How do I change a Gmail username

Forgot Google Password: Reset and change your password


If you've forgotten your Google password, it doesn't matter. We'll show you how to reset and change your password. Registration is then possible again.

If you can no longer log into your Google account, that's frightening at first. Regardless of whether you have forgotten your password, your username or your email address, you can definitely save your account. And you should do that, because your Google account is an important key for Gmail, the Play Store and other Google services, among other things.

Reset and change Google password

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    If you've just forgotten your password and want to reset it, first go to the Google login. Here you register with your registered e-mail address or your telephone number. Click on next to open the password query.

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    At the bottom you will now find the words "Forgot your password?" Click on this.

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    Google now gives you various options for resetting your password, provided that you have previously set up the appropriate recovery options for your account. You can find out more about this below. Among other things, you can enter one of your previously used passwords for the Google account. If you don't know anymore, you can access further options below via "Choose other option"

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    If your smartphone is linked to your Google account, you can also have a message sent to you to reset your password. This then contains further instructions.

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    Enter your cell phone number and you should receive a confirmation code via SMS within a few seconds.

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    The third option: Google asks you when you created your account. Enter the correct month and year here.

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    If you have saved a second e-mail address for password recovery, this is also an option.

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    If all methods fail or you haven't set up the appropriate functions, the last option is to contact customer service. However, it can take some time for Google to respond to your request. Nevertheless, you should also be able to reset the password this way if necessary.

Google: Change username or email address

The Gmail or email address associated with your account is usually used as the Google username. If you have forgotten this, you will again have to rely on Google's account help. To find out your username, use the text link "Forgot your email address" in the login screen.

Then you have two options: Either you enter the saved recovery email or you use your telephone number. Both methods work exactly as described above for the password determination, but must have been set up by you beforehand.

Set up recovery options for your Google account

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    As long as you have access to your account, you can define the recovery methods for your account in your account settings. You should definitely do this so that you have enough opportunities to get back to your data in the event that you lose your password. First you go to your Google account management.

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    In the next screen click on "Security" in the left bar and then scroll down a little. You come to the "Methods of Verifying Your Identity" box. Here you can store your email address or your telephone number, for example, in order to reset your password later.

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    Before you can make changes, you have to confirm your identity again with your current password.

Change Google password in settings

You should also change your password in your Google account more often to protect yourself against potential hacker attacks. A change of the password in the event of suspected data theft is advisable anyway.

To do this, go to "Manage Google Account" via the account button at the top right and go to "Security" on the left. On the right you can now see the entry "Password". Click on it, enter your previous password again to check and you can change it as you wish.

Never forget your password again with the password manager

You certainly not only have an account with Google, but also with other websites, apps and other services. Keeping so many login details and passwords in mind is difficult. You can make it easier for yourself with a password manager. This keeps all your passwords safe and encrypted. We compared the best password managers.

Incidentally, the Google Chrome browser also has a password manager. However, this is limited to websites and your login data used there.

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