How can I make money cooking

How to make money with recipes

Cooking is not just a hobby for you - cooking is your passion and is part of a happy life for you. How nice would it be if you could also earn money with cooking and your recipes? We think so too! That's why in this guide we show you 6 effective ways how you can earn money with your recipes.

Would you like to finally start and get started as a recipe author and / or chef? Then we'll show you the best ways to make your dream come true.

Post your recipes on a blog and run ads or exclusive promotions

This is really not news, we know that. But what is interesting is what you need nowadays and whether this model is still worthwhile. Because the blogging trend began almost two decades ago - with correspondingly low competition in the 2000s. The first food bloggers therefore didn't need a lot of recipes to quickly land in first place on Google and generate corresponding traffic (= the total number of users who visited the site).

Well-known food bloggers, such as, have over 1 million visitors to your site - per month, and look back on a remarkable history: Nadine & Jörg have been blogging from Eat this! Since 2011. regularly. During this time, more than 560 recipes were created that can be read free of charge on the blog. Anyone who creates and photographs their own recipes knows that the two have invested more than 4,000 hours of work. That allows Eat this! also not to place arbitrary advertisements, such as via AdSense, but only to accept exclusive partnerships.

If you include ads, this can be done very easily via Google's AdSense. There you will also find the possibility to calculate how much you can earn with AdSense. In the "Food" category this is up to € 3,500 with 50,000 page views per month. At Eat this! (with 1 million visitors per month), almost € 70,000 per year would be possible. And yet at Eat this! no adsense. On the one hand, this could be due to the fact that the information from Google AdSense is calculated very nicely and does not correspond to reality - or because AdSense ads mostly look like foreign objects and thus negatively affect the entire appearance of the website. In addition, advertising that cannot be influenced is displayed there - as you can see from the following image:

Food bloggers with a certain reach and reputation therefore do without automated ad widgets with content that cannot be influenced and opt for exclusive advertising partnerships. This can come about through personal contacts and direct acquisition - for example, you write to brands that you would like to advertise, such as kitchen appliance manufacturers or organic food manufacturers. Or (that is of course a luxury) you will be contacted by these brands and asked for a cooperation. If you want to help your luck on the jumps, you can also register on various influencer platforms such as Likeyaa or Reachero and apply for various company campaigns. With a lot of ambition and a large (and real!) Community, you can really achieve success with it. But it also means hard work: The community wants to be entertained (with the most organic content possible, if you only publish ads, you will eventually be out) and you may have to write a lot of applications for the companies before a cooperation can actually be established.

The level of earnings in exclusive advertising partnerships is very individual - they are usually between € 150 and € 1,500 per advertising campaign - but, as always, everything is open.

Become a member of a partner or affiliate program

Memberships in partner and affiliate programs are also about advertising. With this form of advertising, you link websites and advertise their products. If your users click on the link, this will be tracked and if this user successfully purchases the product, you will receive a commission. Amazon offers its own partner program for this, but there are also platform-independent providers where you can integrate links from different companies, such as AWIN. But even here it may be that you do not have enough traffic to be included. How much you can earn with it depends on the individual campaign and the product sold. Usually it is 5 to 10 percent of the sales value, with an average conversion rate of 3 percent (3% to click on the link and again 3% who then actually buy the product -> so it is effectively only 0.09 % (!) Purchase probability) per product, everyone can calculate for themselves how much they are selling. Let's do the math using the example of Eat this! times off: You have 1,000,000 million page visitors per month. Let's assume that you include an affiliate link on every 10th page, then Eat this! Sell ​​90 products per month. Suppose it were a high-priced € 250 food processor over and over again with a 5% commission paid, you could earn € 1,125 per month - purely hypothetical.

We think that the earning potential as a blogger is still very interesting. But if you start publishing your first recipe today, it will be years before you can benefit from these revenue opportunities. Fortunately, there are also other ways you can earn money with your recipes, which we will introduce to you next.

Make your recipes available to other platforms

So far, all the ways you can earn money with your recipes have one thing in common: you need reach. If you don't have a reach, you won't be able to advertise successfully or find exclusive partners. But you can still earn money with your recipes - for example, by making them available on platforms that publish your recipes and if someone buys the ingredients for the recipe via the app or platform, you will receive the commission. This is possible at Foodly, for example. However, we know from insiders that these business models are still in their infancy and that they can only earn a few cents to euros per month.

Sell ​​your recipes to companies

The more exclusive way to make money with your recipes without reach is to sell recipes to companies who then use these recipes for their product pages. Simply V works with food bloggers in this form. The amount of the remuneration is not mentioned, but we are sure: Here, too, the decisive factor is how big your community is, which can also be used for advertising.

Create and print your own cookbook

Many food bloggers dream of it: their own cookbook! But what can you earn with it and how do you get there? If you want a cookbook, you have two options for realizing this. You can look for a publisher and just deliver the recipes, or you can take care of everything yourself (recipe, pictures, setting the cookbook) and publish it through a self-publisher, such as epubli.

But what can you earn here? That in turn depends on a few factors, but according to this good source it is usually a few cents per book in the publisher, so that even with a good book (from 5,000 copies one can definitely speak of it) you don't earn more than € 2,300 - before deduction of the Taxes.

With a self-publishing publisher, your profit margin is usually higher (between € 1 and € 5) - but the sales figures are usually lower. If we calculate with earnings of € 3.50 and 1,000 copies sold, you can earn up to € 3,500 (but you also have to do all the work on your own).

Publish your own recipe app

In addition to the possibility of publishing your own cookbook, you can also bring out your own recipe app. The profit margins can be compared with those of a self-published cookbook - but the competition in the app store is much lower - with increasing user demand. Because a recipe app has a number of advantages: portions can be easily converted, favorites and shopping lists can be created and shared. In addition, you always have the recipes with you in your pocket and - a small side effect - they protect the environment as no paper has to be printed. If you now go to the nearest app agency and ask what an app like this costs, then the costs can be more than € 10,000. But there are also specialized providers who offer you their own recipe app for less than € 2,500 - or who work with you on the basis of a commission model - like a publisher. With your own recipe app, you can earn more than € 4,000 a year, as you can read in this review.

Not to forget...

The ways in which you can make money from your recipes really are numerous. The larger your community, or the less other recipe authors are active in this area, the higher your chances of earning money. Even if it's just a side income, don't forget to register a business. You can find out what you have to do in our step-by-step guide to registering a business as a blogger.

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