What are unread messages in Messenger

Facebook Messenger: read messages unnoticed

Birgit Götz, Martyn Casserly

You have received and read a message in Facebook Messenger, but do not want to reply to it. So that this doesn't get embarrassing: Read your messages without the sender noticing.

EnlargeRead messages in Facebook Messenger unnoticed - this is how it works

When they get a message on Facebook Messenger, many people feel a bit under pressure to reply to it. Sometimes you don't feel like doing it - but the sender sees that you have already looked at the message.

Just read your Facebook messages in such a way that the sender does not notice them at first.

Read Facebook messages on your smartphone unnoticed

When someone sends a message on Facebook Messenger, a circle with a check mark will appear next to the text box. As soon as the recipient opens this message, the tick is replaced by the person's icon - and the sender knows that their message has been read.

There is no setting in Facebook that allows you to turn off read receipts for the sender.

But there is another option: put your smartphone on airplane mode. To activate this mode, swipe down from the top of the display and tap on the airplane symbol in the settings options. Or look for offline mode in the settings.

If you now receive a message and would like to look at it without being noticed, first switch to airplane mode and only then open the Facebook Messenger app to read your message. The sender does not see that you have already opened the message. Nothing is displayed on your smartphone; the following features appear on it:

A white circle with a check mark to the right of the text field - the message has been sent.
The circle with the check mark turns gray, which tells the sender: The message has been received but not yet read.

This status is retained when you use airplane mode to read the message.

If you do want to respond to the message, you can deactivate airplane mode and open the Facebook Messenger app. The circle will now be replaced by your personal symbol, informing the sender that you have read the message.

Read Facebook messages unnoticed on your PC or laptop
Just as on the mobile version, Facebook does not offer the option of switching off read receipts on PC and laptop. here you need third-party plug-ins.

If you use Chrome: Open the start page of the browser and click on "Web Store" below the search field or here.

For example, a free extension that automatically blocks read receipts that are sent when a message is opened is Unseen for Facebook. Click "Add" and the extension will be installed. Then, when you use Chrome to access Facebook Messenger, you can read messages silently.

Firefox users can take FB Unseen, which does the same job. In Firefox, click on the three lines in the top right corner, select "Add-ons" and search for the app. Click on it and then on "Add to Firefox".

This tip first appeared on our English colleagues at techadvisor.co.uk

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