How do people like to watch sports?

Cliché and truth: that's why more men love sport than women

Almost every man loves sports - whether passively in the TV broadcast or actively in the fitness center or sports club. This leads to gossip in many relationships - because women cannot enjoy sport nearly as much as men. If he wants to watch the Bundesliga, she would rather watch “Tatort” or “GNTM”. If she wants to have a cozy coffee, he pulls his jogging shoes out of the closet. It's a cliché, of course, but as always, there's a grain of truth in it.

So much truth, after all, that scientists have taken on the subject. Grand Valley State University psychologists Robert Deaner and Michael Lombardo wanted to know more about why women are less interested in active and passive exercise than men. Researchers panned literature to learn more about the origins of these gender differences. In the journal "Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences" they report what they found out about the evolutionary roots of these sports preferences.

The first fundamental observation is that women are underrepresented in sport. They only do half as much sport as men and are only half as interested in it. This is not only the case in Western societies, but also in hunter-gatherer communities. Numerous studies confirm this effect.

More capable of group formation

But what is the reason for this? Researchers have put forward a number of theories as to why it could have been an advantage in evolution that men are sporty and women are not. Ultimately, it could be that this distribution of roles has an advantage for the relationship or even for reproductive success.