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MCC reveals details from "Deathly Hallows"
"The Deathly Hallows" - "The End of Harry Potter"

For those of you who don't want to know the end, please don't read any further here.

As reported, the "New York Times" already published details from "Deathly Hallows". It is a largely gloomy book about Harry's final entry into the tangles and sadness of adulthood ".

At least half a dozen characters that have appeared in previous books would die, and many others would be injured or tortured.

The central element of the book is the search for the Horcruxes, magical objects that contain parts of Voldemort's soul and that Harry has to destroy if he wants to kill the evil lord.

At the same time there are the Hallows from the title, three magical objects that give their owner power over death. Harry has to decide whether to devote himself to the search for the Horcruxes or to chase the Hallows. In the issue circulating on the Internet, however, Voldemort finds death.

In this version, Harry Potter is married and a father. The book ends with Ron and Hermione's wedding.


According to "NYT", one of the most interesting aspects of the novel is the ambiguity of Rowling's characters. The nice head wizard Dumbledore, the shady teacher Severus Snape and even Potter's horrific cousin Dudley Dursley would reveal "hidden aspects of their personality".

And: "The reader understands that small incidents and trivialities in the earlier volumes - well hidden in numerous feint - were deliberately scattered clues to the plot, that Rowling put the pieces of the puzzle of this gigantic undertaking together with Dickensian ingenuity and exuberance."

Detailed content

Lord Voldemort gathers his Death Eaters in the Malfoy family mansion. The theme of the meeting: the murder of Harry Potter.

The chances are as good as ever: Death Eaters have infiltrated the Ministry of Magic and Severus Snape still has excellent connections. Snape even reports to his dark lord when Harry will be brought to safety by the Phoenix Order from Voldemort. Because: Harry's 17th birthday also ends the magic protection with which Hogwarts director Dumbledor occupied the Dursleys (Harry's uncle and aunt) estate - the time when Voldemort will (supposedly) strike.

At the Death Eater gathering, Voldermort unceremoniously kills a former professor from Hogwarts: Charity Burbage, who was responsible for "Muggle studies" there. With an Avada Kedavra, Voldemort kills the defenseless and helpless woman. Snape, who killed Dumbledore in the last volume, calmly watches this murder.

At the same time, the overthrow in the Ministry of Magic is planned: Influential Ministry employees have already been made compliant by spells and curses, so that it is only a matter of time before Voldemort can completely seize power in the Ministry. For this reason, not only Harry Potter's assassination, but also that of Rufus Scrimgour (Supreme Minister of Magic) is planned.

Harry is still forbidden to do magic outside of school hours. That won't change until his 17th birthday, which at that point is still a few days away. And because not only Harry but also the Dursleys are in danger, Harry's uncle, aunt and cousin must be brought to safety.

First deaths

Harry's friends from the Phoenix Order (Lupine, Mad-Eye Moody, Tonks, George and Fred Weasley, etc.) try to outsmart Voldemort with cunning and cunning. With a magic potion you turn into Harry Potter doubles to confuse possible pursuers. Ultimately, the diversion does not help, because 30 Death Eaters lurk around the Dursley house.

The good-natured half-giant Hagrid acts as Harry's bodyguard during the "escape" from Pivet Drive 4. The first stop on the escape from the Death Eaters is said to be the parents' house of Tonks, Remus Lupine's fiancé. On the way there, however, the first catastrophe occurs: Death Eaters hit the flying motorcycle with curses, and Harry's owl Hedwig is killed - the first death in Harry's immediate vicinity. And that's still not all, even Voldemort shows up in person.

Ultimately, the escape succeeds and Harry arrives at the Weasley's burrow. Then the tragic news piles up: George returns injured: Snape has torn off his ear with a curse. Even more tragic: Mad-Eye-Moody never returns: he was the victim of a death curse from Lord Voldemort.


Horcruxes are magical objects or living things in which evil wizards keep parts of their souls. When a black magician commits murder, his soul splits. So part of the soul can be locked in an object - and the killer becomes immortal. If a magician who keeps parts of his soul in horcruxes is killed, only his body dies, but his soul lives on.

* The Diary of Tom Riddle: This Horcrux was destroyed by Harry Potter in the second volume.

* The ring of Marvolo: Albus Dumbledore destroyed the ring of Marvolo with the sword of Goddoric Gryffindore in the sixth volume - and paid with his life. While trying to use the ring, he was hit by a powerful curse and mortally wounded.

* The medallion: Regulas Arcturus Black stole it, it will be given to House Elf Kreacher. Before he can destroy it, Mundungus Fletcher acquires it, but loses it to Dolores Umbridge. Dolores is stolen from Harry and Hermione and finally Ron Weasley destroys it with the sword of Goddoric Gryffindore.

* Helga Hufflepuff's cup: This horcrux was kept by Beatrix Lestrange in a chamber of the Gringotts wizard's bank. Harry Potter manages to steal the mug. He gives it to Hermione, who uses the basilisk tooth to destroy it from the Chamber of Secrets.

* The Diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw: The Horcrux is accidentally destroyed by a curse from Crabbe.

* Nagini, the serpent: Neville beheads Nagini with the sword of Goddoric Gryffindore.

* Harry Potter: Lord Voldemort "kills" Harry with the curse Avada Kedrava.

Harry "dies" ...

Harry is defeated in the final battle with Lord Voldemort - but only for the time being!

In chapters 35 & 36 the all-important battle between Harry Potter and the dark lord Voldemort takes place. Snape, now on Harry’s side, falls victim to a Death Eater. Harry is unconscious after Voldemort's Avada Kedrava curse. At this point the story leads into Harry’s mind. He finds himself in a kind of hall that reminds him of the King's Station. Not far from him lies a small child, crouched and whimpering, but he feels that he cannot help him. Suddenly Harry’s beloved mentor Dumbledore appears. He now explains to him what the Deathly Hallows are all about - and whether Voldemort has now won.

The Deathly Hallows are three items that give the wearer power over death. These include:
1) Elderwand, the magic wand of the elders, also "ancestral wand", with which you win every duel. Stolen from Grindlewald's hands by Dumbledore, stolen from Dumbledore's grave by Voldemort. Harry explains that Draco Malfoy is entitled to the ancestral wand and that he stole his wand. That makes Harry Potter the rightful owner. Harry uses it to heal his hand and bring him back to Dumbledore's grave.

2) The stone from Marvolo's ring. This enables everyone to communicate with the dead. The stone was also one of the Horcruxes that mortally wounded Dumbledore when he tried to communicate with his sister. He inherits it to Harry.

3) The camouflage coat. Makes it possible to become invisible and forms a protective shield against the evil forces for the wearer.

Dumbledore now explains to Harry that although he was killed by Voldemort on the one hand, he would have the choice of returning. Because Harry is now destroyed as a Horcrux, but thanks to his good soul, which lets him fear neither death nor love, he has the opportunity to live on. The dying child symbolizes Harry as an injured victim after Voldemort's fatal attack on Harry's parents. Harry survived then, but Voldemort had formed a body for himself out of his blood that is now dying.

The tense end: Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts and prepares for the final stand with his companions.

... and kill Voldemort

Before the decisive battle between Harry and Voldemort comes, Rowling lets Harry return to Hogwarts, where he is supposed to destroy the sixth Horcrux, the Nagini snake.

Professor Mc Gonagall tries to buy Harry a little more time and has the Hogwarts students evacuated. Meanwhile, Neville Longbottom gathers the Order of the Phoenix and Dumbledore's army. Meanwhile, the Death Eaters, Giants, Spiders and Voldemort are already approaching the castle. In this situation, almost every (still living) figure from the previous six volumes appears again, on the good side as well as on the bad side.

The long fight begins with spectacular scenes. In the middle of the breathless maze, the unimaginable suddenly happens: Voldemort destroys the last and most significant Horcrux of all: Harry. Fortunately, this is only a fallacy. Because Harry, who decided to live after meeting Dumbledore, pretends to be dead, now conscious again. He is then carried back to Hogwarts in Hagrid's arms under Voldemort's command. There it comes to the showdown: Neville beheads Nagini, Harry kills Lord Voldemort.

happy end

The book ends with the finish that many had hoped for but that hardly anyone expected: and if they haven't died, they are still alive today ...

The epilogue takes place 19 years after the events in volume seven. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny meet at platform 9 3/4 and drop off their own children on the Hogwarts Express. As indicated in Volume Six, Harry and Ginny Weasley became a couple. The two have now had three children. A daughter (Lily, after Harry's mother) and two sons (James, after Harry's father and Albus Severus, after Headmaster Dumbledore and Professor Snape). Ron and Hermione also got married and have two children: Rose and Hugo. Harry's archenemy Draco Malfoy also appears on the platform: he and his wife bring son Scorpius to the school train.

With this ending, Joanne K. Rowling has left all options open to one day return to the world of Harry Potter & Co. Either the narrative thread can be taken up again with the junior potters, or the "original cast" can take on the fight against evil again at an adult age.

The last sentence of the book is: "All was well!" ("Everything was good!")

Who dies and who survives

* Charity Burbage: Lord Voldemort kills the professor of Muggle studies, the snake Nagini eats her.
* Hedwig: Harry's owl is killed by a misguided curse intended for Harry.
* Mad Eye Moody: He is killed by Lord Voldemort.
* Wormtail: Killed by his own artificial hand for sparing Harry Potter.
* Bathilda Bagshot: She dies of natural causes - old age.
* Dobby: Bellatrix Lestrange straightens him with a knife.
* Crabbe: He becomes the victim of a self-inflicted, magical accident.
* Bellatrix Lestrange: Mrs. Weasley destroys the evil sorceress.
* Severus Snape: Lord Voldemort kills him, the Nagini snake eats him.
* Harry Potter: Lord Voldemort puts the deadly curse Avada Kedrava on him, but he returns from the dead.
* Tom Riddle / Voldemort: Harry Potter kills him with the ancestral staff.
Fred Weasley: When Hogwarts Castle collapses, Ron and Ginny's brother is struck by rubble.
* Colin Creevy, Remus Lupine, Tonks: Unknown cause of death
* German wand maker, Grindlewald, Rufus Scrimgor: Are killed by Lord Voldemort.

Who survives:
Harry Potter
Ron Weasley
Hermione Granger
Ginny Weasley
George Weasley
Weasley parents


Source: Courier (A) - New York Times (USA)
Image source: Weltbild.de