overview of the range here. Our Nerf Gun Test with the current comparison test winners also helps. The differences between the various series and the possible extras such as new ammunition are immediately visible and can usually be compared in tabular form. In this way, bad purchases can be avoided and no further trip to the shop to buy new ammunition is necessary. Fans who already own a model can also find suitable accessories for their series on the Internet. This ensures that the bullets are also compatible. You can shop at any time, regardless of the day of the week and the opening times of the shop. Going to the toy store with younger children or with more than one child can also be stressful. in the Online shop parents can quickly make a selection and have it conveniently delivered to their home. This minimizes whining and bad purchases. Thanks to the fast delivery times and often free shipping, ordering is no problem. Most dealers also offer a regular exchange right, just as defective goods are exchanged. The Nerf Guns themselves have already arrived in the digital age and, depending on the model, even have the option of being combined with online features such as video upload. Classic fun can be combined with new technology.

Interesting facts & advice

The story of the Nerf Gun

It's Nerf or nothing, Nerf or nothing, is a classic slogan of the popular toy. Had the idea for the weapons with bullets made of foam Parker Brothers. The company from the United States has been making toys since 1883. The best known include Monopoly, Risk, Cluedo, Bop It and many more. Not only board games and puzzles, but also other toys are part of the range, which has become more and more extensive over the decades. The company, which began as a family business, is now part of the parent company Hasbro. The first nerf ball 1970 presented. Reyn Guyer, a game developer from Minnesota, introduced Parker Bros.a year earlier a volleyball game, which was intended for the interior. In the end, only the foam ball was taken over and remodeled into the first polyurethane ball with a length of around 102 millimeters. The advertising campaign emphasized the safe handling that no lamps and windows could be damaged or elderly people and babies could be harmed. More than four million Nerf balls have been sold before there were other variants in other sizes or shapes such as baseballs. In the 1990s Hasbro took over the management and further products based on the Nerf principle were presented. Although one usually thinks of the Nerf Guns, which also have foam ammunition, the brand's water pistols are also world-famous. Super Soaker is available in as many versions and with different ranges as the Nerf Guns. To this day, Nerf Sports includes various sports balls made of soft materials, while Nerf Blaster refers to the toy guns. In addition, the company is working on digital games and extensions that fit the digital age. New possibilities of the game are opened up, as well as, for example, cameras are integrated into the weapons. Currently there are twelve different series, including the most popular N-Strike Elite, Dart Tag, Vortex and Zombie Strike,
as well as more special variants such as Rebelle for girls or Star Wars, Marvel Comics or Transformers merchandise. The Elite Darts have been the common standard for ammunition since 2013 and are compatible with many different models.

Numbers, data, facts about the Nerf Gun

A look back at the creation of the Nerf Guns has some interesting facts and figures ready. The year 1969 is considered the beginning of the success storyThe first Nerf product was a foam volleyball. In the Expansion began in the 1970s the toy series with new product types. It's Nerf or Nothin ' was in the Voted the most popular advertising slogan in the 1990s and is up to date to this day. The brand has accompanied many generations and still offers fun for young and old. The 90s are also an important decade for Nerf, since the Nerf Blaster toy guns were first introduced in 1992. Despite various changes within the group, which is now part of Hasbro, the American company can post a profit of over 400 million dollars a year. It all started with the Nerf Ball, of which around 4 million copies were sold in the first year.

Nerf thus filled a special gap among game fans and was able to quickly establish itself as a popular brand. The Nerf Football is still the company's most popular ball. What sets the pistols and other bullets apart from similar brands is the very long range. Newer models reach up to 30 meters, while more manageable weapons can shoot around 15 meters. This opens up numerous play options for indoors and outdoors.

Speaking of fun for the whole family: since 2013 there has been with Nerf Dog also toys for dogs. The items inspired by the Nerf balls and bullets are made of nylon, plastic and rubber. Dogs should be able to retrieve them well. There were also various awards, with Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS being named Toy of the Year 2011 for boys. The Zombie Strike Crossbow received a British award for Best Action Toy. The sister series, the Super Soaker water pistols, are also enjoying similar popularity. They won the 2011 outdoor toy of the year award.

Many mechanisms and designs from Nerf are available registered patents, so that special attention is paid to counterfeit products. Hasbro also holds licensing rights for various popular franchises. There are Nerf products for the Marvel Avengers, the Transformers or G.I. Joe. For older fans in particular, this always offers the opportunity to look for collector's models or classic weapons. Many retro toys are still popular and used by hobbyists. Also one Mod scenethat makes individual modifications to design or technology exists. Of course, this is not officially recommended and is not included in the manufacturer's guarantee. The NERF Wars are special battles that are fought with toy weapons. With the increasing popularity of the internet in particular, these are becoming easier to organize and are held in different locations. The NIC, the Nerf Internet Community, has many members in the United States who hold events every six months or even monthly. Reign of Foam is the biggest event. Even at universities there are sometimes clubs and associations, the game variant Humans vs. Zombies is particularly popular. Today there are different standards, rules and game modes that have been established over the years and are supported by the NIC.

Care and cleaning

In order to enjoy the Nerf Gun for a long time, some should Care and cleaning tips get noticed. Most models are made of sturdy plastic and are therefore generally less susceptible to soiling. Dust, but also mud and the like, can be wiped off with a slightly damp cloth. Aggressive cleaning agents should be avoided, as otherwise any imprints or the color can be damaged. Hard materials can also cause scratches. Various parts and accessories such as handles or ammunition stores can be removed and cleaned individually. This means that the weapon is cleaned well after every battle. In the case of versions that run on batteries, these should be removed if they are not used for a long period of time. Otherwise there is a risk of the batteries leaking and damaging the battery compartments. The electronics can then usually no longer function properly and the leaked batteries are not only harmful to the environment. But that is even more important than external cleaning Maintenance of ammunition. A very common cause of defects and broken Nerf Guns are loading mechanisms that jam or become wedged. This almost always happens with improper use of the arrows. If these are kinked, compressed or bent, they can get stuck in the blaster and damage the springs there. After the game, you should therefore ensure that the darts are still in their original shape. Storage is best done in the appropriate magazines, on a tray or in a flat box. The arrows should be next to each other and not criss-cross. At the same time, this gives a good overview of the current number of floors. If these are simply thrown into a large toy box or stored among other things, they can get damaged and bend. This affects both reloading and ultimately trajectory and range.
For long fun, the toy bullets should therefore be handled with care. In the long run, this can reduce costs, even if bent arrows have to be replaced every now and then.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about Nerf Guns

Although they have been around for several decades, beginners and young parents keep asking themselves some questions about how to use Nerf Guns. Many of them, of course, deal with that Security issue. The recommended age for all popular models is 8 yearse. Parents can of course decide individually whether their child is allowed to use the toy weapons at this age or not until later. Compared to other bullets, the risk of injury is lower and the actual force when firing is also weaker. Nerf Guns therefore clearly belong to the toy category and do not require a gun license or other qualifications. Likewise, do not need to be used in a sporting environment, on certain squares or halls.

What can be done to further reduce the risk of injury?

Not only children but also adults should be instructed about some rules and behavioral measures before playing. Never aim at the face, just as you should never aim at pets or other living things. This should be made clear, especially when there are still smaller children or older people who can no longer react as quickly in the household. For the players themselves, for example, protective goggles or knee pads and more can ensure more safety while romping around. It should also be pointed out when ammunition is collected again in order to then pause fire. Compared to paintball and Co. that is The risk of injury with Nerf bullets is minimal.

Is there a Stiftung Warentest for the toy?

So far, the models have not yet been scrutinized. Our Nerf Gun Test, which is very extensive, also gives a good overview and overview. Furthermore, their very long tradition speaks for the quality of the original Nerf Guns. From the 1970s onwards, the toy series was constantly expanded and improved. In 2011 it received, among other things, an award as Toy of the Year.

Older fans in particular often ask whether the Nerf Gun can be modified.

Other third-party manufacturers offer accessories for this, from new seals to magazines, springs and more. As soon as the weapons are tinkered with, the manufacturer's guarantee expires and there is no replacement in the event of damage. Injuries can also result. For children, we recommend the official accessories, which are harmless and also do not require any manual skill. The visual modification of the models should also be noted. In general, they usually have bright colors to match the toy character and are easy to identify as harmless. If the color is changed to make them look ‘real’, they may no longer be carried in public, as there is a risk of confusion.

Are there any official rules for the game?

Everyone can of course come up with individual rules for their battles and coordinate them with the other players. With enough imagination, new game modes can also be devised. This is a great advantage of the Nerf Guns, which always invite you to new games. For larger events, however, there is always a set of rules that participants should adhere to. The NERF Internet Community, or NIC for short, has established many of the scene's standards. Especially in America there are various regular tournaments and meetings. Anyone interested in having a guide to the game in a private setting can easily find all information about events such as the Reign of Foam online.

Useful accessories

Since the Nerf Guns are so popular with young and old, there are extensive accessories. The Nerf Gun Test already gives an indication of compatibility, so that the selection is easier. The accessories can be selected based on the series names such as N-Strike Elite. In the first place, of course, is the ammunition. Most current weapons work with Elite darts, but selected variants can be loaded with several series. A replacement pack has many advantages. It enables quick reloading and thus a longer playing time. The arrows that are shot do not have to be collected as often. In addition, different colors or designs can be selected for different teams. Under the keyword decoration you will find refill packs that are easy to distinguish. Even if several children are playing together, everyone knows at the end of the day which ammunition goes with their gun. Are at the same time Replacement bullets always good in case darts get lost. This can happen from time to time, especially when playing outdoors and with the long range of different models. Another option are magazines with darts. They offer more space and link a larger number of arrows. This enables particularly fast reloading. Although the head should never be shot, the Nerf goggles be a good addition. Conveniently, the set also contains more arrows. In addition, the glasses look cool and contribute to the gaming experience. It is similar with the Tactical Vest, which offers space for ammunition and even blasters. An alternative are Ammunition belt to tie. Are essential for electronically powered nerf guns also use batteries. A replacement should be provided here for unlimited fun. Alternatively, rechargeable batteries can be used, especially if the weapons are played with very often. In addition to the official accessories, you can also do a lot of things yourself at a reasonable price. While modifications to the weapons are not recommended, other things like targets, shields, helmets and more can be improvised at will. In this way, even a flat meadow can be transformed into a more interesting terrain. Scoreboards can also be useful when playing with many teams. So the result can always be noted fairly. The imagination knows no limits.

Alternatives to the Nerf Gun

The Nerf Gun has a low risk of injury and a wide range of play options, from target shooting to duels. Especially in summer are here Water guns an alternative that also offers nice cooling in hot temperatures. The Nerf Super Soakers are very similar to the toy gunswhich are available in comparable models. They also have a very long range or different ways of influencing the beam. Rapid fire and more are also possible. On the beach, in the pool or in your own garden, they are also fun to play and can easily be recharged at the tap. There are other sports and leisure options, especially for older children and young adults. Who loves with the darts Shooting targets and working on your accuracy could also be fun with darts. As well as it Nerf bows out there, real archery with arrows can be a great hobby. However, the age restrictions are significantly higher here than for the foam variants. The effort is also greater and many things cannot simply be operated at home. For the young at heart who like team play, there is Paintball. The special rifles fire projectiles filled with paint that mark the enemy when hit. However, this harbors a greater risk of injury and almost always leads to one or the other bruise. Therefore, the right equipment is essential. At the same time, it is only played on approved areas. Many leisure halls now have a rental service for this, so that even beginners can easily try the game. A comprehensive safety briefing is absolutely necessary. This also applies to other hobbies and sporting activities with firearms and, under certain circumstances, gun licenses or other qualifications are required. It is rather inexperienced when it comes to this Laser tag to. It works similarly to paintball, but works completely digitally with light and sensors. So scoring points is particularly easy and the Hits are not painful. The game is now also available in various leisure halls in Germany. Some are themed so that you can go on the hunt for alien and co.

For fast and uncomplicated fun at home, in which almost everyone can participate, the Nerf Guns remain the first choice.

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