Which companies offer white label flights?

Sygic Travel publishes a white label travel planner for B2B customers

Sygic Travel, a global vacation planner, has released its White Label Planner - a B2B solution for travel companies. The White Label Planner is available in 14 languages, contains information on 20 million tourist locations worldwide and makes it easy to plan a trip or vacation. The finished planner will be useful for various travel agencies, bus and train operators and airlines, as well as for professional travelers. It will bring you increased user loyalty and more sales.

Sygic Travel White Label is a travel route planning web portal that travel companies can add to their websites. In this way they can attract new customers or motivate the current customers to revisit the page. The planner - available in 14 languages ​​- contains a database of 20 million tourist locations with global reach, detailed descriptions of sights and venues, photos and almost two thousand 360 ° videos. In addition to planning your trip and discovering interesting places, you can also book accommodation, flights and guided tours or rent a car. All these purchases - supported by global companies such as Booking.com or GetYourGuide - then generate additional sales.

“Adding the travel portal to a website is simple and easy. Since the white label is delivered as a finished product, it only takes a few minutes to set up. The owner of the website decides which countries or areas should be covered by the planner and which products should be presented. For example, it can offer travel routes adapted to the customer's travel destination or display points of interest in the vicinity. Sygic Travel will then adapt the trip planner to the company's color scheme, add the company's logo and then the product will be ready to be published on any of the company's domains, ”says Barbora Nevosádová, Marketing Director at Sygic Travel.

Sygic Travel has been helping people plan their travel routes since 2011. Millions of people around the world use the web planner and the iOS and Android apps.

More information at travel.sygic.com/b2b