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# 24 6 (not at all surprising) things that successful bloggers do differently

  • Feb 19 2021
  • Length: 37 mins
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  • What is the secret to a successful blog? What are the companies doing differently who regularly pick up their target group on the Internet via their blog and convert them from prospects into customers? What do you have to consider if you want to start a blog this year? The https://www.orbitmedia.com/blog/blogging-statistics/ (marketing agency Orbit Media) has asked more than 1000 bloggers about their experiences every year since 2014 and publishes the results online. Strictly speaking, on your company blog. Where else, or 😉? As far as I know, this is the most extensive blogger survey of its kind. And the results are always a great guide to the direction in which blogs are developing and what readers want on the Internet. For this podcast episode I took a closer look at some of the results: Regularly publish content online Publish longer blog articles Texts more than one headline Learn (finally) SEO value your blog articles Revise old blog posts And tell you how to use them on your blog can implement successfully. Mentioned Articles and Resources: 👉 You can find the complete https://www.orbitmedia.com/blog/blogging-statistics/ (blogger survey by Orbit Media) here. 👉 Use https://tomato-timer.com/ (Tomato-Time) r to write better headlines 👉 Further articles and podcast episodes on my page: https://annehaeusler.de/blogpost-zermachen/ (6 Tips on how to outsmart your carousel of thoughts and regularly publish blog posts) https://annehaeusler.de/regelmaessig-bloggen/ (Finally blog regularly: this is how you overcome the 5 biggest blockages) https://annehaeusler.de/instagram-content-ideen -blogartikel / (How to get 5 content ideas for Instagram from a blog article) https://annehaeusler.de/regelmaessig-bloggen/ (What is the ideal length for a blog article?) https://annehaeusler.de/ueberschriften-schreiben / (How to write headlines with click appeal) https://annehaeusler.de/seo-grundlagen/ (SEO basics for bloggers: the complete guide) https://annehaeusler.de/seo-alphabet/ (The SEO alphabet : the most important SEO terms simply explained) https://annehaeusler.de/10-tipps-wie-du-alten-blog-posts-neues-leben -einhauchst / (How to update old blog articles correctly) 👉 Here you can find the http://www.annehaeusler.de/erfaltreich-bloggen-umfrage (blog article on this podcast episode) 👉 You have questions about this episode or want to talk to others self-employed women discussing content marketing, blogging and social media? Then come to my https://www.facebook.com/groups/BlogundBusiness (Facebook group Blog & Business). We look forward to you.
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