Did you accidentally steal something expensive?

The advantages of ERGO private liability

  • Worldwide protection against financial consequences of up to € 50 million
  • New: Start bonus of 13% for young people up to 36 years
  • Fast performance in the event of a claim

What if you accidentally harm someone? Then you have unlimited liability according to the law - for a lifetime. ERGO's private liability insurance protects you from the financial consequences.

ERGO private liability benefits

With ERGO private liability insurance, everyone is optimally protected. The "Smart" tariff extensive protection at an affordable price. In addition, you can easily book the following 3 modules individually at Smart. And whoever wants the best, chooses that one straight away "Best" tariff. In addition to the 3 modules, it also includes a higher sum insured.

For whom is private liability insurance particularly important?

Report damage

Simply report your claim online. Very conveniently in a few steps.

Whatever happens, nothing happens to you financially.

This is what ERGO's private liability insurance provides for third-party claims for damages:

  • ERGO checks for you
    ERGO will check for you whether and to what extent you are obliged to pay damages to third parties.
  • ERGO pays for you
    ERGO protects you from financial consequences if you accidentally cause damage to a third party.
  • ERGO stands up for you
    ERGO fends off unfounded claims for you. If there is a legal dispute, ERGO will conduct the process at its own expense.

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