What does and means a URL

What is a url? Easily explained

When a URL is mentioned, many think of the address or link of a website. But is that even true? You can find out what a URL really is here.

URL: meaning and functionality

Instead of a URL, most of them use the word "Internet address" or "Link". However, these expressions are not entirely appropriate when actually referring to the URL.

  • The abbreviation URL comes from English and stands for "Uniform Resource Locator".
  • The URL is not directly an address, but a standardized way of calling up content on websites.
  • The URL ensures that the browser goes to a specific website. Entering the URL makes it clear where you want to go on the net.
  • URLs are unique: they are only assigned once to uniquely navigate to the right website.

This is what URLs are for

In addition to the targeted control of websites, URLs have other functions.

  • URLs cannot only open pages with the formats "http" or "https". "file", "ftp", or "mailto" are also possible.
  • File servers can also be opened from a URL via the browser, a mail can be sent to a specific address or a file can be opened from the PC in the Internet browser.

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We will explain in another article how you can encrypt web links and URLs.