What is Apple's work culture

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The work culture in Cupertino is not like everywhere else. Employees are generally expected to do the best job of their life. Apple is even more keen on secrecy than most other tech giants when it comes to its inner workings and is extremely efficient when it comes to isolating itself from the outside world.

But with a little effort, numerous sources of information bubble up: Former employees, their friends and families, and some Apple analysts together paint a picture of what it means to be an Apple employee.

Job at Apple? Only with 110 percent performance

Adam Lashinsky is an editor at Fortune Magazine and author of the 2012 bestseller "Inside Apple". For his publication, the author interviewed numerous current and former Apple employees. He presented his results, among other things, during a speech in Stanford entitled "Keeping Company Secrets". There he said, among other things: "I like to compare Apple employees with horses that wear blinkers. You look neither to the left nor to the right, but simply dash forward with full power and with 110 percent of your energy."

Dylan Adams was employed at the Apple Store for three years: "My first Apple experience was the iPod. It was the device that got me interested in technology in the first place. I have been since that day keen on Apple products: if I bought a laptop, it was a Macbook; if I bought a smartphone, it was an iPhone and, in the case of a tablet, of course, an iPad. Actually, it was absolutely inevitable that I should go to Apple apply for a job. "

However, Apple has no interest in "fakes", as Adams clarifies: "The photos of the smiling Apple employees on the website are real. They are not models or actors, but real employees. I worked with some of these people myself."

  1. Silicon Valley
    Silicon Valley surrounds the southern end of the Bay, lies between the California hills and looks like a large, quiet suburb.
  2. The origin of Silicon Valley
    This nondescript garage in Palo Alto is believed to be the birthplace of Silicon Valley. Hewlett-Packard was founded here in 1939.
  3. Intel
    The headquarters of the CPU manufacturer is in Santa Clara.
  4. Intel Museum
    The company is open to visitors and has its own company museum that does not cost any admission.
  5. Facebook
    The headquarters of the social network Facebook is not open to visitors. It just remains ...
  6. Facebook
    ... an obligatory tourist cliché photo in front of the company sign.
  7. Google
    Google is comparatively open-minded. Here tourists are allowed to walk across the campus ...
  8. Google
    ... take photos with specially set up backdrops ...
  9. Google
    ... and even cycle on the bikes that are everywhere.
  10. Google
    The self-driving Google cars are a common sight in Mountain View.
  11. Apple
    This is the Jobs family garage where Apple was founded and started out in 1974. Since this is still a private residence, you can only catch a glimpse here.
  12. Apple
    Apple is not that open. As with Facebook, the headquarters can only be seen from the outside.
  13. Apple
    After all, there is an Apple Store right at the headquarters that sells fan articles that are only available here.
  14. Apple
    Apple's huge new headquarters is still a fenced construction site and can only be seen driving past.
  15. Tesla
    The Tesla headquarters does not have an offer for visitors. However, pre-orderers and owners of an electric car from the company can take a factory tour in nearby Fremont.
  16. NASA
    The US space agency NASA also has a location in Mountain View. There is a small, free museum here.
  17. Computer History Museum
    The Computer History Museum at Mountain View is one of the top nerd tourist attractions in Silicon Valley.
  18. Computer History Museum
    There are hundreds of exhibits from computer history, including one of the extremely rare Apple I.

Excessive secrecy among Apple employees

A unique selling point of the company is the increased value that is placed on secrecy. Most IT and technology companies have specially trained staff for this purpose. In Cupertino, they take things a "bit" further, as Lashinsky knows: "Apple has secrets from itself. It's part of corporate culture and the way we do business. They have secrets from their own employees. If you. You have secrets." and I work at Apple but are not on the same team, what they do is not my business and vice versa. "

Several sources have already reported that the software developers at Apple - even those with a "senior" in their job title - will not see a new product before the official launch. So the people who design the software have no idea what the hardware looks like and vice versa.

  1. The dream employers of the young professionals in IT 2015 ...
    ... found out by Trendence through a survey of 538 young professionals with an IT degree who have been in the job for between one and eight years.
  2. 1. Google
    As in the previous year, Google ranks first among the dream employers for IT professionals.
  3. 2. BMW Group
    In second place for the third time in a row and an extremely popular employer among young professionals is BMW.
  4. 4. SAP
    SAP was also able to make up ground, is in fourth place, and was able to improve two places in the reputation of young professionals.
  5. 5. Apple ...
    ... has also been able to increase his standing with the IT specialists by two placements. Last year they were listed in seventh place.
  6. 6. Bosch Group
    Bosch made a giant leap compared to last year and climbed from 16th place to sixth, jumping over ten places.
  7. 7. IBM ...
    ... last year still in the top three, slipped to seventh place.
  8. 8. Audi
    The car company lost four places compared to last year, but can still stay in the top ten.
  9. 9. McKinsey & Company ...
    ... remains in the top ten in 2015 as well, but has slipped one place compared to 2014.
  10. 10. Porsche
    The car manufacturer is staying on the ten as it was last year.
  11. 11. Daimler / Mercedes-Benz ...
    ... leaves three places behind (previous year: 14th place) and thus ranks behind the competition in the automotive industry.
  12. 12. Accenture
    Listed in the top ten last year (ninth place), Accenture fell to twelfth place this year. Our picture shows Germany boss Frank Riemensperger.
  13. 13. Siemens ...
    ... only suffered minor losses on the popularity scale of computer scientists and only fell two places compared to the previous year (eleventh place).
  14. 14. Amazon
    The shipping giant Amazon, like Siemens, is two places worse off (2014: twelfth place).
  15. 15. Fraunhofer Society
    The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is almost as attractive as an employer for young professionals as it was last year and was only able to place itself one place better (2014: 16th place).
  16. 15. Volkswagen
    Germany's largest group is in 15th place this year, four places better than in the previous year, when it was 19th.
  17. 17. Lufthansa Group
    Lufthansa has regained its position from 2013 after having slipped to 21st place in 2014.
  18. 18. BCG The Boston Consulting Group ...
    ... remains in 18th place like last year and is thus placed nine places lower than its direct competitor McKinsey.
  19. 18. Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)
    The BSI is no longer so popular with young professionals and has lost five places compared to last year (2014: 13th place).
  20. 20. Deutsche Telekom AG
    Telekom is three places higher among IT specialists than it was in 2014, when it was 23rd.
  21. 21. Deutsche Bahn
    This year, Deutsche Bahn shares 21st place with the German Aerospace Center.
  22. 21. German Aerospace Center (DLR)
    DLR moved up from 22nd place last year to 21st place.
  23. 23. Allianz Group
    The Allianz Group has worked its way up to 23rd place.
  24. 24. Intel
    Intel ranks 24th this year.
  25. 25. adidas AG
    The sporting goods supplier Adidas is also increasing in the popularity scale of young professionals and is in 25th place (previous year: 38th place).
  26. 26. Airbus Group
    The Airbus Group shares rank 26 together with the Max Planck Society and Capgemini.