Marketing is the same as advertising

Marketing vs. advertising - no synonyms

PR - public relations as a branch of marketing

Like advertising, PR or public relations is a part of marketing. The task of public relations is communication between the public and the company. In return, the company and its products and services are presented positively and authentically. This is achieved through PR campaigns, press releases, specialist articles, but also ebooks or other specialist literature.

Marketing, PR and advertising - the small but subtle difference

Marketing can therefore be used as a generic term for all sales efforts. This includes advertising and public relations, among others. Marketing therefore includes advertising and PR.

While advertising aims to sell services and products, public relations focuses on positively influencing the acceptance of the company and its products. In addition, PR has the task of limiting the damage to companies in times of crisis news and information.

The cost factor also differs in PR and advertising. While advertising often comes with high costs, public relations can be quite cheap with the right placement of press releases, etc. Professional service providers for press work are considered true experts here. Companies that have no resources for PR should therefore fall back on the support of external services in order to avoid a loss of image due to improper public relations.