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Lucky Luke a hundred times

He is always relaxed, rarely gets upset and moves faster than his shadow: the western hero Lucky Luke. Together with his always sarcastic horse Jolly Jumper and the clumsy dog ​​Rantanplan, Lucky Luke hunts down criminals, exposes fraudsters and saves small western towns. Again and again he comes across a family of notorious gangsters and escapees, the Daltons. After taking her back to the kittchen, Luke always rides into the sunset.

What sounds like a parody is also a parody - albeit a loving one. In 1946, the Belgian comic artist and western fan Morris, alias Maurice De Bevere, invented the cowboy with blue jeans, yellow shirt, red neckerchief and white wide-brimmed hat. At the latest after Morris had lived in the USA for six years from 1948 and had traveled the country from coast to coast, the wink came along. Because Morris had acquired a comprehensive knowledge of the pioneering days of the Wild West and was able to incorporate real historical figures - mostly in exaggerated form - into Lucky Luke's adventures.

Lucky Luke with his favorite enemy, the Daltons

Historical and current references

Billy the Kid turns into a tearful teenager sucking his thumb, Calamity Jane turns into an arm-wrestling, gun-wielding friend who first has to take behavior lessons. There are also numerous allusions to other historical events and films with Lucky Luke, similar to his comic colleagues Asterix and Obelix.

The first comic started a success story that has been going on for 75 years. Lucky Luke has been translated into 30 languages, and 30 million comics have been sold in Germany alone. Until 1955 Morris wrote the Lucky Luke stories himself, then René Goscinny replaced him as a copywriter, while Morris concentrated on drawing. After Goscinny's death, various copywriters took turns, since 2016 the author's name has been Jul. Lucky Luke's inventor Morris died in 2001, and the French Hervé Darmenton, Achdé for short, then took over the drawings of the popular cowboy.

The subtitle of the anniversary edition that has just been published is "Westerns of Yesterday". Fittingly, the band takes a look back at Lucky Luke's origins and contains the cowboy's first two adventures that have not yet appeared in the album series, "Arizona 1880" and "Dick Digger's Goldmine".

"Lucky Luke 100: The Origins - Yesterday's Western", 48 pages, was published as a softcover and a hardback edition on March 3, 2021 by Egmont.