How do I extract data from Google

How do I extract google contact pictures?

I want all the pictures of my Google contacts to be extracted in one folder, for example in JPG format.

I know that it is already possible to export all contacts including pictures, for example via the Export option in Google Contacts or through a third-party app like Contacts Backup Ultimate. However, this creates a bunch of all contacts (for example contains a VCF file above the above Export command generated, all images that are Base64-encoded). Instead, I would like to receive an image file for each contact so that they can be easily viewed.

Is there a way to do this?

Gwen Tennyson

To extract Google contacts, you can use the Google Takeout application provided by Google for free. This application helps extract all data stored in Google Apps including contacts stored on Google. All you need to do is sign in with the Gmail ID that stores all of your contacts and then select the Contacts section to extract the files. You will later receive an email with all the contact information in the vCard file. You can also change the format of these files using a third-party tool, Google Takeout Extractor


In Google Contacts on the web, click Contact, and then right-click Photo. Choose Inspect. The code to get your photo will be highlighted in a pop-up window. Click this url, then take a screen capture and edit the photo.


Thanks, but even if I wanted to do this manually (which I don't) there is probably a better way.