What is a submarine base

A huge submarine bunker in the middle of Wedel? Hardly imaginable today - but the plans for this armaments factory existed and even construction work had already started. Today even most of the Wedelers hardly know this part of their local history. An exciting guided tour along the tracks.

From 1941, the German Wehrmacht retained the submarine fleet as the only successful offensive weapon against the Western Allies. In order to secure the replenishment production, the navy ordered at the end of 1942 to build submarine bunkers as bomb-proof new shipyards. The huge submarine bunker with the code name “Wenzel” planned in Wedel in 1943 was intended to be the bomb-proof alternative for the Hamburg shipyards. With a length of 250m, a width of 284m and a height of 20m it would have been gigantic. Due to the devastating air raids on Hamburg, the earthworks that had begun were stopped in the spring of 1944.

Accompany us to the various relics of the construction site in the Wedel city area and find out what tremendous effects threatened Wedel, how the population dealt with it and which myths have survived to this day.

Tour info

Entrance price: € 5 per person
Duration of the guided tour: approx. 90 minutes
Distance: approx. 4 km

The tour takes place in all weathers. We move on the tour in public traffic. Each participant is responsible for their own behavior. Please be considerate of other passers-by when you stop en route and keep the cycle paths clear.

Due to the longer distance and the necessary walking pace, a certain level of physical fitness is a great advantage!


Pre-registration is essential for this event, as only a limited number of places are available. You can easily make your reservation using our web form - or give us a call!

Further dates in preparation.

meeting point

The starting point of the tour is the portal of the Old Town Hall in Wedel, Rathausplatz 3-5, directly opposite the Wedel S-Bahn station. When you have left the train station through the main exit, cross the B 431 at the traffic lights and go left towards the town hall. In addition to the S-Bahn station, there are numerous parking spaces in the P + R facility.

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