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Behemoths are cunning, great, terrifying, and vicious creatures that hunt humanity on the Shattered Isles.

Summary [edit | Edit source]

Behemoths are massive, formidable animals that spread across the Shattered Isles. They are creatures that feed on the land by consuming ether, and get stronger as they are consumed. They roam the wild and unpredictable land and pose a great threat to the people and hunters of the Shattering Isles.

Behemoths [edit | Edit source]

Neutral[Edit | Edit source]

Neutral Behemoths are the only class of Behemoths that do not use elemental abilities. Often they use physical strength and speed, everyone uses different skills.

fire[Edit | Edit source]

Brand Behemoths often use fire or lava attacks and inflict the burning effect on Slayers, causing them to lose health over time. The burn status effect can be removed by dodging.

frost[Edit | Edit source]

Frost or Ice Behemoths often attack by throwing or spraying ice and giving the Slayers the Chilled or Frozen status effect. Frozen players must quickly press the dodge button to break free or be rescued by another hunter.

shock[Edit | Edit source]

Shock or Electro Behemoths often use electrical attacks by using Behemoth-created objects or attacks to create the Shocked Status Effect. Currently the only countermeasure against the shock status is an isolated cell, the Shockjaw mask, the Shockjaw vest or the Shockjaw greaves. A hunter in shock status may NOT interact or use consumables until the effect wears off.

Terra[Edit | Edit source]

Terra or nature behemoths often attack and defend themselves in different ways. Similar to neutral giants, each terra giant often uses unique and varied skills in combat.

shadow[Edit | Edit source]

Shadow Behemoths use shadows and dark themed attacks to disorient and confuse hunters. These monsters use portals or often create areas of darkness that reduce the playing field for brief moments. To do this, they rely on the "corruption" effect, which continuously robs hunters of life and stamina and slows them down.

light[Edit | Edit source]

Light Behemoths often use rays or creations of bright light on the battlefield. These lights can both polish and destroy a hunter. Keeping an eye on the world around you is vital when hunting down these behemoths.

Behemoth forms [edit | Edit source]

Behemoth forms refer to the state of the behemoth during combat. Behemoths can enter 2 main states at any time during a hunt.

Angry [edit | Edit source]

Behemoths can get angry after taking significant damage from Slayer. This is indicated by a rapid burst of red ether in a sphere around the Behemoth, as well as a glow from the body and eyes. Once enraged, Behemoths do more damage and may attack faster and / or change their attack patterns. While Behemoths are more dangerous when angry, there are perks that can be used to inflict additional damage on them. Angry monsters can become charged with ether. Behemoths don't flee battle when angry.

Ether loaded [edit | Edit source]

Some behemoths can charge in a similar way to when they get angry. The effects of an Aether-charged state vary between Behemoths, but are indicated by a temporary change in appearance and attack patterns, as well as the achievement of new attacks. While Behemoths are more dangerous when charged with Aether, there are perks that can be used to inflict additional damage on them. Charged Behemoths also get angry. Behemoths do not flee battle while charged. Some Behemoths can be prevented from shifting into the ether - in the case of the Pangar and Hellion, hits on their scales and damage to the ether scales can prevent them from fully charging.