How much can an intraday trader earn

Intraday trading Make money intraday trading

The forex market offers the ideal platform for intraday trading, especially for intraday traders. But what is the difference to normal trading and what is important?

Intraday trading Make money intraday trading

In intraday trading, the trader buys and sells his positions within a day. So he tries to realize profits within a very short time. This usually happens for his trading in the 15-minute and 1-hour time window in which he reads the courses and makes his trading decisions accordingly.

Good money management, good risk management and the observation of current forex news, which can influence the traded currency pair, are important for successful intraday trading.

It is precisely through such news that there is a great opportunity when trading currency pairs, since the exchange rates can be subject to very strong fluctuations in the case of important news. In this way, the intraday trader can earn money very quickly through his trading decisions. Only if he understands how the new news will affect course, of course.

There are some free news services for this, which are especially suitable for intraday trading. With this information, the trader can understand the market better over time and will learn to act more and more accurately in the intraday market.

In intraday trading in particular, indicators and oscillators are very much consulted. They form the basis for the day trader. With these auxiliary tools, the trader can better recognize price changes and act with the appropriate knowledge and place his trades in such a way that you are more likely to make a profit.


Long-term success through knowledge

Of course, even a day trader cannot always be right in intraday trading. And this is exactly why risk management is so important. So he always has to know when to get out and when there are good entry and exit signals. Only then can he, in combination with his knowledge, have long-term success.

Since the foreign exchange market has been open to private investors in Germany for a few years now, everyone can now try their hand at being an intraday trader. Often the problem is that big and fast money is promised here. Most people forget, however, that a study of financial instruments and experience also play a very important role here. What is also often underestimated is the psychological condition during trading. It is not easy to switch off your emotions during intraday trading and to trade stubbornly according to numbers and your own specifications.

Many beginners say goodbye to intraday trading, often with big losses, and curse the forex market. A remedy would quickly be found here if the prospective trader had attended a Forex seminar first and learned the basics there.

So he could have saved most of the losses and would have got a system for intraday trading right from the start, with which one can make profits as a day trader.

So if you want to become a successful intraday trader yourself, attend a day trader seminar and learn how to trade successfully with foreign exchange and what is important in intraday trading. What risks can arise or exist and how you can minimize them through a trading system that combines all aspects of a successful profit system. Intraday Trading Intraday Trading Earning Money - Read our advanced specialist articles.