The United States is becoming more libertarian

Rand Paul - The Libertarian

A lot of freedom, little state - that is Rand Paul's creed. The Kentucky Senator says he is close to the tea party movement. Paul wants the Washington government to interfere as little as possible in people's lives. He stands in the tradition of his father Ron, who ran for president three times.

Paul advocates gun ownership, as well as legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. He describes the welfare state as "organized theft". Paul is a staunch opponent of military intervention abroad. He criticizes the US drone war. He calls for the mass surveillance of the NSA to be approved by ordinary courts in public negotiations.

Political party: republican

Political experiences: Kentucky Senator

Age at start of office: 54 years

In the race since: April 7, 2015

The campaign logo of US presidential candidate Rand Paul

Political Positions:

+ Advocate of a "lean state"

+ Calls for the dismantling of subsidies

+ Supports the naturalization of illegal immigrants

+ Supports the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes

- Against stricter gun laws

- Against higher taxes for the rich

- Against military interventions abroad

- Against spying by the NSA