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Izzie Stevens

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  • former assistant doctor in surgery

Series information

Isobel "Izzie" Katherine Stevens starts her residency training with George, Cristina and Meredith and Alex. Shortly after the merger of Seattle Grace Hospital and Mercy West Hospital, she was discharged and shortly thereafter left Seattle for good.

Previous life Edit source]

She had a difficult childhood and worked hard to achieve her dream of becoming a surgeon. Together with her mother Robbie, she lived in poor conditions in a trailer park in Chehalis, Washington. As a teenager, Izzie didn't approve of work, such as B. high cost of constant counseling from clairvoyants. She became pregnant at the age of 16, but after giving birth gave her daughter up for adoption against her mother's wishes in order to enable her to have a better life. She called her "Sarah" herself, but the adoptive parents named her Hannah. In season 3, Hannah's adoptive parents ask Izzie for bone marrow because the girl has leukemia. Since Hannah does not want to have any contact with her birth mother, the viewer does not find out more about her. She had no friends during her school days as her schoolmates' parents rejected her because of her early pregnancy. She moved out of home when she was 18. Her biology teacher means a lot to her. He inspired her to study medicine. Her love for her teacher can be seen in the twelfth episode of the sixth season, in which she brings her sick teacher to Seattle Grace Hospital to have him examined.

To finance her medical studies, she worked, among other things, as an underwear model for the designer Bethany Whisper. The entire hospital experiences this in the episode “No Man's Land” because Alex Karev, her future husband, is putting up the pictures of her in the hospital. In the end, however, she defends herself against Alex and shows herself proud that, unlike many others, she got out of her studies debt-free.

Relationships [edit | Edit source]

Hank [edit | Edit source]

At the beginning of the series, you learn from her boyfriend, a hockey player named Hank. But this leaves her in the same sequence, because her job is in the foreground and the relationship cannot withstand the great distance.

Alex Karev [edit | Edit source]

At the beginning of the second season, Izzie begins to see Alex with different eyes, to the great miracle of her friends. They become friends and Alex finally asks her out on a date, which ends up being very disappointing for her because he doesn't have the courage to kiss her. For a short time she is angry and doesn't speak to him until he finally kisses her in front of her friends in Joe's Bar. Their relationship comes to a quick end, however, when Izzie catches Alex and Olivia Harper in the ready room. She is disappointed in him and encourages her friends to stop talking to Alex. However, when Alex has to repeat his practical exam, the others help him study. Izzie therefore reacts angrily at first, but can jump over her shadow and also help Alex practice for the exam.

In the 17th episode of the 2nd season The Last Day, the two sleep together, which leads to an affair in the coming episodes. When Denny (see section below) is finally brought in, Alex reacts jealously and tells him that the two are a couple. Izzie has not forgiven Alex for the slip up with Olivia and instead feels attracted to Denny, so she ends the affair with Alex. After Izzie is back to work in the hospital after Denny's death, Alex notices that he still has feelings for Izzie and tries to kiss her, but she refuses and tells him that she will not be ready after Denny's death. For this reason, Alex is furious when Izzie tells him to have slept with George.

When Alex realizes at the end of season 4 that his girlfriend Rebecca is mentally ill and he has her admitted, Alex is devastated and Izzie is there for him that evening and comforts him. In the 5th season the two get closer again when Izzie dares to step towards him and Alex opens up to her. While Alex becomes more and more aware of his feelings towards her and can finally tell her that he loves her and wants a future together, Izzie's feelings for Denny come to the fore again, whom she can see because of her brain tumor. However, she chooses Alex. When she is diagnosed with cancer, Alex stands by her side and takes care of her. Their relationship climaxes when Alex and Izzie get married at the wedding that Izzie had actually planned for Meredith and Derek. After Izzy's release from the hospital, the two move into Derek's trailer.

In season 6, Alex worries very much about Izzie, who starts working as a doctor again. He can't get rid of the thought of how she died in his arms and he talks to Dr. Webber about her still poor emotional and physical condition to protect her from being fired. However, this leads to a misunderstanding as a result of which Izzie blames Alex for her sacking and leaves Seattle for a while. Alex is very worried about his wife, but she doesn't respond to his calls. When Izzie finally returns, she realizes her mistake and wants to win Alex back. However, this has already turned away from her. He explains to her that he loves her almost so much that he hates her. However, she made it clear to him that he was a good person and therefore deserved better than her, who simply left him.

Denny Duquette [edit | Edit source]

In episode 19 of the second season, Denny Duquette is brought in with acute heart problems. The charming patient turns Izzie's head and they flirt with each other. They get closer and closer and soon Denny proposes marriage to Izzie and she accepts. However, in order to get Denny higher on the transplant list, Izzie cut the LVAD line, with dire consequences and endangering Denny's life. Ultimately, Denny dies and Izzie is suspended from duty. Izzie inherits millions from Denny, but is very slow to cope with his death. She mourns him for a long time and blames herself. She continues to love him for a long time until she surprisingly falls in love with her best friend George, who is also married. However, after long difficulties, they come together. But this is not long-lasting, because the chemistry between the two is right, but not the timing. Soon after, she starts a relationship with Alex, but is not entirely clear about her feelings. In season 5, the drama for Izzie reaches its climax when her beloved dead man reappears and she can talk to him, touch him and even have sex with him - this apparition later turns out to be a brain tumor. The tumor is discovered by Sadie Harris through research directed by Izzie so that Sadie can "practice" since she clearly has no clue about medicine.

Now she has to be strong and fight. And for that she has Alex by her side, he takes care of her touchingly. From her bedside she arranges the wedding for Derek and Meredith, the occupation should distract her. She is about to undergo risky brain surgery when another tumor is discovered. Shortly before leaving for the wedding, Meredith "hands" the wedding dress to Izzie and Derek talks to Alex that he and Izzie should marry in her place. Alex picks up Izzie in a suit at the bedside and they get married in church before the operation. Then the operation follows. When she wakes up, she has short-term memory problems, every few minutes she loses the memory of what was previously said. Alex supports and challenges her, repeatedly answers all questions, notes down the most important things on post-its, which she can keep an eye on. After a few hours he is angry and frustrated and lets off steam in front of Izzie. She can suddenly remember this and her short-term memory returns. Alex, who is so happy about it, hugs her and kisses her. But then suddenly she loses consciousness and there is no pulse. One tries to reanimate her after Dr. Webber has overridden the living will. It fails many times. The final scene of season five is the pallets being recharged and she being shocked. Then she climbs into an imaginary elevator together with George, who also hovers between life and death.

As the start of the sixth season, Izzie has been successfully revived and she is even approachable. From then on, her condition improved steadily and she could soon go home. In episode 3 of the sixth season, she appears again as a doctor in the hospital for the first time, she wants to get back to work as soon as possible. However, one notices that she is still not so mentally fit again. "The patient" can still be clearly recognized in their behavior. And that also has consequences for them. When she set a wrong value on the dialysis machine of a kidney patient and even Bailey doubts her abilities, Dr. Webber take the only right step for him and dismisses her. Izzie is totally shocked because the hospital is the only thing she has. She not only leaves the SGH, but also Alex. She writes him a suicide note and puts it in his compartment. This is the last one to hear from her for multiple episodes. Alex tries in vain to reach her and talk to her for the next time. When Izzie surprisingly returns in the episode "The New Present", she explains to Alex that she left him because he had told Webber that he should go easy on Izzie. Alex is totally outraged and the two of them don't get to speak until Izzie is gone again. From then on, Alex tries to erase Izzie from his life and forget everything. Izzie remains unmoved until Meredith tells Izzie on her cell phone that Alex is about to tick her off. Then she appears in the SGH and reveals to Alex that she wants to try again. At first Alex seems happy and willing to take this risk, but then Alex shatters her vision by saying that he has already been hurt too much by her to do it again.

Season 16 episode 16

Through letters from Alex one learns that Izzie, Alex's twins, Eli and Alexis (5th years) from fertilized egg cells during their cancer illness. Izzie lives on a farm in Kansas with her children and Alex and works as an oncologist.

Dr. Stevens [edit | Edit source]

  • sometimes wore glasses in the first few seasons.
  • can bake excellently.
  • always bakes way too many muffins when she is sad or worried
  • she is catholic.
  • has the name of her father 'Stevens'.
  • she wears size 6 gloves.
  • she's always the dog when she's playing Monopoly.
  • became a mother at 16 and gave the child up for adoption (Hannah Klein).
  • was Denny's fiancée.
  • inherited $ 8.7 million from Denny.
  • Donated $ 300,000 to a sick girl (since her insurance would not cover the operation) and the rest to Bailey's Clinic (Denny Duquette Memorial Klinic).
  • divorced Alex.
  • has twins from Alex Karev (a girl and a boy)
  • It took her six years to study medicine.
  • Izzie sees Denny when she is hallucinating because she associates him with death.
  • she has a butterfly tattoo.
  • like the other interns, she is assigned beginners in season 4:
  • Izzie was born either on January 5, 1980 as seen in 6.21 or on June 23, 1981 as it says on the surgical board in 5.19.
    • The former is more likely because season 3 (first broadcast in 2006) featured her eleven-year-old daughter, who she gave birth to when she was 16. So Izzie must have been 26 at the time.
  • always has to laugh at funerals, in stressful and difficult situations.
  • besides George and Lexie, Izzie is the only main character who was never seen in the dark blue senior doctor's smock.
  • had skin cancer with metastases in the liver and brain.