What does your child like to eat

What do your children like to eat and what do they vehemently disdain?

If children were solely responsible for putting together their menu, in most cases there would probably end up on the table something that parents would not approve of. The classics include fish fingers, noodles, French fries, lots of sweet and salty foods, fewer vegetables and fruits, and definitely not bitter foods - and always the same:

Sweetened beverages would also be preferred over water. But a balanced and varied diet is crucial for the health and development of children and, last but not least, prevents diet-related diseases.

Not everything that comes on the table is tasty

But even if parents are aware of the importance of healthy eating - the taste of many children can often stand in the way of a balanced menu, because there are few other areas where children can be as picky as they are when it comes to eating every day. The consistency, color, smell and, of course, the taste of food play a role here. Mostly, however, there are only a few dishes that are completely rejected by the children. And often the taste changes in the course of life anyway and one becomes more willing to experiment and more curious. As you can see in a current project by US photographer Gregg Segal, children's tastes also vary depending on their origin:

How about you in the family?

Are your children picky about food choices? Do you respond to their needs or do you determine what is on the table? Which foods do your children particularly love and which do they vehemently reject? How was it in your childhood - to what extent have your eating habits changed over the years? (mawa, August 14, 2019)