What are the addictive drugs

II. What can one be addicted to?

You can become addicted not only to substances such as alcohol, nicotine and illegal drugs, but also to certain substancesBehaviors.
In principle, there can be an addiction to any human behavior.
Addictions can be divided into:


1. Substance addictions


Legal substances:



Caffeine, tea


Prescribed medication



Illegal substances:


Cocaine and crack

Cannabis products


Synthetic drugs

Medicines not prescribed



2. Non-substance addictions


  • Computer addiction / internet addiction


Behaviors with an addictive character can also be the starting point for substance-related addiction; For example, work addiction can go hand in hand with nicotine, caffeine addiction and dependence on stimulants. Non-substance-related addictions are socially recognized, it is rather easy for those affected to keep the addictive character secret for a long time. Polytoxicomania (= multiple addiction): Many addicts are not only dependent on one substance;


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