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Becoming a Freemason: You need to know that

In order to be able to become a Freemason, a lengthy membership process is required, which remains uncertain for both sides for some time. Whoever becomes a member belongs to a lifelong covenant. So it is checked carefully whether the applicant fits the box and vice versa. The aim is: strangers become brothers.

  1. The first thing to do is to send an inquiry to one of the five large boxes.
  2. 1. Old Free and Accepted Masons of Germany (AFuAM), 2. Freemasons of Germany / Order of Freemasons, 3. Great National Mother Lodge “To the Three Worlds”, 4. American Canadian Grand Lodge AF & AM, 5. Grand Lodge of British Freemasons in Germany
  3. You will find a corresponding contact form on the Freemasons website.
  4. At one of these grand lodges, ask for an invitation to a guest evening at the lodge closest to you.
  5. If you are invited, you must attend the meetings regularly. All brothers (for women: sisters) of a lodge must agree to this meeting. This is to ensure that harmony is preserved.
  6. There will be regular informal exchanges over the next 12 months. If you are mutually sympathetic, you can then ask to be admitted.
  7. Your information in the contact form and in the meetings should all be true. Insincerity will prevent acceptance.
  8. Lodges are registered associations. They raise membership fees to cap the costs. Depending on the lodge, the contributions are between approx. 250 and 500 euros per year.
  9. Lodges that follow the tradition of the stone masonry do not accept women. Purely women's boxes, on the other hand, not men. The meaning behind it is explained in a book: Freemasons in 60 minutes.
  10. There are now also mixed boxes. Men are seen as brothers and women as sisters.