Bodybuilding increases sex drive

Sex Addiction: Bodybuilders With Too Much Testosterone?

Promiscuity and Sex addiction due to the anabolic hormone testosterone?

Since the emergence of Homo sapiens around 200,000 years ago, it has been anchored in male nature to show his dominance by mating as many females as possible in order to pass on his genetic make-up.

Temporary pairing served as the primary biological goal of reproduction. In the course of evolution, according to sociologists and anthropologists, Homo sapiens sapiens did not develop into the loyal individual with the model of lifelong monogamy that is anchored and sought after in our society, but has always remained more or less pronounced primitive man, his sexual urges and lust was maintained on alternation by potential partners - but in our time of "sexual liberation" no longer with the aim of producing the largest possible offspring, but solely to have sexually fun.

This is often expressed in an increasingly widespread promiscuity, i.e. the practice of having sexual intercourse with many different changing partners or several partners at the same time.

This behavior is particularly influenced by a certain hormone that men’s dearest child - testosterone.
The level of testosterone is an important factor in promoting potential sex addiction: the higher the level of testosterone, the most important male hormone in the blood, the higher the libido can be.
Here is a small example that made the rounds of the American media some time ago: Griffin, a feminist dyke since she was sixteen, who never shrank from calling every man a prepotent macho who even tried to to give her more than just a look was going through an incredible change.

The girl, who corresponded to the cliché with her short haircut, leather clothes with studded belt and combat boots, suddenly decided at eighteen to become a man because she felt trapped in the wrong body. She had her breasts amputated and underwent testosterone treatment that raised her testosterone levels to double that of a young top athlete.

Within a few days, she says, who has since undergone a sex reassignment and mutated into a man, her thinking pattern has changed drastically.

In young, healthy men aged 20 to 40, endocrinologists have the normal testosterone value between 3.5 and 11.5 nanograms per milliliter (ng / ml), converted between 12 and 40 nmol / l (conversion formula for testosterone serum: nmol / lx 0.288 = ng / ml). BodybuildersHowever, those with large muscle mass often have proud values ​​that can be found in the upper range or far beyond.

It is well known that testosterone, apart from HGH (Human Growth Hormon) and some other anabolic substances, is the crucial hormone in the muscles that leads to a blatant increase in muscle mass, an increase in muscle strength and faster muscle regeneration. The ambitious bodybuilder naturally wants to take advantage of these findings and use various measures to increase his testosterone level - with the known side effects.
The male hormone in high doses, paired with intensive strength training and bodybuilding-appropriate diet leads relatively quickly to the desired muscular body image, strengthens "sexual identity" and self-confidence.
Muscles are narcissistic in men, so they are just as important as the chest is for a woman. If you feel desirable, you also appear sexy on the outside.

But the supply of testosterone in large quantities, which means a major intervention in the biochemistry of the body, apart from the usually welcome increased libido up to sex addiction, increased stamina and increased drive, often has serious and undesirable side effects: increased aggressive behavior, high blood pressure increased risk of stroke, gynecomastia (enlargement of the mammary gland in men), shrinkage of the testicles, inactivation of the pituitary gland with a reduction in semen quality up to sterility, head hair loss with a simultaneous increase in body hair, risk of liver cancer, changes in thyroid function, heart muscle weakness, polyglobulia (thickening of the blood ) and last but not least, concentration disorders, depression, mood swings and memory disorders are possible.

At some point, the men who artificially increase their testosterone levels get into a vicious circle, especially if they have practiced this for many years. If you discontinue the exogenous supply, you will find yourself in an undersupply of the body with the hormone, since the testes, as the central place for the production of testosterone, have often long since stopped their production according to the motto: Why should I laboriously produce something if it is mine is conveniently delivered from the outside?

The fear of a drop in libido up to asexuality, impotence due to a lack of penis hardening, the loss of muscle mass and the development of a feminine breast make the bodybuilder shy away from stopping.

About narcissism (in bodybuilders)

Promiscuity and sex addiction cannot be explained solely by a testosterone-dependent increased libido. The man is not necessarily a victim of his hormones. It is also anchored in the personality of every single person. It is not uncommon for bodybuilders in particular to see certain narcissistic traits.

Narcissism means self-love, admiring your own reflection, often combined with a certain egocentricity and high expectations of yourself. Who embodies this more than a bodybuilder? His indiscretion, his public acting out makes him a fighter for the divinity of narcissism, which he manifests so provocatively in his poses. But behind the scenes of these self-confident personalities there is often a disturbed sense of self-worth.

This means that such a person is highly dependent on outside approval and admiration; the feeling for one's own worth depends almost exclusively on the environment.

In order to compensate for his insecurity and the feeling of inferiority, he creates a great ideal image of himself, with which he always wants and expects new attention, admiration and positive feedback from his fellow human beings. And this is exactly what expresses itself in sex life: the more potential partners advertise for him, and the more often he gets involved, the better he feels.

It works incessantly in my head, as I see in my interlocutor the statements that I have already confirmed by other bodybuilders with whom I have spoken in advance about the subject of sex addiction. It always seems to follow the same pattern.

"Are you never afraid that you might catch some disease in your numerous erotic adventures?" I want to know from him. "What about HIV, hepatitis, gonorrhea, syphilis and what else is there?"

"Oh nonsense," he glared at me, "I don't get anything! I use rubbers with the girls in the nudist club and the others are all healthy!"

"Where do you want to get that from?" In response, I get a dirty look and decide to leave the topic alone. Instead, I ask him: "You have a steadfast girlfriend. Does she actually know about your numerous affairs, and if so, what does she think?"

"Of course she knows about it, but she overlooks it because she is very attached to me. She absolutely adores me. She is a whole lot younger than me, too."

The plight of the partners of bodybuilders

Steven M. Ortiz, assistant professor of sociology at Oregon State University, found in a sensational study that high-performance athletes are far more prone to fling than other men.

This sexual fast-food culture is explained by the fact that many women and girls are not hostile to an affair with a well-built athlete, especially if he is prominent. But what is the reaction of the wives or steady partners to the promiscuity of their husbands?

The studies showed that those women who fell in love more with the athlete and his reputation than with the personality of the man are more willing to tolerate their partner's affairs. However, partners whose relationship with their husbands had already started before his sports career do not tolerate any longer-term extramarital relationships.

But almost all women athletes agree on one thing: They are well aware of their husbands' infidelity and they try to see it as an unpleasant accompaniment to the popularity of their partners and to come to terms with it. It is better to share your husband with other women than to lose him completely.

While he sits there and tells me, I examine the plastic contours of his muscles that are visible under his skin-tight T-shirt. He must have noticed, stops talking, grins at me. I look into his open face with the laugh lines around his warm, brown eyes. At this moment I can't believe that he is that bad wolf in sheep's clothing that he portrays himself as - the raging, woman-devouring predator.

"Look, there are two women sitting in the corner back there who have been staring at me the whole time before you came. They'll probably be sad now that I'm in female company. I'm sure I would have with them having fun tonight. "

He rudely pulls me back to reality with this remark and I would like to reply to him that he should tow her away if he really wants, but I hold back. Instead, I want to know from him whether he considers himself capable of relating.

"I could not give a loving woman what she expects of me because I think I could not reciprocate these feelings. My own great freedom is extremely important to me. My current girlfriend is there when I want sex, or her services otherwise we will live separately. "

Are bodybuilders unable to relate through sex addiction?

The cold feeling associated with sex addiction and the resulting promiscuity makes it possible for these people to separate sex from any sensation; emotional bonds are not even established.

The seducer regards women as trophies to be hunted, the personality of the woman being completely unimportant. The only purpose of the encounter is to put the sexual fantasies into practice. But if such a man, who may also have a narcissistic streak, decides to enter into a relationship with a woman, this usually only serves practical reasons for his care and often represents a social facade behind which he is unable to relate and thus the inability to really love hides.

In doing so, he longs for emotional warmth, but cannot jump over his own shadow. He usually meets his current partners with extreme jealousy, which is a strange contradiction to his own notorious cheating. On the one hand, he seeks security and security through a firm bond, but the attraction of the affair is far stronger.

Over time, however, these men become dulled by the oversupply of sex, and there is a risk that the stimulus threshold will shift higher and higher, similar to a drug that no longer works well and the dose of which has to be increased.

In order to be able to experience sex with pleasure at all, some people switch to bizarre sex practices, BDSM ("Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism"), sodomy and other methods that at some point are no longer taboo, but part of everyday sexual life belong.

The connection with a sex addict and narcissistic man is extremely problematic, because real intimacy, connection and emotional closeness can neither be felt nor lived by a promiscuous partner.

It turned out later than I actually wanted. I look at my watch - the hands are just before midnight. He looks deep into my eyes, a look that speaks volumes, that promises promise, that suggests an intense night: "Will you come to my room with me, baby?"

"No, I think this is not a good idea!"

This time I wink at him, say goodbye to him and make my way home. I have gained a new insight. I can't say whether bodybuilders are generally addicted to sex, but a large number of muscle-bound guys seem to make a sport out of seducing as many women as possible, that has now become clear to me. Too bad.

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