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Broker CompassThe best realtors of the year

519 real estate brokers took part in Capital's Broker Compass this year - more than ever since the first survey seven years ago. More and more providers apparently want to show that they offer house and apartment owners as well as prospective buyers a service that is worth their money. The year 2020 was a deep turning point for the industry, the coronavirus suddenly stopped the long boom in March: viewing appointments were suddenly no longer possible, sellers and landlords paused. In view of the looming economic downturn, potential buyers were also wondering whether they should take the risk of buying it.

Business is now buzzing again, most experts have given the all-clear for the real estate market - the longing for property is not only unbroken, it has even increased in many in the lockdown. Nevertheless, the market is changing: The demand for properties is changing, as is the relationship between buyers and sellers. Because from January both have to share the brokerage commission across Germany. So far, in many federal states (and in the metropolises) the buyer alone pays the agency fee.

In this situation, transparency and reliable performance are all the more important. This time, almost 2,100 companies made it onto the shortlist in the Broker Compass, more than 500 of which took the time to answer Capital's catalog of questions. In addition, experts on our behalf carefully examined the company's offerings and customer service. Brokers achieved good or very good results in 96 cities. A total of 482 companies can decorate themselves with four or five stars. You can find all results in our table.

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This is how the broker compass works

An investigation in two stages

The experts from Scope Investor Services and iib Dr. Hettenbach Instituts (iib-Institut) have again assessed the performance of brokerage companies across Germany for Capital. The investigation was carried out in two steps: First, the iib Institute recorded the real estate offers from a total of 25,925 brokers on the most important Internet portals for 100 particularly attractive municipalities. For cities with more than 500,000 inhabitants, the 50 largest providers each qualified, for smaller cities the number was between 40 and ten, depending on the number of inhabitants. Because the larger the offer, the greater the likelihood that buyers will find a suitable property. Brokers with many properties also usually attract more interested parties, which in turn increases the sales opportunities.

Four criteria

Scope then analyzed the providers in four categories: qualification, process quality, exposé and contract, and service. For this purpose, a total of 2081 brokers were asked to fill out an extensive online questionnaire and provide documents such as brokerage contracts, sample exposé or customer feedback sheets. Only providers who completely answered the questionnaire were evaluated. The self-reports were analyzed and translated into point values. The number of points achieved in each category made up 25 percent of the overall result. Among other things, the following questions were asked:

  1. Qualification: What professional experience and qualifications do the employees have? What about training and further education? Are industry standards being followed? Is the company a member of an association that monitors compliance with standards?
  1. Process quality: How professionally are houses and apartments acquired, valued and marketed, which channels are used? Which additional services are offered - for example financing, assessment, administrative procedures or energy certification? And, also important: does the company have property damage liability insurance?
  1. Exposé and contract: How is the property presented to potential buyers in written form? Are all important details given? Is the brokerage contract formulated in an understandable way and are the costs of the service comprehensible?
  1. Service: Which quality standards apply? How quickly are inquiries answered? Is customer satisfaction systematically determined and improved?

So read the table

The average house and apartment prices in the table provide an indication of the price segment in which a broker is primarily active. The sales proceeds for single and terraced houses, semi-detached houses and multi-family houses are included in the values ​​for house transactions.

Capital seal

482 brokers achieved good or very good ratings this year: 396 providers achieved the highest rating of five stars, 86 got four stars. Capital was unable to honor any companies in four cities. Brokers with a four or five star rating have the opportunity to acquire a capital seal and use it to advertise themselves. You can find more detailed information on this at capital.de/siegel


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