Which cities start with the letter B.

International cities with B

name of the cityResidentscountrySpecialty
Brusselsapprox. 180,000BelgiumCapital
Belgradeapprox. 1,350,000SerbiaGerman "white city", capital
Barcelonaapprox. 1,600,000SpainCapital of Catalonia, second largest city in Spain
Bostonapprox. 675,000United StatesCapital of the US state of Massachusetts
Bakuapprox. 2,180,000AzerbaijanCapital
Baghdadapprox. 5,400,000IraqGerman "God's gift", capital
Bangkokapprox. 8,250,000ThailandCapital
Bernapproximately 134,000SwitzerlandFederal city, in fact the capital
Brisbaneapprox. 2,275,000AustraliaFounded in 1824 as a penal colony under the name Moreton Bay
Belfastapprox. 342,000United KingdomCapital of Northern Ireland
Brestapprox. 140,000FrancePort city in Brittany
Bogotáapprox. 7,860,000ColombiaCapital, lies at an altitude of 2,640 meters
Bariapprox. 323,000ItalyCapital of the Puglia region
Bodøapprox. 52,000Norwaylocated north of the Arctic Circle

There are of course countless other cities with B on earth. The capitals alone include Bamako (Mali), Bangui (Central African Republic), Beirut (Lebanon), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Budapest (Hungary), Bridgetown (Barbados), Bratislava (Slovakia) or Brasília (Brazil) enumerate.

In addition, large cities such as Baltimore (USA), Bandung (Indonesia), Baotou (China), Basra (Iraq), Busan (South Korea), Bursa (Turkey) or Bengaluru (India) with over 10 million inhabitants.

German cities with B

name of the cityResidentsfederal stateSpecialty
Berlinapprox. 3,650,000BerlinCapital of the Federal Republic of Germany
Bremenapprox. 570,000Free Hanseatic City of BremenCity on the river Weser
Bochumapprox. 365,000North Rhine-WestphaliaBig city in the center of the Ruhr area
Bonnapprox. 327,000North Rhine-Westphaliaprovisional federal capital from 1949 to 1990
Bielefeldapprox. 333,000North Rhine-Westphaliafirst mentioned at the beginning of the 9th century
Braunschweigapprox. 248,000Lower Saxonysecond largest city in Lower Saxony
Bottropapproximately 117,000North Rhine-WestphaliaCity in the Ruhr area
Bernburgapprox. 33,000Saxony-AnhaltDistrict town of the Salzlandkreis
bad Homburgapprox. 54,000HesseBad Homburg vor der Höhe is the district town of the Hochtaunuskreis
Baden-Badenapprox. 55,000Baden-WuerttembergSpa and spa town
Bebraapprox. 14,000HesseJunction of several railway lines
Beelitzapprox. 12,500Brandenburgknown as "Asparagus City"
Bruehlapprox. 44,000North Rhine-Westphaliaknown from the amusement park Phantasialand
Castleapprox. 22,500Saxony-AnhaltDistrict town of the district of Jerichower Land near Magdeburg

Which city with B promises more points?

Goal of the game City-Country-River is to get as many points as possible for the respective solutions. Since there are fewer points if several players have the same solution in a category, it is usually better not to give the "standard answer".

In the case of a city with a B, the German cities Berlin or Bremen or Brussels or Belgrade are often mentioned first. If two or more players have decided to do so, only 5 points are awarded. But if you are the only player to write another city, you get 10 points.

A more promising answer would therefore be the Indian metropolis Bengaluru or the big Brazilian city Belém.

In Germany, the countless cities with “Bad” at the beginning promise that not several players will name it. For example Bad Elster, Bad Nauheim, Bad Orb or Bad Tölz. But Bitterfeld, Buxtehude or Bremerhaven are not the worst choices either.

Of course you will too Bergisch Gladbach (NRW) or Brandenburg on the Havel used less often. But here you should always keep an eye on the length of a word. It just depends on how fast you can write or how slow the other players are.

In the tables above, we have listed less used cities with B in the lower area and the supposedly more frequently used cities above. We also focused more on shorter city names.
What are your favorite cities with a B?
  • Are you glad you can even think of a few cities with a B?
  • Do you prefer “unusual” city names?
  • Do you think of cities from your region faster than big cities or capitals?

Let us and the other readers know and write it right here in the comments!