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What you should know about a traditional Thai massage

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Stretching, pressing and kneading - the traditional Thai massage initially doesn't have much in common with a classic massage. In the "Nuad Phaen Boran" (Thai for "ancient healing touch"), the person is dynamically and powerfully brought into yoga-like positions. The masseur stretches and stretches the patient with full body effort.


A massage method that is healing and relaxing, but not always recommended. We take a closer look at the effects, risks and possible side effects of traditional Thai massage and tell you how to find the right Thai massage therapist in your area.

Treatment and effects of the Thai massage

The effect of the thousands of years old Thai massage is undisputed. Studies show z. B. a positive effect on back pain. In Germany today we find both classic, original shapes and variants adapted to Western needs.

The traditional Thai massage differs from classic wellness and health massages. For example, the prone position among others

  • Upper and lower legs bent backwards
  • Legs straight and pulled up
  • both arms pulled back and the back arched

The movements are therefore much more intense than with relaxation massages.

In the video you can see how intensively a Thai masseuse works with a patient:

Massages include, among other things

  • Feet,
  • Elbow,
  • Kneel and
  • Ball of the hand,

with which specific local points are pressed and massaged. In accordance with Ayurvedic teachings, various energy channels and energy points, the so-called Marma points, are massaged rhythmically.

Among other things, this stimulates blood circulation while the muscles are supplied with oxygen. In addition, the following effects have been scientifically proven:

  • Relieving muscle tension,
  • Pain relief,
  • Breakdown of stress hormones in the blood,
  • Stimulation of metabolism and
  • Strengthening of the internal organs.

People who have long experience with Thai massage speak of a better body feeling.

Even with mild discomfort, back or knee pain, nothing speaks against a Thai massage. Together with a good herbal balm such as Wang Prom Naturals Thai Herb Balm Balm Thai Herbs 50g - Thai massage balm for skin care Massage Wellness **, which stimulates blood circulation, the ancient healing method could relieve tension.


The Thai massage is used as a preventive measure and, thanks to the stretching, bending and twisting, it can have a positive effect on posture and mobility.

For optimal success, it is recommended to enjoy a traditional Thai massage at least twice a month, but never more than twice a week.

Choosing the right Thai masseuse or Thai masseur

Due to the variety and intensity of the exercises, it is important to ensure professional treatment. Good Thai masseurs can now be found everywhere in Germany, even in small towns and in the country. Unfortunately, studios are also run by masseurs who have not had a thorough training. We have some tips for you on how to find a good Thai massage studio near you.

Let yourself be treated only by trained Thai masseurs

A massage certificate is not required under German law. Nevertheless, there are qualified training courses to become a Thai masseur. In Germany, for example, training can be completed at the “Institute for Traditional Thai Yoga Massage” - only lecturers who have received training at the renowned “WatPo Thai Traditional Medical & Massage School (WatPo TTM)” in Bangkok teach there. When choosing your Thai masseur, make sure that you have an appropriate qualification. If in doubt, have the masseur's training certificates show you.

A wide range of massages is also a sign of a professional studio.

Pay attention to optimal hygiene

Another good selection criterion is the studio itself. Make sure you are absolutely hygienic. Even if you stay clothed during the Thai massage, you will come into contact with the masseur and the facility. A clean, well-maintained studio is therefore an important characteristic for the seriousness of the studio.

The most important features of a professional Thai massage studio again at a glance:

  • a verifiable qualification,
  • a comprehensive range of massages and
  • high hygiene standards

The offer of erotic massages is always a bad sign. These have nothing to do with traditional Thai massage and serious massage studios distance themselves from these practices.


It is best to talk to the masseurs on site and find out about their qualifications before you make an appointment. You can find some selected studios here:

  • Thai massages in Königs Wusterhausen

    The certified trainer for back and senior yoga offers traditional Thai massage in Königs Wusterhausen and Zeesen. The massages are accompanied by a floor mat. The duration is 90 minutes - up to 2 hours on request. There is also the possibility of participating in yoga and power yoga courses.

  • Aassuyan THAIHOUSE

    The assuyan THAIHOUSE in Berlin offers professional massages. Relax with a Thai massage that deserves its name to help you focus on yourself and the essentials.

  • assuyan THAIHOUSE

    The assuyan THAIHOUSE in Berlin offers professional massages. Relax with a Thai massage that deserves its name to help you focus on yourself and the essentials.

  • Thai Massage Studio Phathana in Fürstenfeldbruck

    The Thai Massage Studio Phathana in Fürstenfeldbruck offers a wide range of relaxation options. Massages are combined with various elements - for example with aromatic oil and a classic Thai massage, a sports massage with aromatic oil or a full body massage with warm, essential oils. The duration is 120 minutes.

  • Nams Thai massage in Dresden

    The studio manager Bandol Willig has been running a Thai studio in Dresden for 3 years with extensive professional experience in Thailand. A wide range of massages is offered, from aroma oil massages to herbal stamp massages for a wide variety of problems. The duration of the massage varies from 60 minutes to 120 minutes.

  • Thai massage in Bernau

    In Thai Massage in Bernau, the traditional Thai massage for men and women is carried out by certified and experienced employees. Full body massages, couple massages, foot reflex zone massages and foot reflex massages are offered. The duration is up to 120 minutes.

  • Noi's traditional Thai massage in Berlin

    Noi's traditional Thai massage in Berlin offers a wide range of massages for him and her, health care, the treatment of tension and pain, classic full body massage, as well as abdominal, head and foot massages. The massages usually last between 60 and 120 minutes, but 30-minute massages are also possible.

  • KHON KAEN - Traditional Thai massages in Hamburg

    KHON KAEN offers traditional Thai massages in Hamburg. Various massages are offered, from hand massages to face & head massages, foot massages (Thai reflex zones), back & neck massages, hip & leg massages, traditional Thai massage to oil massages, Thai herbal stamp massages or Tok-Sen massages. The duration is between 20 and 120 minutes.

  • Thai massage in Strausberg

    In the massage studio in Strausberg, classic Thai massages are offered under the direction of Nang, who received her certification from the Udonthani Thai Traditional Massage & Health Promotion School. The offer extends to full body massages, the aroma oil massage, shoulder and back massages as well as foot massages for him and her. Couples massages are also possible. The duration is up to 120 minutes.

  • Thai massages in Marzahn

    The masseurs were trained in recognized training centers in Thailand. With many years of professional experience, massages in the field of full body massages, aroma oil massages, shoulder and back massages, foot massages as well as head and face massages are offered. Mother and child massages are also possible. All offers are for him and her. The duration is up to 120 minutes.

  • Baan Siam in Kleinwallstadt & Miltenberg

    Baan Siam under the direction of Pattum Oberle offers traditional Thai massages in Kleinwallstadt and Miltenberg. Among other things, the traditional Thai full body massage, the Thai oil full body massage, the Thai oil shoulder and back massage, the acupressure intensive massage or the herbal stamp full body massage are offered. The duration is 60 to 120 minutes.

  • Traditional Thai Massage Bath Steben

    The studio in Bad Steben is managed by Apiriya Kobus. In addition to the traditional Thai massage, there are also oil massages, hot stone massages, Thai herbal massages and massages especially for women. The duration is up to 120 minutes.

  • Thai massage in Erkner

    In the massage studio in Erkner, certified masseuses Thai massages are offered by the Udonthani Thai Traditional Massage & Health Promotion School. The offer extends to full body massages, the aroma oil massage, shoulder and back massages, head massages and foot massages for him and her. Four-hand massages can also be booked. The duration is up to 120 minutes.

  • Thai massage in Berlin - Tiergarten

    The Thai massage studio in Berlin Tiergarten impresses with a qualified traditional Thai massage. The following massages are also possible: aromatic oil massages, hot stone massages, Lomi-Lomi massages, head and neck massages and foot reflexology massages. The massage lasts up to 60 minutes.

  • Ning's traditional Thai massage practice in Dresden

    In Thai culture, the Thai massage is part of preventive health care and has been practiced as such for centuries. In 2011, Ning was certified at Wat Po Traditional Medical School in Bangkok. In addition to the traditional Thai massage, other massage techniques such as the Nuad Oil Massage for women, the Nuad Tao foot reflexology massage and the Nuad Hua head massage are offered.

  • Thai massage in Freiburg

    The Freiburg Thai Massage studio in Herdern offers traditional Thai massage techniques. The employees have been trained at Wat Po Bangkok and have several certificates. In addition to traditional massage and relaxing oil massage, the studio also offers individual aromatherapy and activating reflex zone massage. All massage offers can be booked for 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

  • Dao Thai: Massage in Weinstadt

    The Dao Thai health massage studio in Weinstadt offers classic Thai massage and traditional shoulder, back and neck massage as well as aromatic oil and herbal stamp massages. There are also special massage offers for couples and pregnant women. The studio manager and trained health massage therapist Dao has 20 years of experience. She and her team treat hardening and tension and ensure passive relaxation.

  • Phimai Thai Massage in Rüsselsheim

    In addition to the traditional Thai massage, Phimai Thai Massage offers many different types of massage, e.g. facial massage, foot massage, back / neck massage, oil massage, aromatherapy massage and herbal stamp massage. In a good camp in Rüsselsheim, Phimai Thai Massage places great emphasis on the hygiene and health restrictions of customers.

  • Leelavadee Thai Massage in Bruchsal

    At Leelavadee Thai Massage in Bruchsal, various massages are offered, e.g. aromatic oil massage, classic Thai foot and full body massage. The Far Eastern art of the original Thai massage has a relaxing effect and relieves the stress of everyday life. Especially here is the traditional Tok Sen massage - the ancient art of massage from the northern region of Thailand. The tapping massage with the tapping of a wooden wedge and a wooden hammer is said to help very well with severe tension and pain.

  • The One Thai Massage in Leinfelden-Echterdingen

    The best way to go to "The One Thai Massage" is to reduce stress, relieve pain or to stimulate the metabolism - you will receive a traditional Thai massage, the "Nuad Phaen Boran". In addition to the Thai massage, guests are also offered a herbal stamp massage and a foot massage. So: here you can let yourself be pampered!

  • Nuad Phaen Boran in Baienfurt / near Ravensburg

    The trained special needs pedagogue and the trained social pedagogue teach and treat the traditional Thai massage Nuad Phaen Boran with heart and joy in Baierfurt. The self-employed physiotherapist is one of the pioneers of Nuad Phaen Boran in Europe, he has been treating people using this method for more than 20 years. Make an appointment and get to know the team and Nuad Phaen Boran - we wish you a lot of fun and relaxation!

  • Sunan Thai Massage Spa in Frankfurt

    In a noble ambience, Sunan and her team in Frankfurt am Main offer both traditional Thai massage and modern western massage techniques such as sports massage and spa treatments. Even energetic massages such as the Breuss massage are offered. The employees are professional masseuses who have been certified by the Wat Pho School, the Paracelsus Heilpraktikerschule and the Medios Academy. The duration of the massages is 30-120 minutes.

  • Traditional Thai massage in Paderborn

    In the heart of Paderborn you can now pamper yourself with a traditional Thai massage. Treat yourself to a break from everyday life and be surprised how long-term energy and body blockages are resolved and mental and physical well-being increased. The original Thai massage gives you the most authentic experience of a treatment. Or indulge in complete relaxation and let yourself be pampered by our oil massage.

  • Alisara - traditional Thai massage near Greifswald

    In the massage studio in Neuenkirchen, classic Thai massages are offered under the direction of Alisara Kaess, who received her certification at the Beauty & Spa private school in Bangkok. The offer extends to full body massages, the Thai oil massage, shoulder and back massages as well as foot and leg massages. The duration is up to 90 minutes.

  • Siam Thai Massage in Greifswald

    Traditional Thai massages are offered in this new studio in Greifswald. The professional masseuses have many years of experience and, in addition to traditional Thai massage, also offer foot reflexology massages and classic Thai oil massages. In the beautiful premises, hygiene, professionalism and experience are the top priorities.

  • Pareena Spa and Thai massage in Bad Wörishofen

    Excellent Thai massage studio in the Kneipp town of Bad Wörishofen. Not only the beautiful ambience of the practice and the exemplary service are convincing, but above all the very high quality of the authentic massages. The masseuse is a Thai Sappaya therapist certified by the Thai ministry for traditional Thai massage therapy and manual therapy with training at internationally renowned massage studios. These experiences are reflected in the very high level of customer satisfaction and excellent customer ratings.

  • SU WANYO: Traditional Thai massage and day spa in Lübeck

    Su Wanyo-Mensing, the founder, grew up in the village of Ban Nat in northeastern Thailand, where she worked hard, hunched over and in the heat in the rice fields. Su Wanyo-Mensing learned traditional Thai techniques from her mother, aunts and big sisters. Of course, a well-founded training followed, the attendance of the world-famous massage school of Wat Pho and the acquisition of numerous diplomas. She and her team perform professional massages in her studio. The offer includes classic Thai massages, but also oil, foot and head-neck massages as well as peeling massages.

  • Eyelada Spa - Traditional "Chetawan" Thai Massage in Leipzig

    The Eyelada Spa, opened in summer 2019, offers professional Thai massage in the heart of Leipzig. Thai massages differ from one another depending on the level of training. The Eyelada Spa guarantees quality and professionalism: All employees have learned at the "Chetawan Thai Traditional Massage School".Enjoy a moment of rest and relaxation with massages and aroma therapies!

  • Pranee Thai massage in Reutlingen

    Pranee Thai Massage in Reutlingen Mittelstadt offers certified serious Thai massages. In addition to the traditional Thai massage and various wellness massages, the Thai bamboo massage is also part of the offer. Different bamboo sticks are used in circular, rolling and pushing movements. Sometimes very gently, sometimes with firm pressure. Warm massage oil is used for this. The bars are heated to 60 degrees beforehand. Pranee and her team receive regular training. You can find the certificates on the homepage.

  • ThaiMoonSpa Massage in Leipzig

    Wonderful location in one of the most beautiful and most famous Wilhelminian style villas in Leipzig. Massage techniques and hygiene meet the highest standards. The owner was head of the spa and wellness department of a 4-star hotel in the Harz for three years and speaks very good German. You not only get an application, but also tips and exercises for at home if you wish.

  • Nonglak Thai Massage & Spa in Berlin

    Nonglak Thaimassage & Spa offers traditional Thai massages in the Berlin district of Alt-Moabit. Enjoy peace and relaxation in a pleasant atmosphere and leave the stress of everyday life behind with a professional Thai massage.

  • Jampie Thai massage in Weimar

    Relax with a traditional Thai massage in the Asian oasis Jampie in Weimar. Let yourself be pampered with soft sounds and exotic smells and leave everyday life behind you. Both single and double cabins can be booked for a few relaxing hours for two.

  • Thai massage Sabaidee in Wolfsburg-Fallersleben

    Professional Thai massage in the Fallersleben district of Wolfsburg. Owner Benjamas Wick learned the art of massage, as it is taught in the famous Wat Pho temples in Bangkok, on site and has many years of experience as a Thai masseuse. A special highlight are the floor mats with heating devices, which ensure pleasant relaxation.

  • Chivadee Thai massage & wellness in Wiesbaden

    Enjoy well-being and relaxation in downtown Wiesbaden. Chivadee - Massage and Wellness has been convincing with high hygiene standards and certified quality since 2014. The owner Pavadee Buabarn is a native Thai who brings her tradition and culture from her home country to Wiesbaden.

  • Thai massage Mitnilan in Dortmund

    Far Eastern, traditional relaxation that can relieve stubborn tension? Treat yourself to this luxury at Mitnilan in Dortmund. This studio scores with many offers that do not neglect any part of the body, and an extremely appealing ambience. All massages have a positive effect on physical well-being: The short break for in between revitalizes the senses, increases the flexibility of tendons and ligaments and stimulates the immune system.

  • Thai Spa Lemgo

    The Thai Spa in Lemgo is a modern, well-run massage studio that is well known in the area. The focus of this studio is on holistic well-being, with the result that a massage is at least as relaxing as a short vacation. Apart from that, the spa has tastefully decorated rooms that invite both individual and couple massages.

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Are there any side effects from a Thai massage?

A traditional Thai massage is an unusual burden even for an average healthy body. The massage can therefore be painful in some cases. Point out during treatment if you experience severe pain.

In the days after a traditional Thai massage, muscle soreness can occur, but this disappears again after a few days.

Further side effects are usually not to be expected. However, we would like to point out that the masseur must be informed about previous illnesses and complaints. During the treatment, you entrust yourself completely to the masseur. They do not stretch themselves, they are stretched; the stretching exercises are often not feasible on their own at this intensity. The masseur must therefore be fully informed about your complaints so that he can act responsibly and react appropriately to pain or other symptoms.

In the event of certain complaints, you should generally refrain from a Thai massage or consult your doctor first. Not recommendable is the classic Thai massage z. B. at

  • rheumatic diseases with inflammation in joints or muscles,
  • Vein problems,
  • Skin diseases,
  • severe heart disease,
  • very high or low blood pressure or
  • Fever.

In addition, a Thai massage should be avoided for some time after operations or bone fractures.


Does a Thai massage have side effects during pregnancy?

A Thai massage is not recommended during pregnancy. The movements and stretches put a lot of strain on the body and can therefore lead to unpredictable side effects, especially during pregnancy.

Feel the positive effect of the Thai massage

A traditional Thai massage is very different from other health or wellness massages. It is more like a mixture of massage and physiotherapy, which is particularly effective for muscle ailments. The massage with a good oil like Naissance natural almond oil sweet (No. 215) 250ml - vegan, GMO-free - ideal for hair and body care, for aromatherapy and as a base oil for massage oils ** soothes and cares for the skin in particular. The Thai oil massage is used to loosen up muscles and for general relaxation and is often referred to as a Thai wellness massage.

If both you and your masseur are well informed about the treatment, you will feel the full positive effects of a traditional Thai massage. We wish you relaxed hours!

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For you is important

  • Let yourself be treated only by a qualified therapist!
  • Inform the Thai masseur about all complaints and previous illnesses!
  • Do not have a Thai massage with certain illnesses or during pregnancy!
  • If in doubt, consult a doctor!

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