Can we get abs without a diet

Losing weight: This is how you get abs - without exercise

Defined abdominal muscles or even getting a six-pack is not that easy, because this usually includes a strict exercise program and a strict diet plan. Not all of us have time for that after work or we simply lack the motivation. In addition, the core of the body is one of the most difficult areas to keep slim, especially for women. Especially in old age it often happens that the skin loses its elasticity and slacks - especially if you have already had one or more pregnancies. Some help with exercise bikes, which have a tightening effect through targeted vibrations. Others drink apple cider vinegar or eat a lot of sauerkraut because they expect it to burn fat faster. But there are a few more hacks that lead to a defined belly.That's why we looked around the net for alternative weight-loss tricks that neither sweaty sport, still mean excessive sacrifices in terms of nutrition and of course we like to share them with you.

1. Tense your abdominal muscles all day

Posture plays a crucial role in building muscle. When we crouch around all day, our muscles stretch and the stomach looks bloated rather than defined. If we instead stand or sit in an upright position and we tense our core, we not only look slimmer, but also directly tone our abs. Why not try it next time, when you are at the cash register, sitting in the office or driving out. Once you have started, you do the training almost by yourself for in between.

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2. Eat lean proteins

Proteins are essential nutrients for building muscle and losing weight. This is because our body burns more calories when digesting proteins than when breaking down carbohydrates. According to nutrition experts, around a quarter of our diet should be protein. However, not all foods are equally suitable. What works great, however, is lean chicken, fresh fish and low-fat turkey, as well as vegetables such as broccoli, seitan or tofu products.

3. Move when you can

Just because we don't go to the gym doesn't mean we shouldn't be physically active. If you want a six-pack à la Jennifer Lopez, you have to do a little something for it. Simple tricks to get more exercise during the day are classic, such as taking the stairs, parking further away, going for a walk or dancing wildly. Even work around the house, such as vacuuming or cleaning windows, are good ways of tensing your core and defining it on the side without having to go to the gym.

4. Eat less

We can't avoid this tip, because if we want to lose fat, we have to burn more calories than we consume - unfortunately that is a fact. But instead of forbidding ourselves or crash dieting, we can just eat less. Sounds simple, but it's a crucial factor. So the change in diet is easy to keep to the beginning and there is less risk of the notorious yo-yo effect.

5. Quench your thirst

This tip builds on the previous one, because when we drink enough water, the stomach is full and we feel like we are staying full longer. We also already know that H2O is fundamentally the key to a healthy and vital life. It is important that we really only drink still water and not carbonated drinks or alcohol, because both can cause gas and alcohol also leads to additional calories that do not promote a six-pack.

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In this way you save 25 percent calories every day - without even realizing it