How about today

Translation of "Wäre heute" in English

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Would be today Monday, I would have been shopping.
If it was Monday, I'd have been to the supermarket.
Would be today impossible, had to go.
Would be today not the dauphin's baptism, if he had done it personally.
Were it not for the Dauphin's christening, he would have come himself.
Would be today good day for you to leave some blood samples here?
Got time to leave some blood samples today?
{y: bi}Would be today still comfortable for you?
Does today work for you at all?
Would be today For example, having also dealt with the Waddington report, it would have been able to illustrate, in a sense, the discrepancy between a problem such as trafficking in women and the fact that it has been left out, as the report notes.
For example, if we also had the Waddington report, we would have been able, in a sense, to appreciate the anomaly of the modern slave traffic not being mentioned in the report.
And because of me she had to go to Kaisers as a waitress. Lechtal. Would be today impossible, had to go. Or once in the 1930s - she was upstairs as a waitress in Nauders.
And she as a waitress because of me have to go to Kaiser. Lechtal. Would be impossible today, had to go. Or has it once in the 30s - she was a waitress in Nauders above.
My colleague, Commissioner Verheugen would be today liked to have been here.
My colleague Commissioner Verheugen would have liked to have been here today.
Similar would be today nothing gained if the southern Europeans remained immobile.
Similarly, nothing would be gained today by the southern Europeans remaining immobile.
I would be today almost hit by a car.
I wish it would be today nice weather.
Mr. Ayral would be today certainly been very satisfied.
I would be today almost died to protect you.
With all due respect, I. almost died today trying to protect you.
I would be today almost went home with someone from the clinic.
If only I could turn the clock and would be today stayed at home.
I just wish I could go back in time and just stay home tonight.
I just wish he did would be today here.
I know I said it would be today finished.
I know I said I'd have it in your hands today, but I had to make a few changes.
D.B. Cooper's prey would be today Worth $ 1.2 million.
Sht! Lemon would be today but moved in with George.
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