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Adventure while traveling: what else do you want to experience? (+ Competition!)

August 12, 2013

Do you like adventure?

Do you like to widen your comfort zone?

A real adventure cannot be planned; it rather requires the willingness to spontaneously get involved in unexpected situations.

Have you ever thought about what adventure means to you, what it means to you?

  • Have you ever tested your limits?
  • Do you know where they are
  • If so, do you know why they exist? Because you decided it that way, because other people have decided for you, or do you know them from your own experience?
  • Have you ever pushed your limits enough to see how far you can go with yourself?
  • Have you ever really challenged your body, mind and heart?

For me, adventure means experiencing something that is different from everyday life, something that allows you to expand your limits and comfort zone by leaving your familiar surroundings.

Either way, the definition is probably different for everyone - for some, a language course in Ecuador is an adventure, for others it has to be bungee jumping in New Zealand or a four-week trek in the Himalayas.

No matter how: Adventure can make you grow and enrich your life.

A few adventure highlights that I have already done myself:
  • With a one-way ticket to India, from there further eastwards with no return date
  • A camping / trekking tour through the Himalayas (Kashmir & Ladakh)
  • Alone through Central America for 4 months
  • With the sailboat from Panama to Colombia
  • Cave diving in Mexico
  • And much more…


On a legendary journey with Heineken!

Heineken currently has the action “The Voyage” at the start that itPeople with chronic travel fever and severe wanderlust makes it possible to go on an adventure trip.

As part of this, you can get one Extraordinary adventure trip with guaranteed experience to New Zealand, Botswana, Canada, India and the Space Camp in Texas - pretty cool.

You can find out how it all works and how you can get hold of such a trip on Heineken.de.

You can also get a foretaste of “real” travel on the Heineken YouTube channel: with “Dropped”, a spectacular social experiment in which the daring set off on journeys without knowing their destination. Pretty cool!


Raffle with Heineken on Planet Backpack

At the same time, I'm giving away 2 casual Voyager sets with Heineken including a backpack, professional binoculars, T-shirt (size L) and 2 Voyage Limited Edition beer glasses:

What do you have to do to win one of the two sets?

Just answer this question in the comments below this post:

What adventure do you still want to experience in your life?

The two best, coolest answers will each win a Voyager set!

The winners will be notified by email and the sets will be sent to their home by post!

You can take part up to and including August 18th, 2013! The judges' decision is logically final!

I wish you success!